Master in Electrical Engineering


Program Description

Rapidly developing global technologies are changing the way we live. The Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering at RIT Dubai combines theoretical fundamentals as well as practical aspects in this dynamic field and educates students in practices, methodologies, and cutting-edge techniques. You'll build on your experience of engineering and can choose to focus on two areas: Communications or Control Systems.

The MS degree in Electrical Engineering is awarded upon successful completion of an approved program of study, including courses in such areas as engineering mathematics, communications, and control.

Students have the option to graduate on either thesis, graduate paper, or comprehensive exam option. RIT Dubai offers the program in its entirety in Dubai, but students can study abroad or transfer to the main campus in Rochester, New York, subject to achieving additional respective requirements and approvals.

Flexible Timings: All courses are offered during weekday evenings on our Dubai campus from 6 - 9 pm, enabling working professionals to complete the master's program in as little as 18 months.

Career Options

With a shortage of electrical engineering talent in the job market, particularly in the GCC, the demands for RIT Dubai graduates remains at an all-time high. RIT’s highly regarded electrical engineering program uniquely combines the rigor of theory with hands-on applications and laboratory experiments in order to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Our graduates are working in a range of roles including Project Managers, Systems Engineers, Project Engineers and General Manager.


Curriculum - Graduate Paper Option Credits Curriculum – Thesis Option Credits
EEEE-707 Engineering Analysis 3 EEEE-707 Engineering Analysis 3
EEEE-709 Advanced Engineering Math 3 EEEE-709 Advanced Engineering Math 3
Focus Area Courses 12 Focus Area Courses 12
Electives 9 Electives 6
EEEE-792 Graduate Paper 3 EEEE-790 Thesis 6
Total Semester Credit Hours 30 Total Semester Credit Hours 30
Focus Areas Courses
Control Communications
EEEE-602 Random Signals & Noise 3 EEEE-602 Random Signals & Noise 3
Choose three of the following Choose three of the following
EEEE – 661 Modern Control Theory 3 EEEE – 617 Microwave Circuit Design 3
EEEE – 733 Robust Control 3 EEEE – 629 Antenna Theory and Design 3
EEEE – 765 Optimal Control 3 EEEE – 693 Digital Data Communications 3
EEEE – 766 Multivariable Modeling 3 EEEE – 780 Special Topics: Microwave Electronics 3
EEEE – 789 Special Topics: Industrial Control 3 EEEE – 794 Information Theory 3
EEEE – 743 Digital Control Systems 3 EEEE – 797 Wireless Communication 3
CSES – 601 Research Methods 3 MECE – 733 Sustainable Energy 3
DESC – 744 Project Management 3 MGMT – 740 Organizational Behavior 3
MECE – 629 Renewable Energy Systems 3 NSSA – 620 Emerging Networking Technologies 3
NSSA – 621 Design and Deployment of Wireless Networks 3

*Electives can also be chosen from any of the focus area courses. Electives from other departments can be taken with Department approval. Communications courses for students focusing on control and control courses for students focusing on communications count also as electives.


Emirati nationals can apply for a Betha Scholarship (100%) under the ICT Fund for this program.


Last updated August 2018

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