The Master’s Program comprises:

For students with a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree minimum and with a specialization in Electronic/ Instrumentation/ Electrical Engineering/ Automation:

  • Semester 2 – Academic (on campus)
  • Semester 3 – Academic (on campus)
  • Semester 4 – Internship (company/laboratory)

For students with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree OR with a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in another engineering stream:

  • Semester 1 – Academic (on campus)
  • Semester 2 – Academic (on campus)
  • Semester 3 – Academic (on campus)
  • Semester 4 – Internship (company/laboratory)

The first three academic semesters* are offered between September 2016 and January 2018. Lectures, tutorials, lab work, practical work, projects, conferences and/or seminars make up the academic semesters. Evaluation, in the form of tests, quizzes, exams, etc. is conducted on a regular basis. Faculty members are from ESIGELEC and/or INSA Rouen, from partner companies and from partner universities in France or abroad.

  • 2 semesters in the case of students granted direct entry into the second semester, beginning February 2017

The final semester is devoted to industrial or research experience, during which students must do a mandatory internship in a company or laboratory for a period of 4 months (min.) to 6 months (max.). While ESIGELEC and/or INSA Rouen provide assistance to find internships, students are expected to play an active part, as internships are not offered automatically. The students have up to a maximum of two years, after the final academic semester:

  • to find and complete the internship
  • to submit a professional thesis and make an oral presentation before a convened jury

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the degree not being awarded.

The Student Status

Registered Student status & Enrolled Student status

The final semester comprises three stages, i.e. completing the internship, submitting the professional thesis and the oral presentation before a jury convened by ESIGELEC. Students are considered Registered Students of ESIGELEC for a period of 6 months after the end of the last academic semester. During this time, students are expected to complete the three aforesaid stages. The Registered Student status will be extended if a student has started the internship but has not completed second/third stage. In the case of students not starting the internship in the six months following the end of the final academic semester, they will have to re-enroll and will be considered Enrolled Students of ESIGELEC.

The Registered Student status will take effect again upon commencement of the internship and remain valid until such time the student has completed all three stages therein involved. A student has a maximum period of two years to complete the three stages of the internship semester. The Registered Student and the Enrolled Student status will cease to apply irrespective of whether or not the student has been awarded the Master’s Degree by the jury of ESIGELEC and INSA Rouen, upon completion of the course.

Course Outline & Guidelines

Master in Electronic Embedded Systems

The Master’s Program seeks to equip the students with the relevant knowledge, professional skills and practical experience in Electronics and Embedded Systems for industry or for research. They will learn how to design, develop and implement embedded systems in different sectors. Students will also acquire basic managerial skills. The international environment at ESIGELEC allows students to discover new cultures and languages. Students must appear for the TCF or TEF certification exams in French (or TOEIC for French-speaking students). The mandatory internship gives the students a hands-on experience in the work environment. Our graduates find job opportunities as developers, project managers, consultants or researchers in the field of electronic embedded systems.


  • Electronics and embedded systems,
  • Design, development, and production of electronic systems and equipment used in aeronautics, space and automobile industries,
  • A few project management modules and a project are also included in the program.

Fast track

Possible direct admission into semester 2, for students with a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree and upon validation of ESIGELEC

Program taught in:

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