The Master in Finance and Business Financial Management is one of the postgraduate programs with the greatest experience at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol . During its 30 years of history, it has turned young people from the University into expert economists and finance professionals who now assume positions of responsibility as managers in relevant companies. It is a formation that brings a professional prestige that can only be achieved by a leading business school in Andalusia, with the support of a strong entity such as the Cajasol Foundation.

Through the academic program of this Master, students can study in depth the essential subjects within the economic environment of current companies, among which are: Financial accounting, Analysis of Financial Statements, Mergers and Acquisitions, decision making, banking, stock market and market analysis or managerial skills or professional ethics.

Training future managers

One of the biggest points in favor of this Master in Finance and Business Financial Management of the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol , is precisely the way in which it shapes the professional personality of its students, enhancing their entrepreneurial character and instinct for improvement, in addition to other capabilities directives such as business smell to locate new business opportunities and challenges to continue growing.

In addition to the capabilities and values it provides, the Master in Finance and Business Financial Management is characterized by the consolidation and expansion of the knowledge that students have about the economic-financial reality. Thanks to the access to the main stock markets of the world, to the direct treatment with executives and active businessmen who transfer the day to day of the companies, as well as to the familiarization with the techniques and tools of the New economy, the students learn to develop an analytical and context vision with which to put into practice everything learned.


  • Full time. High academic and research level of all financial markets

The Master in Finance and Financial Management of companies of the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol a high academic load that requires exclusive dedication, incompatible with other professional or training activity. In addition to the academic program and the face-to-face sessions, outside the classroom the student will carry out different research and analysis with which to assimilate the knowledge and abilities of each Area.

  • Studying financial reality with the Case Method

The use of the Case Method is particularly important in the methodology; with which, based on selected assumptions of business reality, the knowledge acquired is applied and solutions are sought beyond the theoretical ones. This requires an extra dose of interpretation, interrelation and creativity in the student.

  • Interpretation of financial economic news

The economic press reading every day is also another unavoidable duty for all those students who are part of the Master and need to become familiar with the short-term and structural aspects that influence the rise or fall of the values of the companies.

  • Business Experiences

Throughout the Program, students will receive visits from business managers who will offer them first-hand the particular financial reality that their entities live each day, and resolve their concerns and doubts.

This full and exhaustive dedication is rewarded not only in the acquisition of a title of great prestige and recognition among companies, but in the transformation of the student into a deep connoisseur of the functions of financial management, which throughout the course has Been in touch with reputed professionals.

Student profile of the Master in Finance and Business Financial Management

Focused on young graduates in Economics, Business Sciences, Business Administration and Management, and Engineers. All of them must have the open, dynamic and restless nature of a manager, in addition to a commercial vision and instinct for improvement.

Evaluation system:

The postgraduate programs of Instituto de Estudios Cajasol require great dedication and effort. The requirement to the student and his high preparation at the end of the Master's Degree are the guarantees of our training before companies.

How the Master in Finance and Business Financial Management is passed

Participating in classes actively. The student must actively intervene in the development of the classes, contributing their ideas and knowledge.

Overcoming the work that arises during the course. These works will basically be about market and product research, financial analysis of companies, strategies in financial markets, valuation of companies, etc.

Demonstrating ability to work in a team. The dynamics of development of the Master's degree requires students the ability to work in groups to achieve common goals.

Given the face-to-face nature of the Course, it will be essential to obtain the Diploma, the student's attendance to all the programmed teaching sessions.

Students must pass all the assessment tests that will be specifically considered by the Academic Directorate of the Master and extra-curricular activities that are proposed.

Internship in the Master in Finance and Business Financial Management in Seville at IE Cajasol

The advantages of pursuing the Master in Finance and Business Financial Management in Seville at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol do not end after the completion of the course, they continue with the possibility of doing internships in our collaborating companies.

The Institute's Practices System guarantees the perfect adaptation between the student's expectations at the end of the Master's Degree and those of the company. Our postgraduate programs include complementary training in professional skills, managerial skills, job guidance, interview simulation, reproduction of real work situations and experiences of real companies. This global training of our students makes the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol quarry for the best offices, consultancies, agencies and companies in all fields.

100% of the students who attend one of our Masters have the opportunity to practice in our more than 400 collaborating companies; Of these, more than 25% are hired by the host companies. And 4 out of 5 find work in just one year after internships.

An unbeatable opportunity to successfully start the professional career.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated September 30, 2019
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12,000 EUR
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June 2020
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