Master in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments (mFIA)


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Program Description

  • Dates: From 03/26/2020 to 07/22/2021
  • Place: Palacio de la Bolsa ( Madrid) or Virtual
  • Hours: Thursday and Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Duration: 615 hours (Lessons)
  • Price: € 15,000


This year, to the development of the course in face-to-face format, we added the flexibility of being able to attend the sessions VIRTUAL by broadcasting them via live streaming. In this way, the student who, due to professional or personal circumstances, cannot attend a session will not lose the continuity of the course.

This circumstance also offers an added advantage for all those professionals who reside outside of Madrid and who have difficulties to regularly attend face-to-face classes, since they will be able to register for the course in virtual format without having to travel to attend the classes through the classroom virtual. The cost of the Master in this modality is € 12,000.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this modality, indicate that you must include the following code when formalizing the registration: "VIRTUAL" and the corresponding discount will be applied.

If you have any questions, write to and we will explain the methodology.

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Since its creation more than 20 years ago, Instituto BME has been committed to the educational development of the financial sector, trying to provide all the knowledge and know-how that we understand that developed financial markets need.

The increasing complexity that financial management has acquired, mainly due to the incorporation of new and sophisticated products, requires professional managers a deep knowledge of both traditional investment techniques and new alternatives.

Aware of this need and with the aim of providing solutions to the financial community, Instituto BME launched in 2007 the Master in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments (mFIA). An ambitious program but with attention to detail where we concentrate all our efforts and experience to provide the market with professionals prepared at the highest level and willing to face the challenges that arise in their professional careers in a resolute and creative way.

On the other hand, events as important as those that occurred since 2008 have changed our way of understanding financial markets and the risks involved in acting in them, so the mFIA adapts and updates its program year after year to the reality of the market at that time. As a novelty, this year we have added an Artificial Intelligence module from and another from Blockchain that add 51 more hours to last year's program.

The balance we make of the past editions could not be more positive: students who end up with the highest technical qualification for the performance of their work and a financial community that knows and values both the program and the professionals who have taken it.

The commitment of the speakers that make up the magnificent staff of teachers and the constant support and interest of the sponsors have made this reality possible that this year has the following collaborating entities.

Chosen, for two consecutive years, by the newspaper El Mundo, which annually produces a Ranking of Best Masters, as the second best Master in Banking and Financial Markets in Spain.

Addressed to

Engineers or graduates in CC Economics, Business Administration and Management, Statistics, Physics or Mathematics that:

  • Work, or wish to do so, in departments of financial companies related to investment management.
  • Fund managers
  • Financial departments
  • Control and risk management and audit managers
  • To anyone who wishes to receive a global training that not only helps them to achieve the title in question but also for the rest of the areas of their professional career.


The main objective is to provide the market with professionals of the highest level in investment management, with deep knowledge of the different types of markets and products. The mFIA Master:

  • It will deepen the different investment styles, both traditional and alternative management, and in the associated risk management.
  • It will provide tools and practical knowledge that allow applying the most advanced and innovative techniques in the current management of funds, assets and investments.
  • It will allow students to face any future challenge related to the new economic environment in which the Financial Markets develop.


Limited places, requests will be dealt with in strict order of arrival. Those interested should send Instituto BME , once registered, their CV and a photograph. Once received, they will take the necessary selection tests to access the Master.

To obtain the Master's Degree in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments, the following requirements must be met:

Obtain the passing grade in the final grade of the master that will be calculated as follows:

  • Six midterms with a weight of 10% each.
  • Final exam of the master with a weight of 20%.
  • Specific work carried out in groups during the master's degree (fixed income, hedging with equity futures, equity options strategies, coverage of fixed income and currency portfolios, investment funds, risk management, banking advertising, regulatory compliance) with a weight between all of them of 10%.
  • Final master's thesis at the Financial Innovation Laboratory (mFIALaB) with a weight of 10%.

Attendance to classes whose content does not enter the final exam is mandatory.

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