Economics is about human action and the coordination mechanisms in complex social systems. Economic thinking thus extends beyond the economic mainstream and mathematical formalism. Understanding economic processes rather requires a paradigm that deals with the world as it is. This is exactly what the Austrian School of National Economics does, and this is why its exciting insights form the intellectual backbone of this master’s program. Sapere aude! Today’s banks look to the Austrian School. This strong community is growing and globally connected.

Entrepreneurial Economics is the first European English-language master’s program based on the Austrian School of Economics. The program guides you through the development of economic thought up to the frontier of modern knowledge. This way you will gain truly extensive economic knowledge. This will broaden your horizons, train you to think analytically and outside the box, and, last but not least, offer you a better understanding of the complex environment in which entrepreneurs operate.

Our university focuses on your development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. You will be taught by renowned Austrian Economics lecturers with both scientific and business backgrounds. You will study at a campus that is centrally located, equipped with the newest technology, and known for its international and English-speaking character. In addition, this master's program can easily be combined with a side job, as our lectures take place on Wednesday afternoon until Saturday evening.

Your career options with a dregree in Entrepreneurial Economics

The graduates of this program are highly qualified for various professions in the private sector. With their deep understanding of the economy the graduates of this program have a particular strategic competency and are therefore suitable for numerous tasks within consultancy firms, strategy departments, and medium-sized businesses, who all seek independent-minded people.

Such strategic competencies are especially important in the area of change management, a field that is nowadays often addressed using “Embedded Entrepreneurial Teams”. Economists with a profound knowledge of the financial and banking system are also sought after in the finance sector. The graduates of this program are well-prepared to start a career in any of these areas because they are able to critically discuss various opinions and provide strong and convincing arguments. In general, however, the graduates with a master´s degree in Entrepreneurial Economics and Management should consider themselves as entrepreneurs on their own behalves with personal business goals and ideas that they can put into practice.

The program - courses, internships, semester abroad

Entrepreneurial Economics is a hybrid program. It combines economicswith business management studies and managerial training. It has been developed to shape students into professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets who combine theoretical and practical thinking. The combination of economic understanding and management skills is an ideal preparation for the job market.

The program is equally ambitious academically. We bring students up to date on the latest research by the Austrian School, while at the same time discussing the ideas of other schools, thus preparing students for academic debates.

In order to prepare you further for the tasks of managing companies operating globally, an International Experience is integrated into your studies. To complete the International Experience sucessfully one can choose between different elements on a mudular principle, which could be in the form of a Summer / Winter School, a semester abroad, an internship or student emplyee scheme. You will find out more information during our information events.

Application process

You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester.

Students must meet the following requirements to qualify for the master’s degree program:

- a final grade of “Good” (GPA: 2.5) or better (alternatively, a letter of recommendation from your previous university)
- a focus on economics, mathematics, or philosophy within your previous studies (alternatively, you may attend preliminary courses)

  • Good English language skills (at least level B2)
  • Interview in English

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree generally enables you to go on to do Ph.D. studies leading to a doctorate. However, the specific entrance requirements and the terms of admission for such programs are determined by the degree-granting institutions. "Entrepreneurs must understand the economy and the business world. Knowing the rules of the game enables them to successfully operate in their field of action. The rest is attitude and passion. Here is where you get all of that.” Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths, Program Leader.

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