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Program Description

Join an innovative program that offers academic quality combined with WHU’s unique entrepreneurial network

WHU has always strived to build a creative and innovative environment, which inspires students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Many important types of organizations within the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as incubators, accelerators, angel networks, venture funds, and of course, a lot of well-known start-ups have been developed or influenced by WHU alumni. WHU thus had a large share in making Berlin one of the most prominent entrepreneurial hubs.

Why Master in Entrepreneurship at WHU?

  • Germany’s 1st MSc program in entrepreneurship.
  • A high level of academic quality combined with WHU’s unique entrepreneurial network.
  • A multitude of job opportunities in start-ups, innovative companies, and investment funds & organizations.

About the Program

  • Offering state-of-the-art tools and methods in entrepreneurship.
  • Courses offered in Vallendar, Düsseldorf as well as Berlin, Europe’s #1 entrepreneurial hub.
  • Allowing for certification in coding and software development.


The Master in Entrepreneurship program is a consecutive business science program, which is fitted for applicants holding a business-related academic degree who either have or are interested in gaining entrepreneurial experience.

With the new 17 or 21-month study program, WHU responds to the increasing demand for professionals in the start-up sector and the corporate world. The program does not only attract future founders, but also entrepreneurial thinking personalities who want to work at innovative companies and organizations after their graduation. It offers a broad insight into central topics such as building a new venture, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, innovation, product development, and technologies, as well as family business and social entrepreneurship.

Studies start September 01, 2019 with two semesters at the WHU campus in Vallendar that include six Core Modules (5 ECTS each) and seven Electives (35 ECTS in total).

Students holding a 210 ECTS Bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to join the 90 Credit Track where a one-week long international Capstone Module to one of the business metropolises in America, Asia, or Europe is included. It consists of customized lectures on chosen topics as well as company visits. Afterwards, students complete an internship of at least 4 weeks before starting their Master’s Thesis. Students holding a Bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS or more credits will also be able to join the 180 ECTS Credit Track.

Students holding a Bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS will participate in the 120 Credit Track. After their studies for two semesters in Vallendar, students complete an internship of at least 6 weeks and will complete their Master’s thesis subsequently to their study abroad.

In addition to the regular internship, WHU now offers a start-up internship for this Master Program: Teams can work on their own start-up and will be hosted by prominent incubators, accelerators, and corporates from the WHU network.

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Core Modules

Students take the following five Core Modules (35 ECTS):

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Sprint2Berlin
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Industrial Organization
  • Advanced Entrepreneurial Marketing & Finance


After having taken the mandatory Core Modules, students choose 7 Electives. At least four Electives have to be chosen from the following Modules:

  • Venture Capital Finance
  • Planning and Pitching your own Venture
  • Managing IT, Coding and Developers
  • E-Commerce Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurial Selling and Customer Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Value Generation in Family Firms

Up to three Electives can be chosen from the pool of all Electives of the Master in Management and Master in Finance.

Special Features

The Master in Entrepreneurship program has been specifically designed to fit the needs of future entrepreneurs. Thus, besides an optimum portfolio of courses, we have added a number of special features that will help you accelerate your business ideas.

Entrepreneurship Core Modules

Right from the beginning of your studies, you will have courses that cover the most important entrepreneurial skills. You will experience entrepreneurship from a startup perspective, from a corporate perspective and also take the viewpoint of the market and investors. Furthermore, those courses will be held in Berlin and Düsseldorf. So you will also get into contact with the entrepreneurial network and ecosystem of WHU right away.

  • The Startup Perspective – The First 100 Days as a Startup
  • Corporate Perspective – Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Marketing and Finance for Entrepreneurs

Cooperation with Codecademy

During the design of this program, we talked to a lot of entrepreneurs and managers to get feedback from the market about the skills future entrepreneurs will need. One topic that was always mentioned was software development or coding. That is why we will offer one elective course on the topic but also have a special feature: a cooperation with Codecademy, the leading platform for coding worldwide. You will have the opportunity to take courses from Codecademy in addition to your normal lectures at WHU. Thereby, you will be able to select from a wide variety of programming languages and IT skills that fit your specific needs.

Internships: Chance to leverage the WHU startup network!

We want you to really build your business idea. For this reason, we have designed another great feature: an internship as a startup team! During your usual internship period (May to July) you will have the chance to work on your own business idea: Given that it has high quality and matches the topics and requirements of a corporate or investor partner of our program, startup teams from WHU will get the unique experience to work within the framework of a partner and learn within that setting. This could even be your chance for a first investment!

  • Course: Startup perspective Nov-Dec
  • Application: match between partner, business idea and team and quality Dec-Jan
  • Students work on their own project during an internship. May-July
  • Students work further on their project within the frame of the thesis. Fall/Spring term

Demo Day

At the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to present their ideas and business models at a final Demo Day in Berlin for German and international investors.

Study abroad

International experience is a crucial element of integrated management training at WHU because students are able to benefit from a wider range of teaching methods, cultures, and customs. The Master of Science Programs offer many international opportunities, including our study abroad program in the 120 credit track where students are enrolled in the Master or MBA program at the chosen partner university.

Our students have access to a unique partnership network of 199 partner universities located on every continent of the world.

Advisory Board

At WHU we are aware of the growing importance of “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems”. Founding a business or developing an innovation is not anymore an activity by a lone-star entrepreneur but often rather an effort of many participating types of actors.

The German and also worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of three major types of actors: 1) startups and founders, 2) incubators, accelerators and investors, and 3) corporates.


For this program, we have put together a unique set of locations that will benefit your entrepreneurial development and career:

Homebase Vallendar

Vallendar, the home of our Bachelor and Master programs, is conveniently located between Cologne and Frankfurt. For you, that means access to lots of speakers, activities, conferences, and interaction - all combined with the unique WHU spirit.

During your studies, you will benefit from not only engaging academic content but also countless extracurricular activities and exciting events taking place throughout the year on our unique and charming campus. WHU’s alumni often tell us that this intimate atmosphere on campus led to close ties and lifelong friendships.


Individual modules of the program will be offered in Berlin, Europe’s No. 1 entrepreneurial hub. Here, you will have the opportunity to get to know many members of our extensive network of our partners and alumni. These include firms such as Rocket Internet, Project A, Axel Springer Plug and Play, Zalando, Audibene, Kitschenstories, Cherryventures, and many more. Your courses will put you right where the action is: located in the start-ups and corporates spread throughout Berlin, putting you in direct contact with many great companies and investors.


The German corporate entrepreneurship scene is on the rise. One region that is flourishing in that regard is the Cologne and Düsseldorf area. Within a rather small geographic distance, you will find most of Germany’s largest corporations. We will host our Corporate Entrepreneurship module on our second campus in Düsseldorf. Working on real-business challenges, you will have the chance to deliver innovative solutions to top companies from the region - A great opportunity for future entrepreneurs and innovative managers!


In a nutshell: WHU has partner universities and partner firms across the globe. If you are looking for an international experience and want to scale your business idea, WHU is the right place to be with nearly 200 partner universities worldwide.

Scholarships available

The Master of Entrepreneurship program offers students a series of financing options in order to ensure that everyone who has been successful in obtaining admission can study at WHU.

  • In Praxi Diversity Scholarship

In Praxi – the WHU Alumni Association has launched the In Praxi Diversity Scholarship. Its purpose is to help young qualified applicants from foreign countries by providing them with financial aid and mental support. At this point, scholarships can be offered to students who are not able to finance their studies on their own.

In Praxi is convinced that a diverse student body – coupled with stringent selection criteria – is a valuable asset to the whole WHU community. Please find more information in the PDF document In Praxi Diversity Scholarship.

  • In Praxi Women in Business Scholarship
    The In Praxi Women in Business Scholarship is another scholarship provided by the In Praxi Alumni Association of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. It aims at helping particularly qualified women pursue their studies at WHU with financial support, and more generally encourages a larger proportion of female applicants to WHU. The amount of the scholarship is corresponding to that of the In Praxi Diversity Scholarship. Please find more information in the PDF document In Praxi Women in Business Scholarship.
  • Campus For Finance Scholarship

In cooperation with the Campus for Finance e.V., one of the student associations at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, we are proud to offer the Campus for Finance Master in Finance Scholarship. It is a unique opportunity for participants of the Campus for Finance - WHU New Year's Conference or of the WHU Private Equity Conference who are also interested in studying in the Master in Finance (MiF) program at WHU.

The Campus for Finance MiF Scholarship will be offered to one outstanding participant of the WHU Campus for Finance - WHU New Year's Conference or the WHU Private Equity Conference. It encompasses a monetary value equal to one semester's tuition fee in the Master in Finance (MiF) program. Participants of the WHU New Year's Conference or of the WHU Private Equity Conference can apply for the Campus for Finance MiF Scholarship by May 13, 2019. To apply to our Master programs, please submit your application via our online application portal.

Moreover, participants of the Campus for Finance - WHU New Year's Conference or the WHU Private Equity Conference will receive an application fee waiver when applying for the Master programs at WHU.

  • Reduced Tuition

There is a possibility for students to receive a reduced tuition. The number of scholarships will be determined on a yearly basis. The reduction is amounting to the tuition of one semester. In order to apply for a reduction of the tuition fees, please complete the form Antrag Teilerlass and send it to the student office by August 1, 2019. Additionally, you also have to submit your BAföG-application*.

All EU citizens have a right to receive financial assistance through BAföG. Please submit your BAföG-application at the latest by your matriculation date at the responsible BAföG office ("Amt für Auszubildenendförderung der Universität Koblenz").

Application for a reduced tuition has absolutely no impact on the selection or admission process.

*Please note that the entire BAföG application procedure is only available in German.

  • Deutschlandstipendium
    Within the framework of the national scholarship program Deutschlandstipendium, WHU grants every fall semester annual scholarships to students who are especially talented, skilled, and dedicated and who distinguish themselves throughout outstanding social and societal commitment. The scholarships are funded in equal shares by the Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF) and by private donors such as companies, foundations, and single individuals. The scholarships amount to 300 Euros per month each and are granted for a period of twelve months with the possibility of extension.
  • Further Scholarships

As a result of the selection process, WHU students have good chances of being accepted to a scholarship program. Nearly 20 percent of WHU students are funded by a grant or endowment (BSc and MSc-Programs). Seven percent are scholarship recipients from the German National Academic Association (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes).

    • Bristish Counsel - IELTS Award
    • Cusanuswerk, Bischöfliche Studienförderung
    • DAAD
    • Daniela und Jürgen Westphal Stiftung
    • Deutsche Telekom Stiftung
    • Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V.
    • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
    • Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung
    • Haniel Stiftung
    • Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung
    • Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung
    • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
    • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
    • Schmalenbach Scholarship
    • Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft
    • Thyssen Krupp Studienförderung

WHU Brain Capital GmbH

In 2006, a new and innovative funding program has been developed by Brain Capital: the Generation Contract. Students who have been offered admission to one of the WHU Master of Science Programs and who need financial support or wish to finance their graduate studies on their own may apply for this funding. The Generation Contract enables students to concentrate on their studies without worrying about the financial aspects. The repayment depends on gross income once the students start their professional life; there is a minimum and a maximum amount of the repayment. Therefore, the final tuition fees are proportional to the achievements in the jobs. Participation in the Generation Contract is also available for qualified MSc students from non-EU countries. Please find more information in the WHU Brain Capital Flyer.


WHU offers a low-interest loan program with Sparkasse Koblenz, which is available for German-speaking WHU students without special collateral requirements. The study contract is adequate as security for the bank. This loan is also available to German-speaking international students who can provide a loan guarantee from Germany.

Deutsche Bildung AG

Deutsche Bildung AG offers flexible financial support to German as well as international students combined with the online platform WissenPlus. Please find more information on the website of Deutsche Bildung.

Other scholarships portals

  • Association of German Foundations
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