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Program Description

The use of the Internet has provided a radical change, both social and business, in the use of communications and marketing, where technology allows an exponential increase in the activity of consumers in their day to day and transforms their habits of Purchase to make them viable from anywhere in the world.

Master of Digital Marketing in Murcia, face-to-face mode. Become one of the most requested professionals by our partner companies:


The demand for professionals specialized in the area of communication in digital channels grows in parallel with the explosion of digital marketing as an alternative to traditional media. The total investment in Digital Advertising in Spain in 2017 exceeds 1,708 million euros, growing by 9.1%, while progressively decreasing in traditional media such as newspapers, Sunday and magazines; As a contrast, TV grows only 1%. And while TV investment share is limited to 38.9%, increasing digital spending to 31%, with an expected growth of 10% for The 2018 exercise.

For marketing, advertising and communication professionals in companies of all sectors and of all sizes, incorporating into their profiles the knowledge and skills associated with digital channels, is already an imperative and unavoidable need.

A Master with which to know the main disciplines that make up Digital Marketing

The areas of training in this field are multidisciplinary and include both general knowledge about digital marketing aimed at managers, as well as training in specific areas, particularly those of search marketing specialists, branded content, native advertising, social media communication, mobile marketing , community management and programmatic purchase.

To respond to this demand, the Master in Digital Marketing at ENAE Business School deals with a strategic and practical approach, general content and specialized subjects in all critical areas of digital marketing.

Balancing knowledge with a business vision

Doing the Master involves entering into a process of constant learning that, from the balance between digital transformation and marketing that companies seek, will enrich you greatly on a personal and professional level and will give you a new business vision much more oriented to practices of the present and the future.

How will you work in the Digital Marketing Master classes?

Through a dynamic methodology and adapted to the content, always open to discourse, with a glocal (local global) perspective and by the best professors and professional partners in the sector. By the end of the program you will have become a professional capable of rigorously understanding the increasingly digital multichannel of customers, detecting their needs and providing successful online solutions to the products and services they demand.

Key benefits

The Master addresses the digitization of each link in the marketing value chain:

  • Market research
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sale
  • Loyalty
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

And all this from the most global perspective of the digital transformation of the company's entire strategy:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Internationalization
  • Mobile innovation
  • Digitizing Projects

Who is it for?

The most frequent positions among those attending the Master are the following:

  • Directors and Executives of Marketing, Sales / Commercial Agencies and Media interested in deepening the knowledge of the different digital channels.
  • Professionals in strategic areas (Innovation, ID, Strategy) and tactics (SI / IT, Operations) who want to take advantage of the digital transformation from a marketing perspective
  • Entrepreneurs in the commercial development phase of their projects
  • Consultants linked to computer and technological areas that need to familiarize themselves with the tools and knowledge demanded by the current market.
  • Professionals in the process of recycling work who are attracted to digital marketing and new technologies
  • And, in addition, young graduates and future professionals who, from different levels, aspire to manage the digital transformation of the companies that will be developed in the next 5 years in this area.


At a more practical level the learning objectives for the students of the Master will be the following:

  • Know the most efficient communication strategies aimed at an interactive digital society formed by markets, organizations and customers.
  • Become familiar with digital advertising media and their hiring models.
  • Master the SEO / SEM concepts and learn to manage payment campaigns in search engines
  • Enter e-commerce and learn the techniques to develop, promote and manage a virtual store.
  • Overcome the performance of traditional email marketing, display and affiliation campaigns through native advertising and programmatic purchase
  • Make the most of branded content and digital experiential marketing.
  • Be part of the Social Media ecosystem and carry out an efficient management of online communication (Community management).
  • Create Mobile Marketing, location and gamification campaigns as well as develop Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) strategies.
  • Apply Inbound Marketing techniques to reach potential customers in a non-intrusive way.
  • Optimize business profitability through the use of web analytics tools that feed Big Data Marketing systems expanded by Artificial Intelligence.


In the Master in Digital Marketing of ENAE, several teaching methodologies are combined to guarantee maximum performance in the acquisition and understanding of knowledge that, due to the nature of the contents, will have an important multimedia component that will be channeled through the appropriate supports :

  • The case method, based on examples of the usual practice of advertisers and agencies through which the student is encouraged to analyze complex situations, make decisions and share points of view with other participants in the Master.
  • Teaching sessions, where the teacher develops concepts and contents and encourages debate among students to share points of view and enrich the discussion through their professional experiences.
  • Lectures, lectures, exhibitions and defenses of class work that reinforce key ideas and allow quick and direct access to the latest ideas and approaches to marketing and advertising.
  • Group work between students to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences and thus enrich the total training received in regular school sessions.
  • Our e-learning platform in which a multitude of advertising and marketinian materials will be hung that, due to their digital nature, cannot find a better environment for their analysis and group discussion.


  • Marketing Management and Strategy
  • Digital environment analysis
  • Digital transformation
  • Big Data Marketing
  • Marketing and communication digitalization
  • SEM Search engine marketing paperclick
  • Viral Digital Advertising
  • E-Mailing and Programmatic Advertising
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Community Management and content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digitization of the sale
  • Sales Channel Digitization
  • Digitization of price and product
  • Usability and analytics
  • CRO Neuromarketing and Marketing Internationalization

Aid Geographic Mobility

ENAE facilitates the approach to its training programs to professionals residing in Spain in locations that, due to their remoteness or difficult connection, condition the possibility of carrying out a face-to-face program in our facilities.

For this, ENAE will finance the stay of Friday night in bed and breakfast, for those students who take a Master or course of more than 100 hours in their facilities and whose teaching takes place on Friday and Saturday. Students will have to prove to be residents in the established areas (*) accrediting it according to the means specified for the purpose.

(*) Established areas: all those localities that are at a distance greater than 80 km from Murcia capital.

Last updated Mar 2020

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