Master in Entrepreneurship (Joint Degree with UvA)


Program Description


There is increasing recognition of the fact that small and young ventures account for economic growth, and that entrepreneurship can be an important source of innovation. In the Entrepreneurship specialization, we see entrepreneurship as the processes of creating and exploiting opportunities by means of novel combinations of resources leading to new (social, societal and economic) value. Creativity plays a key role in these processes. We study entrepreneurial processes in all contexts where they occur: in new firms as well as existing ones (both small and large), and in institutional contexts. You will learn to appreciate the complexity and the challenges associated with the highly rewarding entrepreneurial activities in all kinds of firms and institutions and even beyond: entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

Study program

The Master's program in Entrepreneurship is a joint degree program of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Courses are given at the two Faculties of Science. Graduates receive a diploma accredited by both universities. The program is worth 60 credits, takes one year and is divided into 6 periods. Your main goal in periods 1 and 2 (September until December) will be to gain knowledge on relevant topics and theories connected with Entrepreneurship so that you are well prepared for choosing your Master’s thesis topic. In period 3 (January) we then continue to present an overview of relevant research methods. In period 4 (February-March), you will write a research proposal for your Master’s thesis, select the appropriate research methods to address your specific research questions and train in the applicable research skills. Also in period 4, we will delve deeper into the concept of the entrepreneurial process, with an emphasis on studying entrepreneurial practice and further developing your creativity and imagination. In period 5 (April-May) you will conduct your own research and you will have the opportunity to take an optional course or to engage in a practical project. In period 6 (June) you will write your Master’s thesis.

Career prospects

Once you have passed all the components of the Master’s program, you will be awarded the title of Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, a joint VU-UvA Master's degree. This degree is recognized internationally.

As a graduate, you will have a profound knowledge of the world of entrepreneurship and you will have further developed your entrepreneurial competencies. Graduates from this Master’s specialization go on to become:

  • founders/owners of their own companies
  • enterprising in their behavior: taking proactive, innovative and bold action
  • social entrepreneurs: solving societal problems and initiating social change
  • ‘intrapreneurs’
  • managers aiming to create an entrepreneurial culture
  • consultants specializing in advising entrepreneurs

Most of our students do not start up their own ventures straight after graduating. Most of them initially wish to acquire more working experience. Luckily for them, more and more companies are looking for ‘entrepreneurial employees’, giving our graduates a distinct advantage in the labor market. Last but not least, this program can put you on a pathway to obtaining a Ph.D. degree, becoming an entrepreneurship researcher or otherwise pursuing an academic career.

Admission and application

There are strict admission criteria. These are set by the Admissions Board, which also decides on individual applications. The requirements are split up into Masters’ specialization specific requirements and general requirements. Please read them both carefully:

Specific admission requirements Master's program Business Administration:

  • Applicants who have gained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Economics or Econometrics and Operations Research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are admitted automatically to the Master's program
  • Applicants with at least a Bachelor's degree from another accredited university are admissible if they have a specialization in Business Administration, witnessed by thorough knowledge of the standard literature described below (or its equivalent)
  • Applicants with at least a VU Bachelor's degree in other specializations can be admitted to the master, but depending on their degree they will be required to take extra courses with a minimum of 30 credits. In that case, their program will take at least a year and a half

Standard literature: according to the specialization of their choice students are assumed to be thoroughly familiar with:

  • Strategy and Environment
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Statistics
  • Organizational Design
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
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