Master in Fashion Direction : Brand & Communication Management

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Master in Fashion Direction : Brand & Communication Management

Milano Fashion Institute

Master in Fashion Direction / Brand & Communication Management

Brands have cultural identities and roots, which often come out from the products and the company’s technical expertise and craftsmanship, while in other cases it is the result of a careful brand strategy and communication architecture. The management and exploitation of this area are increasingly important for global competitiveness of fashion companies. In this area, professionals are required to possess skills in order to create value for the final customer and the different other targets of communication and marketing strategies, as well as being able to interact with all the segments of the fashion pipeline from design and product management to marketing and retailing.

As a matter of fact, companies are conceiving these roles as based on multidisciplinary competences and on the ability of interacting with various “cultural languages”, understanding the sophisticated different feelings, moods and approaches that different market’ segments and targets possess. Nowadays, the global scenario of fashion communication has to take into account the increasingly complex competition, both with traditional and digital tools and channels, and thus the need for an effective dialogue with partners and customers coming from different cultures and sub-cultures.

Thus, the capability to translate this cultural D.N.A. and heritage into policy and managerial guidelines for the different processes involving brand positioning, advertising and marketing, communication and promotion is the next challenge that companies are facing.

Visual imagery, communication conception, digital management, layout design, events and press management are the founding pillars of this profession. Milan – the Italian capital city of communication – the ideal setting and a competitive edge for a comprehensive learning environment. The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management is aimed to training young professionals with advanced communication and digital skills (i.e. verbal and visual), a deep artistic and cultural knowledge, together with organizational and management skills.

Because this is an highly innovative area, the potential of the profile will be developed by a faculty of professors and leading practicing professionals, and through a selection process that favors participants coming from different background (mostly from degrees in communication, design, management), if demonstrating a significant interest to all the signs of social and cultural innovation and their possible translation into policy strategies and tools. A classroom of students from different backgrounds recreates the skills of typical cross-business teams and promotes the conditions for the development of abilities in terms of both innovation and creativity, together with project innovation in the field of communication.

The professional figures that are formed through the Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management are Junior professionals able to support in a qualified way the STYLE and MARKETING areas, as Fashion Stylist, Fashion Editor, Visual and Artistic Researcher, and Trend Analyst, Cool Hunter, Junior Marketing Manager, Event Manager; the COMMUNICATION area, as Communication Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital PR, Digital Content Manager, , PR Manager, Press Office Manager; lastly, the CULTURES &HERITAGE area, as Cultural Heritage Manager, or Corporate Sustainability Manager.

The Master Course is completely in English.

During the whole course an Italian - English bilingual Teaching Assistant is available for both Italian and foreign students.


Start of registration: 8 February 2016

End of registration:2December 2016

Orientation day: 13 January 2017

Lectures’ start:16 January 2017

Student scolarship

Scholarships available for Master 2016

Milano Fashion Institute offers each year to its applicants several scholarships, which cover half the costs of enrollment in the Masters, and are offered by Italian companies active in the fashion industry.

How does it work?

The attribution of scholarships takes place before the beginning of the corse, considering both income and merit criteria, by the Academic Commission. The admission to the Master is independent from the grant of any scholarship.

How to apply?

The application form for scholarships is included in the "Application Form" of each Master, and it is downloadable from this site, under the page "Apply". Once you have submitted the Application Form, the Academic Commission shall decide on any assignment, with notification of the result by the beginning of the course. For any further information, please read the rules inside the module.

To whom are the scholarships aimed?

The scholarships are aimed at both Italian citizens and foreigners who wish to attend the Masters of the Milan Fashion Institute.

By when to apply?

The application for scholarship should be submitted by the deadline of enrollment of the Master. For the Masters 2017, the deadline isDecember 2, 2016.

Selection Process.

The selection process is open from February 8, 2016, toDecember 2, 2016. After receiving this Application Form, the Milano Fashion Institute carries out a pre-selection according to the documents sent. Subsequently, the Academic Committee will inform you if the Application is suitable / or not. If eligible, Applicants must attend an oral interview with the Academic Committee, after which the final result (admission or non admission) will be communicated.
Distance interviews are accepted for international students.
The process usually requires a period of 3 to 6 weeks. We therefore invite the candidates to submit their applications as soon as possible.

The selection process takes place throughout the opening period of the inscriptions, in 4 separate sessions of selection. For this reason, candidates may submit the Application Form either by:

18March 2016

6 May 2016

10June 2016

8 July 2016

30September 2016

The final deadline for sending the application is2December 2016
Starting date of lectures:16 January 2017

Admission Requirements.

In order to apply for the admission to the Milano Fashion Institute Master Programs, the candidate must have:

    Degree equal to or higher then a Bachelor of Art, Master of Art or Master of Science. It is not necessary to have previously attended a Fashion related course.

    Intermidiate level of English knowledge. Certifications are not required. The knowledge of the language will be tested during the interview with the Academic Committee

Selection criteria.

The selection is based on the evaluation of several factors, including the skills, knowledge, competences and pre-requisites of the applicant. Motivation that led the candidate to apply will be also considered, together with his/her level of involvement in the training project and future career aspirations.

Selection documents to be sent.

Application Form. It must be completed accurately (in English or in Italian) in all its parts.

    Copy of Degree certificate. The Master is aimed at both BA and MSc/equivalent graduates. The documentation must clearly include the University attended. If the degree was obtained between the date of conclusion of the selection process and the beginning of the Master, self-certification is required with a commitment to send the degree certificate by the starting date of of the course.

    CV in European format.

    Motivation letter. The letter must include the reasons that led the candidate to apply in the Master and the interest in the industry.

    Photo (passport type).

    Copy of your Passport or Identity Card.

    Copy of the official Transcript (official certificate issued by the University) of the exams in original Language (for international students only).


    The interview is conducted by the Academic Committee and allows the candidate to express his/her motivation, competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes.

    Distance interviews are available for international students.

    Knowledge of English language.

    An intermediate level of English language proficiency is considered an important element in the assessment of the candidate.

    Selections results.

    At the end of the selection process, a written statement will be sent to applicants with reference to the results of their Admission request. The outcome will be alternatively admission or non-admission of the application. The selection will take into account not only the profile of the candidate but also the composition of the class, in order to reflect the diversity of educational backgrounds needed in the Master. If the candidate is eligible for admission, but places available are already fully confirmed, the Milano Fashion Institute reserves the right to place such candidates on the waiting list for the next edition.

    The results of the selection interviews are normally communicated within 10 working days from the date of the interview with the Academic Committee.

    Financial commitment.

    The participants are required to have a significant commitment both personally and financially.

    The total cost amounts to € 15,400,00, payable as follows:

    1st installment > 3.850 € on the acceptance of the application;

    2nd installment > 3.850 € by 13 January 2017;

    3rd installment > 3.850 € by 17 March 2017;

    4th installment > 3.850 € by 19 May 2017.

    Masters are V.A.T. exempt, by art.10 dpr 633/72.;

    Costs include a part of the study material and the use of facilities of the Institute. Each student will be given iPad inclusive of study material in digital format, as a complementary dotation necessary for the didactical activity, at no additional cost. At the end of the Master, iPad will become property of the student.

    All the Milano Fashion Institute's Masters are first level University Masters, accreditated by the Polytechnic of Milan, School of Design. All the Masters will release 60 university credits (CFU, i.e. "crediti formativi universitari"). Polytechnic of Milan is available for a pre-evaluation of the Bachelor Degree and of the suitability of the student according to the Italian law. In the case that the student already admitted to Milano Fashion Institute is not suitable for the enrollment at Polytechnic of Milan, the participation to the Master of Milano Fashion Institute is confirmed without additional costs.

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