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Master in Environmental Engineering

University of Oulu

Master in Environmental Engineering

If you are interested in environmental, energy, and technology issues and you want have an Master's Degree in environmental engineering, then the Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering, "BEE", is your chance! The next available application period, for the autumn 2017 admissions, will begin on Dec 15th, 2016 and end on Jan 25th, 2017 at 15:00 GMT+2.


Programme Outline for BEE

The extent of the Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering (BEE) is 120 ECTS = 2 academic study years = 4 academic terms. The curricula of the two BEE study options (ESCP; WE) consist of 4 modules: a Basic Module, 30/30 ECTS; an Advanced Module, 30/20 ECTS; a Supplementary Module, 30/40 ECTS, and a Master's Thesis Module 30 ECTS. See the link below for details and examples of the courses included:

The active BEE studies begin on September (after an Orientation period in August), on the autumn term of the 1st study year mainly with introductory Basic Module courses. This module forms the grounds for the programme learning outcomes. During the 1st spring term and the 2nd year autumn term, the Advanced and Supplementary Module courses will provide further professional basis for the student's majoring object, his/her study option. In addition, professional practical training will be carried out during the summer months between the 1st and 2nd study years, e.g. in a university reseach unit or in real life jobs, which the students will find in the open labor markets. On the 3rd term (autumn term of the 2nd study year), the continued Advanced/Supplementary Module courses dig deeper into the area of the chosen study option.

Finally, during the 4th term (2nd spring), the Master's Thesis project will give the student a good touch for the future professional career. Master's Thesis project is an independent research project completed in the final stage of the major subject studies. It includes, e.g., literature searches, collection of research materials, their analysis, and writing of thesis, etc. The Master's Thesis project will also include writing a Maturity Test. By the Master's Thesis and the Maturity Test, the student shows that he/she can master research methods, usage of source materials, and scientific writing in her/his field. The subject of the thesis project may vary within different areas of environmental and/or process engineering.

International Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering, "BEE"

BEE, the Master’s Programme in Environmental Engineering, is a two-year Master's Programme of 120 ECTS, based on environmental, process and civil engineering subjects. The language of implementation of the two BEE study options (the majors 'Energy Systems and Cleaner Production'; and 'Water Engineering') is English. The BEE curriculum is multidisciplinary, including studies on energy systems and sustainable technologies, research methodologies, clean production methods, water engineering, water and environmental issues, environmental engineering, process engineering, etc.

BEE studies include subjects on areas rich in natural resources of high economic value in an ecologically sensitive nature. Utilization of such resources requires both more environmentally friendly processes in industry and innovative measures in environmental protection and restoration. These are the needs BEE programme gives solutions to by educating environmental engineers with skills to solve environmental problems and challenges both locally and globally.

BEE is integrated to the national Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering, organized by the Study Field of Process and Environmental Engineering at Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland, as two study options (majors), 'Energy Systems and Cleaner Production"; and "Water Engineering", fully available in English. The study options provide knowledge on how to manage environmental issues within energy systems and water engineering industries by application of proper production methods, tools and technologies, and on the protection and restoration of natural environments, on water and soil pollution prevention methods, water and wastewater treatment, and waste technologies.

Graduate profile

The graduated BEE students will be awarded a degree of Master of Science in Technology, in the area of Environmental Engineering, by the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu. The graduates will have scientific approach into environmental protection and management of natural resources, and knowhow for scientific and applied work both in industry and academia. They can enter job markets as experts in environmental engineering in their chosen study option with perspective in and skills to understanding international contexts of environmental issues. The graduates are able to work in different environment related business sectors, in local and regional public administration, as well as environmental authorities or research institutes, not only within the region, but also in international tasks.

Programme Admissions in BEE

The next available application period for the Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering ("BEE") studies, starting on autumn 2017, will open on Dec 15th, 2016 and end on Jan 25th, 2017, at (15:00 GMT+2). Detailed information on how to apply will be published on the University of Oulu Admission to Master's Programmes pages.

Below you can find the next information on applying to the BEE programme:

  • Programme specific academic requirements
  • Required application documents
  • Description of the selection process
  • Detailed selection criteria
  • Student selection

Programme Specific Academic Requirements

Please note that the General Academic Requirements and Language Requirements are same for all (including BEE) international Master's Programmes of the University of Oulu. Read more about these at Admission to Master's Programmes pages.

For the Admissions 2017: A successful applicant must fulfill all of the next programme specific criteria (for language skills, background degree, and previous studies) to be eligible to apply to the BEE MDP and its majors (study options):

  1. The applicant must qualify for the GENERAL ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS and LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS set by the University of Oulu (link provided above); and
  2. The applicant must have, or soon have (*), minimally a BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Lower academic degree or equivalent, of at least three years of full-time studies = 180 ECTS; with excellent grades from an institution of higher education.
  3. This Bachelor's degree must EITHER be IN a suitable area of ENGINEERING (e.g. in environmental, process, chemical, or civil engineering), OR IN NATURAL SCIENCES applicable for later engineering studies (e.g. environmental sciences, chemistry, geology, or physics etc.); and
  4. Within the before-mentioned degree, the applicant has STUDIED, and got good or excellent grades, in MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (math studies are an absolute and compulsory requirement, and also chemistry and/or physics are noted);
  5. Further, it is viewed as a BENEFIT, if he/she has also performed studies in one or more areas of PROCESS ENGINEERING (process, chemical or civil engineering studies).

(*)Conditional: Also applicants who are on their last term/semester of Bachelor’s studies (applicants graduating spring/second term 2017) can apply to study for a BEE Master’s programme, but they have to complete their Bachelor's degree before they can finally be accepted. In the case that the applicant would be accepted for study in the BEE MDP, the applicant must submit officially certified copies of his/her Bachelor’s degree certificate and the final transcript of records, etc., before they can be fully admitted.

Required application Documents 2017

All required application documents and the process are also described in the Admission to Master's Programmes pages. PLEASE NOTE that only complete and authentic applications, submitted within the deadline will be processed/considered by the programme Selection Committee.

Selection Process

The BEE student selection procedure can have two phases: 1. Evaluation of the written applications, and optionally 2. Interviews of part of the applicants.

For about one month after the application period deadline, the submitted applications will be pre-processed and examined for their eligiblity and authenticity. The BEE Programme Selection Committee at UOulu will have their Selection Meeting (starting about 2 months after the application deadline), where they will evaluate the eligible and authentic applications against the pre-set criteria (=> 1. are applicant's English skills meeting the criteria, 2. what is the applicant's background degree, 3. has the applicant studied any math courses, 4. does he/she have any previous engineering studies, 5. how is the motivation of the applicant, 6. what kind of background does the applicant have based on his/her CV, 6. what kind of recommendations does the applicant have).

Based on this evaluation, the Selection Committee may invite some of the applicants to an interview if further evaluations would be needed. These applicants, especially those that reside outside Finland, would be interviewed via telephone, etc. accessible method. If implemented, the interviews can be recorded for possible later use during the evaluation. The interviews would be held during one working week during the Selection Meeting.

Based on all implemented evaluations, the Programme Selection Committee will make a suggestion to the Faculty Selection Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Technology about the student selection for BEE intake. About 3 months after the application deadline, they will make final decicions on the student selections for all international Master's Programmes of the Faculty and the final selection results will be announced to the applicants personally and at a University of Oulu webpage (if the applicant has allowed that), by the University of Oulu.

Detailed Selection Criteria

For any evaluation to take place, the applicant must be fully eligible and his/her application has to be totally complete and authentic and submitted within the application period. Late, unauthentic or uncomplete applications will not be processed.

The evaluation criteria used in the selection process are weighed as follows:

MAX. 100 points (1-6), and for of which:

  1. Background degree, max 10 p
  2. Previous studies, max. 55 p (mathematical sciences studies, wherein math compulsory, physics and chemistry noted; and previous engineering studies, especially in process, chemical or civil engineering noted)
  3. Level of motivation, based on the motivation letter, max 15 p
  4. English language skills, marked as accepted if meeting the university criteria, and max 3 extra points, if excellent
  5. Background supportive, based on the CV, for later BEE studies, max 20 p
  6. Two recommendations, max 4 extra p in total
  7. In addition, interview (if implemented), max 10 p

After these 1st phase evaluations, the selection committee may invite some of the applicants to an interview for further evaluations where needed (optional). The chosen applicants, especially those that reside outside Finland, would then be interviewed via telephone, etc. accessible method. When implemented, the interviews can be recorded to use them later in the evaluation. The interviews would be held during one working week.

Student Selection

Annually max. 15 applicants can be admitted to BEE. There are no waiting lists. The student selection results will be announced at the University of Oulu webpage if the applicant has allowed this.

The applicants accepted to study at the University of Oulu Faculty of Technology Master's programmes, including the BEE programme, will receive an official (electronic) acceptance letter with some admission materials and instructions from the University of Oulu (to the email address they provided in their application, so the applicants need to fill in this information carefully while applying).

Then the accepted applicants have to return a study place confirmation letter (confirmation in writing) , whether they will or not admit to the programme (by a certain deadline well before the academic year begins). This information along with the other needed admittance procedures will be described in the acceptance letter.

Also conditional offers will be possible, i.e. the applicants are allowed to apply when on their last semester and just about to graduate as Bachelors (or higher). If they then would be conditionally accepted, they also have to confirm admitting their study place as described above, but in addition, to be finally accepted, they must well in time before another deadline to be able to send their finalized bachelor's degree certificate and transcript of records (as certified copies) to the University of Oulu, since the documents have to reach the UOulu by this 2nd deadline. If they fail to do so, their study place will be waived.

Rejected applicants will be notified by email (to the email address they provided in their application).

University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship Scheme 2017-2018

Connected with the renewal of university strategy, the increased importance of internationalization and the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU/EEA citizens, the University of Oulu has assigned a significant amount of money for tuition scholarships for 2017 entry. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver. The tuition fee waiver awarded covers 100 % of the full tuition fee. Applicants can apply for the tuition scholarship as part of the admissions process.

University of Oulu Scholarship Scheme in more detail

The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship Scheme (IM Scholarship) provides scholarships to academically talented international students. The scholarship is aimed at students studying for a Master’s degree in the University of Oulu two-year International Master’s programmes. The scholarship covers the full international tuition fee. University of Oulu IM Scholarships do not cover living costs.

In order to retain the scholarship in the following year of study, a student must have completed 55 ECTS by the end of the previous academic year. If a student does not achieve this requirement during the first year of studies, they will be liable to pay the full international tuition fee for the second year if they wish to complete their Master’s degree programme. An exception to this rule can be made if a student has been granted approved leave from studies (e.g. due to serious illness).

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for International Master’s Scholarship

Applicants are eligible to apply for a University of Oulu IM Scholarship 2017-18, if they are:

  • Non-EU/EEA* citizens who do not have a permanent residence permit in Finland.

(Applicants not eligible for the International Master’s Scholarship are: 1) non-EU/EEA citizens who have a permanent residence permit in Finland, 2) EU/EEA citizens or comparable persons, 3) University of Oulu students who have been accepted to study BEFORE the academic year 2017-18.)

  • Eligible to apply for a Master’s degree programme at the University of Oulu for academic year 2017 – 18.
    • The applicant has obtained their first academic degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) from a recognised institution of higher education.
    • The applicant proves a high level of proficiency in English language. Approved methods of demonstrating language proficiency.

Applicants who are in their last term/semester of studies for their first academic degree during the application period, can apply for the scholarship. Applicants who receive a conditional offer of study placement for a Master’s programme will receive a conditional scholarship offer.

The scholarship application will be processed in the selection procedure only if the applicant meets the admissions criteria.

*European Union / European Economic Area member states are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. With the EU legislation, Switzerland is also comparable for EU member states.

The nature of residence permit is indicated in the residence permit with a letter. A permanent residence permit bears the letter P or A and an EC residence permit for third-country nationals with long-term EC resident status bears the letters P-EY.

Application for International Master’s Scholarship 2017-18

There is no separate application system for the International Master’s Scholarship. All applicants for University of Oulu Master’s degree programmes need to complete the Student Application Form. Those applicants who are applying for the University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship have to additionally complete the “Application for Scholarship,” section which can be found at the end of the Student Application Form. The International Master’s Scholarship application section cannot be completed and/or submitted without the Student Application Form.

The application period for the University of Oulu Master’s degree programmes and International Master’s Scholarships is 15.12.2016-25.1.2017

Selection criteria for University of Oulu IM Scholarship 2017-2018

Admissions and scholarships decisions will be taken at the same time. Those students successful in obtaining an International Master’s Scholarship will be notified at the same time as their offer of admission to their International Master’s programme is confirmed. The selection criteria for the University of Oulu IM Scholarship are based on previous academic performance and academic potential.

For questions concerning the University of Oulu IM Scholarship, please contact admissions.officer(a)

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