Master in Food Science and Technology

University of Parma

Program Description

Master in Food Science and Technology

University of Parma

Official Program Description

This Degree Course is designed to be the natural continuation of studies graduates in Food Science and Technology, Catering Science and Gastronomic Science, but it can also be of interest to graduates in other scientific-technical areas of chemistry, biology and engineering, in possession of an appropriate curriculum.

At the end of the course, second cycle graduates in Food Science and Technology will have gained the following knowledge and abilities:

  • a solid foundation knowledge in those areas of mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology relating to the applied aspects of the food sector;
  • a solid knowledge of the scientific method needed to apply basic and practical knowledge to the solution of the many technical and organizational problems of the food sector;
  • the ability to optimize production, preservation and distribution processes and to manage industrial research and development projects;
  • the ability to manage and promote food quality and safety in accordance with regulations on workers’ safety and protection of the environment;
  • the ability to perform efficiently complex supervision and management activities in the agri-food sector;
  • a high level of technical expertise in monitoring the organoleptic, hygienic and nutritional quality of food, also using innovative methods;
  • advanced skills in the management and organization of companies, agri-food supply chains and consultancy firms and services connected with them;
  • the ability to communicate, to work within multidisciplinary groups and to show good judgement both on the technical and economic level and on the human and ethical one;
  • proficiency in at least one language of the European Union other than Italian, usually English, within the specific area of expertise and for the exchange of general and specialized information. To these ends, the programme of the second cycle degree in Food Science and Technology involves:
  • the acquisition of in-depth knowledge about specific technical aspects, both general and specialized, of the food sector and related sectors;
  • monitoring activities and practical exercises dedicated to learning about experimental and control methods and data elaboration;
  • activities for promoting mastery of traditional and innovative technologies;
  • external internships, in relation to specific objectives, at companies, public administration facilities and laboratories, as well as study periods at other Italian and European universities, including work experience organized within the framework of international agreements.


The degree course aims to provide second level graduates with good basic knowledge (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) and food sector applied skills (production technology, control of the safety and nutritional quality, hygienic and organoleptic aspects, agri-food economics and management business of production, processing).


Upon completion of the course the final exam must testify to the cultural growth of the student in their field of study. To this end, the final exam consists of a progress report on an advanced and/or innovative subject in a discipline from the course, chosen under the supervision of a professor on the course. The report is discussed in front of a Commission, usually composed of professors from different disciplines. The discussion must make clear in particular the capacity gained by the student to select and use independently and critically the methodologies of analysis acquired during the training on the one hand, and the flexibility to use other interdisciplinary frames of reference on the other.

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Oct. 2017
2 years
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Italy Parma
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