Master in Finance

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Program Description

Master in Finance

European School of Economics Italy

Master in Finance

The Master in Finance prepares fund managers and professional investment analysts for entrance into the banking and finance sector. The course examines the principles of financing and investment decisions and their impact across a broad range of contemporary management concerns.

As part of the Finance specialisation, master students explore:

  • classical and contemporary corporate financing approaches with respect to multinational firms in developed and developing markets
  • the viability and appropriateness of a corporate mergers or acquisitions through evaluation and analysis
  • value assessment and enterprise value
  • risk management and different theories and approaches for the multinational enterprise
  • the necessity for new approaches to dealing with geographical dispersed groups of individuals as well as other resources in international project management

Skills Acquired

  • conceptual thinking, critical analysis, and the implementation of strategic action
  • advanced communication and inter-personal skills
  • in-depth critical understanding of relevant theories, concepts and models and the integration of theory and practice in a variety of contexts
  • advanced enquiry and research skills, holistic thinking, integration and synthesis
  • team working and motivational skills
  • inner responsibility and self-inspection skills required for effective leadership.

Course Programme

The Master programme is a 12-15 month course. Completion of the master’s programme necessitates:

  • full-time, compulsory attendance
  • internship placements
  • final dissertation

Term I

5 core courses, common to all master students, regardless of specialisation.

Term II

6 specialisation courses in finance.

Term III

In this third phase of the programme students will complete a three month internship in a sector relevant to their chosen specialisation and a report based on their experience.

Term IV

The dissertation is the capstone module of the modular MSc. Once the students have completed the three phases listed above they will concentrate on their dissertation.


TERM ONE (5 of the following modules)

  • Applied Business Research Methods
  • 21st Century Advanced Business Structures
  • Integrity and Social Responsibility
  • Organisations and their Cultures
  • Managing for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility
  • Accounting and Finance for Decision Makers
  • Management of Resources and Operations
  • Marketing Management

TERM TWO (6 of the following modules)

  • Multinational Corporate Finance
  • Value Assessment
  • Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Project Management
  • Decision Techniques
  • Management Accounting
  • Internship


  • Dissertation


*210 UK credits equivalent to 105 ECTS credits

*The modules listed may undergo changes when circumstances require.

**ESE reserves the right to cancel a programme if enrolments are insufficient, or to offer students the possibility to attend a another ESE campus where the course will be offered

Internship Programme

ESE offers one of the most extensive and competitive internship programmes available today. The quality of the placement service is a result of the long established relationships that ESE has fostered with global companies for years. This means that students are given excellent opportunities to enter the job market and gain exposure. The internships are structured, evaluated and recognised as an integral part of the course of study and provide each student the opportunity to spend a period of time in a work environment consistent with the chosen specialisation. ESE has an internship department in every centre responsible for maintaining close relationships with both students and companies, in order to offer each student the possibility of entering a company or an area of business which is of true interest. The completeness of this preparation - a mix of academic excellence, internationality and work experience -allows ESE graduates to kick off their careers without hesitation, often in the same companies that hosted them for their internships.

Entry Requirements

Entrance into one of the master programmes at ESE requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office at the ESE centre of interest:

  • Application form, completed correctly
  • A good first degree (second class honours or GPA 3.0 and above)*
  • Resume / CV + Personal Statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/CEC** score
  • Three photographs (passport size)
  • Photocopy of passport/ID
  • Application fee (£50) to be paid online addressed to the European School of Economics***

NB: All non-English documents must be officially translated.

*Candidates who do not hold the required qualification but who are able to demonstrate relevant work experience in a managerial position or above for a minimum of 3 years will also be considered.

**Candidates who have completed their studies in the English language (at least 2 years) are not required to submit this test. ESE discourages any candidate with a TOEFL score lower than 577/233/90 (Paper/Computer/Internet) or a Cambridge English Advanced Certificate score lower than grade C or IELTS score lower than 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in each skill) from applying as the language of instruction is English. The European School of Economics ETS (for the TOEFL) code numbers are: ESE London: 5977; ESE Rome: 1610; ESE Milan: 5974; ESE Florence: 5976 ESE Madrid: 8833

***ESE application fees are non-refundable and must be paid (online or money order) to the European School of Economics prior to the processing of your application. Fee payment must accompany a completed application. Applications arriving without appropriate fees will not be considered.


The scholarship is awarded by the ESE as a partial deduction from the annual tuition fee. Each student profile is considered individually. This scholarship is based on both the academic merit and need of the student applicant. It is therefore important that scholarship applications provide the a complete profile of the student's personal, professional and/or academic merits. To apply for the ESE Scholarship students must complete the scholarship application form and send it together with the master’s application form and documents, including a financial statement, to the ESE admissions office where they wish to study. To maintain their scholarship award students must demonstrate continued academic excellence throughout their studies at ESE. For more information about the scholarship, please contact the ESE centre of interest.

Course Fees

Our fees are the same for all students regardless of nationality. Once you are accepted, we will endeavour to make study at ESE possible for you through loans, available grants, work-study, and scholarship.


  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 19.000,00

BSc (IT)

  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 15.000,00

BSc Blended (US)

  • Registration: € 1.500,00
  • Total tuition: € 12.000,00

MSc (IT)

  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 17.000,00


  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 24.000,00

MBA Blended (US)

  • Registration: € 2.000,00
  • Total tuition: € 16.000,00

Short Course

  • Registration: € 600,00
  • Tuition: € 4.500,00
  • Internship: € 1.000,00
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