Master in Documentary Photography Author


Program Description

The Master in Documentary Photography of Author is a contemporary didactic proposal, in tune with the effervescent panorama of the digital revolution, in the fertile territory of encounter between photography, art, information and visual communication.

The program has a critical approach and deals experimentally and constructively with the essential questions that characterize the concept of the "documentary" in its relation to art. Its fundamental objective is to explore and take advantage of the possibilities that arise from the conjugation of the subjectivity of the author with the demands of documentary practice.

The proposal reflects the current nature of the image, hybrid and dynamic, and is part of a new media ecology that demands evolutionary modes of production, distribution and consumption of information in all its forms.


  • Qualification: Master's Diploma
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Modality: Presencial Barcelona
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Class period: October to June.


Throughout the Master's Degree in Author Documentary Photography, participants will acquire the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow them to become specialized professionals of the sector, distinguished by their particular vision and personal style, capable of carrying out large-scale documentary projects. and depth, of individual vocation and at the same time collectively valid.


The program of the Master in Documentary Photography of Author, flees from the classical structures and is structured around thematic axes and fields of knowledge that, however, far from being separated, enjoy a bond of strict interdependence.

The didactic activities consist of a combination of traditional classes, workshops, meetings, debates, academic outings, visits and laboratories of individual and collaborative creation, in parallel to a constant monitoring of personal projects by individual tutors.

The grouping that follows is justified only for reasons of didactic clarity.

Tools, processes and methodologies

  • Project methodology: conceptualize, develop, research, develop, carry out and disseminate a project
  • Inter-, trans- and postdisciplinary research methodologies
  • Writing and essay: statements, articles, captions, script writing, captions, etc.
  • Communication theory


  • Artistic creation and authorial issues
  • Contemporary artistic practice
  • Art, society, communication: dissolution of limits and new frontiers
  • Art and technology
  • Art and activism

Perspectives on and about documentary photography

  • History of documentary photography
  • Philosophical issues of contemporary photography
  • Creation, attitudes, intentions, forms and processes of contemporary documentary photography
  • Photography and multimedia
  • Photography, post-photography and beyond
  • Ethics in documentary photography
  • The documentary photography market: evolution of the sector

Technique and photographic practice in documentary and artistic fields

  • Development and realization of documentary photographic projects
  • Subjective, experimental and authorial documentary
  • Memory, file, appropriations, image and author rights
  • Visual narrative
  • Workflow lab
  • Photographic edition
  • Preparation and organization of photo exhibitions
  • Design and publication of photobooks

Images and ideas

  • Image, text, context, subtext, hypertext
  • Visual journalism
  • Information and representation
  • Communication and power: structure, system, device, device
  • Critical theory and "criticality"
  • Contemporary issues: anthropocene, globalization, migration, ecology and environmental sustainability, distribution of wealth and alternative economies, gender, post-feminism, queer, computing, technology, science and ethics, techno-politics, decolonization, geospatial policies ...

Dissemination of information and access to knowledge

  • Channels and distribution strategies for artistic and documentary products
  • New modes and forms of dissemination
  • Encounters, festivals, symposia
  • Books, magazines and online publications
  • Mass audience vs. individual experiences
  • Relations with galleries, museums, cultural centers, public and private institutions

Workshops and meetings with authors, artists and international professionals

Interdisciplinary cultural activities

Personal and collaborative practices

Final work of master

Exhibition and dissemination project of the final master's project

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Aquí encontrarás un espacio donde reconocidos profesionales en activo comparten sus conocimientos construyendo nuevas experiencias contigo. Acercándote al mundo real a través de trabajos prácticos y clases que te enseñan lo que de verdad necesitas saber para tu carrera profesional. Read less