This program is taught in FRENCH.

The degree of Master of Educational Sciences trains professionals able to conceive innovative projects, to improve their practices and their reflexion in various fields of education and training. It also makes it possible to develop useful competencies to undertake research in educational sciences and to profit from the bases necessary to the continuation of a career of a researcher. The program is organized according to two finalities: the specialized finality and the deepened finality. The specialized finality prepares with the practice in various fields of the exercise of educational sciences. The step of specialization is however clearly founded on the assets of research in educational sciences and aims at making acquire the competencies based on a rigorous scientific approach. The deepened finality has as main objective to prepare for research in educational sciences and to train researchers. The deepened purpose gives an unconditional access to the doctoral formation and the doctorate.

Profile of the program

The program adds up at least 120 ECTS distributed over two years of studies comprising 60 ECTS each one. In the two organized finalities (deepened and specialized), the program includes obligatory courses whose objective is to look further into the basic training in educational sciences. The obligatory courses must make it possible any student to acquire a vision of educational sciences which exceeds the strict limits of the finality that he/she chooses. Employment which the holders of the degree have to fill being characterized by a great diversity, it is desirable that the formation comprises a part more general, while also allowing a professionalization through the choice of a finality and several options. In the deepened purpose, the student must moreover follow a module “Formation to research”. In the two finalities, the program includes training courses and a work of end of studies or memory. In the two finalities, the program makes it possible for the students to choose options. It is about the coherent whole of courses related to the large current fields of the exercise of educational sciences.

The options are:

  • Pedagogy of social action;
  • Family and society; (3) Pedagogy and handicap;
  • Technology of education;
  • Didactic of French foreign language;
  • Pedagogy and language;
  • Education in the countries in the process of development;
  • Training of the Masters and didactic of the lesson covered by the bases of competences;
  • Management of the schools;
  • Analyzes and design of multi-media tools and devices.

The number of options to be chosen differs according to the finality: two, in the specialized finality and one, in the deepened finality.

All the options are not organized each year.

Key-learning outcomes

At the end of this course program, the students will be able to:

  • To adapt and use knowledge, the models, the tools and the methods used in various fields of sciences of education;
  • To treat and analyze complexity of an educational action and formation, according to a multi-field and reflexive approach;
  • To control the management of the interpersonal and professional relationships;
  • To continue a personal professional development.

Occupational profiles of graduates

The formation aims in priority to develop and reinforce competences of the people for activities carried on in various fields of education and training. Here some examples:

  1. In secondary education higher (course of human sciences (with Aggregation for higher secondary education) and non-university superior (course of pedagogy, psychology, and methodology), like for functions of management (director, coordinator, etc.);
  2. In specialized institutions for children and teenagers having a handicap as specialized teachers;
  3. In institutions for children or teenagers;
  4. In the training of adults: continuing education, professional training, associative sector, etc.;
  5. In the design, the realization and evaluation of programs of health, education or prevention as advisers, coordinators, experts, etc. ;
  6. In the private sector or the public sector as designers of training programs;
  7. In the education sector as designers of multi-media tools and devices;
  8. In universities or research centers as researchers;
  9. In international agencies as advisers, experts, etc.;
  10. In any other function which requires a university degree, etc.

Access to further studies

With the degree of Master of Educational Sciences, the students can continue by the doctoral formation and the doctorate (3rd cycle) in Psychological and Educational Sciences. The holders of the degree also have access to Aggregation for higher secondary education (AESS). They also have access (xxx) to Complementary Masters in university pedagogy and of higher education.

Mode of study

The degree of Master of Educational Sciences is organized on two sites: Mons and Charleroi. Full-time on the two sites.

  • On the site of Mons, schedule of the day.
  • Over the site of Charleroi, shifted schedule (in evening and the Saturday), more particularly adapted to the adults in remaking of school studies.
Program taught in:
  • French

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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