Master in Fashion Business


Program Description

This course is held in the English language.

8th edition - The Master in Fashion Business is designed for professionals and graduates wishing to acquire high-level skills in new technologies applied to fashion communication. Cradle of fashion thanks to Pitti events, Florence is worldwide recognized as the center of the Italian fashion industry and its production process as a whole, from the raw material to the displayed object of fashion. The course integrates advanced technologies, traditional techniques, and crafts in favor of innovative products and communication services. Moreover, Sara Maino (Vogue Italia Senior Editor) is the scientific coordinator of the school.

Career opportunities

At the end of the Master, the Fashion Business Manager can work for fashion events, public relations, fashion businesses, advertisement, and press offices. Students can find a job as Brand Expert, Fashion Promoter, Fashion Marketing Expert, Creative in advertising and Consultant for new media.


The Master in Fashion Business welcomes graduates from universities and academies in the fields of Fashion, Communication, and Marketing, as well as young professionals with relevant experience in the field.

Methodology and structure

The primary objective is the development of creative and communicative skills through a critical, analytical and transversal approach to the Fashion System.

The course includes the study and analysis of cultural, historical and socio-economic elements that define the world of contemporary fashion. The program’s structure provides students with opportunities to work for Italian fashion brands on real cases and to deepen, along with designers and professionals in the contemporary fashion system, the knowledge of the entire process of the communication industry. The course pays particular attention to integrated strategies involved in the use of new media and social media.

Students critically examine teamwork methodology and the topics of design and management. The theme of fashion is examined in all its forms: history, communication, marketing, semiotics, visual communication.

The study of fashion events and their communication through press office is particularly important: the course examines exhibitions, fashion shows, showroom events and others focusing on the roles and interactions of all the professionals involved, such as PR, stylists, and photographers. The acquired skills include the organization of events and their effective communication through a strategic approach and detailed critical analysis.

The course also deals with the Italian design system from different perspectives: from the visual merchandising to production processes, from business plan to the professional presentation of the product/event to the customer.

The Final Project offers participants the opportunity to develop and present their own project at the international exhibition Pitti in Florence.

Last updated Jan 2020

About the School

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design.

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design. Read less