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Program Description

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Why Master in Digital Marketing and E-commerce in Barcelona

  • Become a master student in digital marketing and e-commerce at a Business School where “Digital” is at its Core.
  • GBSB Global Business School is the only higher education institution in Spain accredited by Microsoft as official Microsoft School and a leader in digital education.

Program Description

Digital marketing has turned into an essential part of marketing management of practically any company in every industry. Master in Digital Marketing in Barcelona helps students to discover the dynamic and complex field of digital marketing and provides both theoretical and practical knowledge.

The main areas covered during the program are website management, UX, email marketing, digital marketing strategy and marketing planning, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), online reputation management, webinars, affiliate marketing, social media, and e-commerce.

Master in Digital Marketing in Barcelona provides students the skills required in the industry of digital marketing and teaches them to manage an integrated system of various communication channels, platforms, tools, and digital marketing models across different international markets. Master in Digital Marketing in Barcelona aims to educate students and ensure that they are prepared for the challenges of a modern digitally transformed international economy that require multitasking skills, ability to learn and adapt fast, flexibility, and connectivity.

Graduates of Master in Digital Marketing in Barcelona will be able to work with various electronic devices in different international markets. They will acquire analytical skills and high level of expertise in big data analysis, communication skills and cultural intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative problem solving, and advanced managerial and leadership skills.

The Master in Digital Marketing and E-commerce in Barcelona is designed to prepare students to be highly competitive marketing professionals in this rapidly evolving business environment. Students of Master in Digital Marketing and E-commerce in Barcelona study digital marketing and e-commerce concepts and strategies and put the technologies to use through workshops, case studies, and practical simulations. Learning from the most high-tech digital applications we have available on campus, networking with professionals in the industry, and real-world digital marketing projects help students develop their skills.

Master in Digital Marketing in Barcelona students go through a life-changing experience on both personal and professional level and enter the world of innovation and new career opportunities in the international digital marketing environment.

Key Facts

  • Duration of the program – 9 months
  • Language of the program – English
  • Intakes – October, January, April / Yearly
  • Schedule – Full Time, Mornings
  • Location – Barcelona (Spain)

Program Highlights

  • Leadership in Digital Education in Spain.
  • Faculty with Digital Marketing and E-commerce Experience.
  • Students from 70 Different Countries.
  • Multiple Company Visits and Practical Knowledge.
  • Learning-by-Doing Teaching Methodology.
  • Digital marketers are in high demand and are the most hired type of marketing professionals.

Program Objectives

  1. Develop deep knowledge of the area of digital marketing which includes platforms, concepts, tools, and analytical methodologies related to marketing area of a company.
  2. Provide skills required to develop and optimize digital marketing strategy for a company to minimize the costs and maximize the efficiency of marketing efforts of a corporation or organization.
  3. Teach the most technologically advanced and innovative marketing strategies in order to give the students a competitive edge in the global job market.
  4. Provide a global perspective that allows students to develop marketing strategies and digital solutions effective and applicable in the digital environment.
  5. Identify and develop talent in entrepreneurial minded innovative students and teach them how to troubleshoot common challenges, apply online tools, and overall succeed in the digital business environment.
  6. Develop managerial skills through activities that provide training in communication, leadership, teamwork, and creativity.

Study Plan

  • Managerial Competencies of Global Leaders.
  • Digital Marketing in the Context of Marketing Management.
  • Digital Marketing Communications.
  • Web & Mobile Marketing.
  • Digital Law and the Legal Environment.
  • E-Commerce Management.
  • Digital Strategy.
  • Agile Methodologies & Design Thinking.
  • Digital Marketing Plan.


  • The only business school in Spain with an international accreditation from ASIC.
  • The first and only official Microsoft School in Spain, accredited by Microsoft as a leader in digital education, providing students with the most state-of-the-art learning experience from day one.
  • Official Microsoft Showcase School.
  • The only business school in Barcelona and Madrid with the status of ACCA Computer Based Examination Center.
  • Member of The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA
  • Recorded as ONE OF THE BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS in Europe by MYBS (Mind Your Own Business School).
  • Recognized as a LEADER IN GLOBAL EDUCATION by Newsweek Magazine.
  • Ranked No. 1 in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools.
  • OFFICIAL MEMBER of the European Council for Business Education (ECBE).
  • Repetitive winner of International Business Ethics Case Competition, USA.
  • Global Diversity | Students from 70+ countries and faculty from 20+ countries.
  • Focus on Innovation | From teaching methods, course curriculum and workshops to fully digitalized educational environment we are all about innovation and challenging status quo.
  • Employability & Career Development Opportunities | Practical knowledge and skills, career counseling and individual coaching sessions.

Career Opportunities

The Master in Digital Marketing and E-commerce in Barcelona will help students to build a career in this dynamic industry.


Affiliate marketing managers perform regular performance analysis, reporting and monitoring of new opportunities in the B2B environment. These professionals in this field build, develop and enhance partner relationships with current and potential affiliates and maintain on-going communication campaigns and promotions.


Inbound marketing managers take care of the editorial calendar of a business. These professionals work with organic lead generation and develop high-quality informative content. They also work with email marketing and social media.


Content managers prepare online and offline content for social media, guides and case studies, website, e-books, blog, and other pieces of content in order to attract the target audience, generate leads, develop brand awareness, and enhance SEO performance of a business.


Email marketing managers develop, analyze and optimize the email campaigns of a company and coordinate its branding efforts via email. These professionals are responsible for A/B and MVT testing, database segmentation, and remarketing and other aspects of email marketing management throughout the customer lifecycle to maximize conversion rates and sales results.


SEM managers are responsible for maximization of return on investment of a company in paid search marketing campaigns. They perform tests, track, gather and analyze data and work on ongoing reporting. SEM managers control SEM budget, campaign expenses, and forecast and plan SEM expenses for future periods.


Digital marketing strategists identify objectives and goals for various products or services and brand in general and plan the corresponding actions and development approaches to archive these goals and reach these objectives. Digital marketing strategists have an advanced knowledge of SEM/SEO, and social media.


Social media managers are responsible for maintaining brand’s identity in social media and managing the social media channels in order to build brand awareness and a positive online reputation of the company. They are focused on engaging the online community, handling customer service requests and questions and manage all the interactions in social media communities. Social media managers generate inbound traffic to the website in order to generate leads and increase sales.


E-Commerce managers are responsible for the online purchasing on the website of the company. They drive traffic to the website and are involved in the development of a digital brand identity and digital advertising. E-commerce managers are focused on maximization of the online sales. Professionals in this field should have a high level of expertise in digital marketing, Google analytics, and web design.


SEO managers are responsible for to improvement of the visibility of a website on a search engine by applying various technical digital strategies. The mission of an SEO manager is to outsmart the algorithms of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and bring more high-quality traffic to the website. SEO specialists are currently in high demand in the job market.


Digital media buyers are responsible for purchasing different types of digital ads for a company. They analyze and evaluate multiple online platforms, websites and networks to identify where the majority of traffic for their target market lays. Digital media buyers must have communication, negotiation and research skills.

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GBSB Global is an educational organization created to challenge new economic circumstances and changing times. The business school has been ranked #1 in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools a ... Read More

GBSB Global is an educational organization created to challenge new economic circumstances and changing times. The business school has been ranked #1 in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools and has been recognized as a Leader in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine in December 2012. GBSB Global has been the only graduate school in Spain invited to participate in the International Ethics Case Competition in California, along with such universities as Oxford, INSEAD, the University of California - Irvine, etc, where its students became finalists and won first place in the competition, thus achieving international recognition of the quality of education provided at GBSB Global. Read less
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