Master in Digital Technologies, Networks, and Big Data


Program Description


This program focuses on the value aspect of information technology, information systems design and development; business process-oriented design of enterprise planning resource systems; Big Data for large enterprises, and the implementation of data analysis technologies at the enterprise.

It provides students with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and technological components of IT, networks, and Big Data, preparing them for careers in IT within companies or in scientific research. The first year of the educational process is provided by Irkutsk National Research Technical University, the second year by Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Competencies and Skills

  • synergetic effect of economic, technical, and managerial skills;
  • an in-depth understanding and a thorough grounding in advanced and highly innovative computing disciplines;
  • hands-on experience with lab sessions and coursework-based assessment;
  • an opportunity to carry out multi-disciplinary research projects and industrial placements.

Educational Modules include:

  • Project Management;
  • Enterprise Architecture Modeling;
  • 1C: Enterprise Platform;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Computer Networking;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning;
  • Data Visualization;
  • Blockchain Technology and Applications;

Length of study: 2 years 

Tuition fee per year: 175,000 RUB ( ~ 2,700 USD)

Entrance Examinations

  • English language (or provide TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent)
  • Mathematics.

Internship and Career Opportunities

Whether students are beginning their career or developing their current career path, this degree will enhance their opportunities in the Information Technology or Software Product management industry, ranging from small start-up companies to multinational corporations. They could start their own businesses, or join a research or development group. Other graduates go on to work in industry, public service and teaching.

Two important programs focusing fields of Enterprise Resource Planning and Data Science are growing and evolving as quickly as the very technology employed by businesses across all facets of their operations. These jobs are fast-paced and require personnel with sharp business acumen in addition to technical knowledge and skills. Numerous factors play a role in determining potential salary ranges and employment opportunities, including local market conditions, and a candidate’s work history and educational qualifications.

The Master’s program offers rich and rewarding internship opportunities for students. Our internships provide the opportunity to gain meaningful professional experience while working on important projects. Students will deepen their knowledge by working side by side with our industry experts or internal INRTU professors on real projects and making an impact in the business or IT world. All of our internships are paid positions and relocation and housing assistance may be available in certain cases. Working as an intern is a great first step in making a decision to come to work for the Master of Science after finishing the educational program.


Mongolian University of Science and Technology

Entrance examination

Applicants take one computer test in Computer Science and IT

Last updated May 2020

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