Master in Fermented Beverages


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Program Description

The overall objective of this master's degree is to train students to become researchers and professionals in the field of fermented beverages, especially wine, sparkling wine, and beer.

The national quality agency has accredited this program:

AQU Fermented Beverages 2019

It offers three clear professional specializations:

  • Enology research: This specialization trains future researchers in the field of enology and food biotechnology and gives students the chance to go on to do a doctoral program.
  • Science and technology of sparkling wines: This specialization trains future professionals in enology or viticulture who wish to specialize in the production of sparkling wine, a sector that is widely represented in Catalonia.
  • Science and technology of beer: This specialization trains professionals from different fields (biotechnologists, winemakers, engineers, etc.) in the process of brewing different types of beer on an industrial and artisanal scale.

Students also have the option of not choosing a particular specialization and doing a more general master’s degree, which is broader in scope and combines both research and professional objectives.

Covid 19 update: Temporarily, during the 2020-21 academic year, students will complete their first-semester studies entirely online.


External practices

Internship, which accounts for 9 ECTS credits, is compulsory and it is done during the second semester. The internship may be in a wine company (for the sparkling wines track) in a brewery (for the beer brewing track) or in a research laboratory at the URV, a research center, or an enology or biotechnology company that carries out R&D (for the research track).

You can suggest a place for the work placement yourself or choose one that matches your professional interests from those offered by the tutor of the master's degree.

The aim of the internship is to enable you to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired in your academic training, thus preparing you for professional practice and facilitating your transition into work.

At the end of the internship, you must submit a written report describing all the work done.

Career opportunities

This master's degree focuses mainly on basic and applied research in enology and food biotechnology, as well as the production of fermented beverages, business management, marketing of products and equipment for the sector, laboratory work and communication. This way, if you graduate in the University Master's degree in Fermented Beverages you will have the following career opportunities:

  • R&D departments in public and private research institutions
  • Applied research, consultancy, and intervention in the field of enology and biotechnology
  • Laboratory analysis of food
  • Teaching at various levels
  • Production of sparkling wines
  • Viticulture for the production of sparkling wines
  • Consultancy on viticulture and enology for sparkling wines
  • Beer brewing
  • Consultancy in the wine and beer industry
  • Marketing of fermented beverages and equipment for the sector
  • Doctoral studies


This Master's degree is designed for graduates of Biosciences such as Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Oenology, Pharmacy, Food Science and Technology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Economics, Dietetics and Nutrition, and holders of any diploma or degree in engineering, who wish to further their knowledge of the production of fermented beverages, in particular, sparkling wine and beer, or to do research in enology and biotechnology.

It is desirable for students to have a good knowledge of the main language of instruction (Spanish), and a basic level of English in oral comprehension and writing.

Depending on their prior training and specialization, students may be required to do bridging courses.

Students at Campus Sescelades, Tarragona

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