Master in Entrepeneurship & Innovation


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Program Description

This master's degree is intended for students from any academic specialization who wish to acquire a thorough knowledge of the essential techniques used in economics, accounting, finance, organization, and market research for creating an innovative company.

The program is highly cross-disciplinary and has a dual objective: from a professional perspective, it encourages students to learn the techniques of project management and strategic planning in innovative contexts; from a personal perspective, it encourages teamwork and ethical leadership in future entrepreneurs who are committed to change and innovation.

In the current economic and social situation, fostering innovative entrepreneurship is a key strategy for moving towards a more sustainable economic model focused on human capital. This is why there is no better time for a master’s degree like this focusing on the strategic function of innovative entrepreneurs.

The national quality agengy has accredited this program:

AQU Emprenedoria i Innovació 2019

Collaborating Institutions

  • Càtedra de Foment de l'Emprenedoria de la URV
  • Chair for the Promotion of Business Innovation (URV)
  • Diputació de Tarragona

External practices

Work placement in a company or institution is optional and equivalent to 9 ECTS credits (225 hours).

The Faculty has educational cooperation agreements for the work placement with 200 local organizations from all sectors of economic activity.

Career opportunities

Graduates in the University Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation may be capable of working in:

  • Management of business incubators
  • Management of innovation projects
  • Business start-up consultancy
  • R&D consultancy
  • Management of innovative companies
  • R&D department management
  • Public agencies, technology centers, and business incubators
  • Economic promotion of the public administration


Any student who has a Spanish Bachelor's Degree, a pre-EHEA Degree or a university diploma, except for those students from the arts and humanities and health sciences.

Students who wish to pursue this Master's degree should be motivated to acquire a thorough knowledge of the subject and the skills necessary to create and manage innovative companies. It is therefore recommended that future students have the attitude and motivation to propose and respond to challenges. They are also expected to have the following skills:

  • Discipline and dedication. Study habits.
  • Capacity for planning and organization. Teamwork and leadership.
  • Speed in decision making. Responsibility and observation.
  • Creativity and curiosity. Sensitivity to artistic expressions.
  • A critical, methodical, orderly and systematic approach.
  • A tolerant, responsible, respectful and ethical attitude.

Specific documentation required

Since this Master's Programm is in Spanish language, you must also submit proof of competence in Catalan or Spanish (only for foreign students from non-Latin American countries). If this knowledge cannot be proven, you must attach a signed Letter of commitment regarding your competence in Spanish.

Optionally, you can also submit:

  • Competence in English.
  • Proof of any additional training to the content of the master's degree (courses, seminars or other training activities).
  • Proof of any work experience.
  • Proof of other merits presented in the CV.

Selection criteria

  • Evaluation of the student’s academic record in the university degree qualifying them for admission to the master's degree: up to 50 points.
  • Other university qualifications: up to 10 points.
  • Competence in English: up to 10 points.
  • Other training relevant (proof must be provided): up to 10 points.
  • Work experience in the field of the master's degree (proof must be provided): up to 10 points.
  • Other merits (proof must be provided): up to 10 points.

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We are a young and dynamic university serving the needs of society, with an international outlook and a close relationship with our immediate socioeconomic environment.

We are a young and dynamic university serving the needs of society, with an international outlook and a close relationship with our immediate socioeconomic environment. Read less
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