Master in Environmental Engineering and Management

EOI Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation

Program Description

Master in Environmental Engineering and Management

EOI Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation

Master in Environmental Engineering and Management

The main objective of the programme is qualify you as an environmental specialist trained to deal with, from a multidisciplinary approach, any business or industrial project with an impact on the environment.

It is aimed at graduates with less than five years of professional experience who want to enrich their profile by incorporating technical knowledge and methodology in the field of environmental engineering, in both national and international companies: Do you meet the requirements?


Economic environment

Throughout this module, participants analyse the main relationships between economic, political and social variables, which are the basis for decision making in business management.

Basic concepts for management activity are also examined to introduce general knowledge of the financial management of a company.

Business strategy is also discussed, which is basic and introductory in nature, where, starting from the origins of the management function and its historical evolution, applying the concepts of the systemic approach to management in the light of change are considered and the principles of vision, mission and strategy are defined. Finally, the basics of Marketing are introduced to provide the participant with a comprehensive view of the subject and its fields of action.


What is business strategy and what impact does it have on your daily life? You'll analyse the industry and generic internal circumstances of companies that compete in it. You'll diagnose the specific business situation, possible ways to compete and be able to determine the objectives to specify how they are going to be achieved.


This course enables you to understand and deepen the concepts, procedures and basic tools of financially managing a company. This addresses accounting in decision making, economic and financial analysis, financial calculations and analysis of investment.


You'll find out the basics of marketing, covering its different areas of activity from a holistic perspective. To this end, concepts such as market, product, pricing, sales activities, market communication and planning will be analysed, enabling you to become aware of this important business function.

Introduction to sustainability

No company director in the 21st century can lack a global outlook about the social, environmental and economic challenges facing modern society. Long-term sustainable business management is not only key to business survival but fundamental for the future of the planet and its resources.


We prepare you to develop a management mindset that is familiar with business innovation and sustainability as key elements of business competitiveness. This is one of EOI's clear commitments as a School: all managers and leaders of tomorrow need a solid base in innovation methodologies and concepts to help introduce innovative practices in any process.


In addition to leading and managing a company, a manager must foster a climate to develop entrepreneurial spirit. This module explains how to produce the process of creating ideas, analyse, execute and implement them through projects that create value for organisations and society. It gives students the technical knowledge and basic management skills required for entrepreneurs in the process of creating their business plan. It also enables students to develop a Business Plan, with all its complexity.

Management skills

This module is geared towards the participant's personal development, working the skills needed to meet management challenges in a practical way by exercising it individually to control situations. We work on interpersonal skills relating to communication, time management, effective presentations, negotiating and leadership as well as motivating teams.

Project management

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