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Companies that have not yet adopted the new techniques of Digital and interactive Marketing and are not present in the social networks take a great disadvantage in relation to those who innovate and adapt their business models and strategies to the medium of communication with greater projection nowadays: Internet .

Being present in the Networks is not enough, we must master the knowledge, techniques and tools so that our Digital Marketing strategies are really effective and generate more value for the company.

This Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media, you will learn the basics of Digital Marketing, what are the new business models and the most innovative and efficient techniques: SEO, SEM, PPC, in - display ads, email marketing, Social Media, Social Media Ads and creativity to achieve the maximum income of the opportunities that the Internet offers to companies.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media you will be perfectly able to:

  • Use the newest Interactive Marketing management techniques.
  • Make the most of all Social Media tools to communicate your message across the Net effectively.
  • Create effective online campaigns, analyze the results and make the right decisions from them
  • Boost your creativity.
  • Conduct media planning that is right for your business.

To whom is it directed?

The Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media is specifically directed to the following profiles:

  • Entrepreneurs who want your company to have a good presence on the Internet, taking full advantage of the potential of this communication channel
  • Directors and managers of SMEs who need to learn the strategic skills needed to complement their traditional business strategies with the most innovative digital marketing strategies
  • Professionals and recent graduates who want to specialize in a new way of doing Marketing.

Study Plans

The Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media is organized as follows:

Module 1. Digital Strategy

  • Digital media strategy, trends and trends
  • The strategy of Social Media Marketing and its link with the global strategy
  • Audit of Marketing and Social Media and creation of the plan of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Practical case

Module 2. Search engines

  • Introduction to Search marketing and keyword research
  • Seo on page
  • Seo off page
  • Practical case

Module 3.Trafic and Analytical

  • Planning and metrics
  • e-mail marketing
  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Practical case

Module 4. Social Networks (also image)

  • Other features: networking platforms, wikis, blogs and microblogging
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Youtube, Instagram
  • Practical case

Module 5. Social Ads and Content

  • Sell on social networks: Social Ads
  • Building messages that transform. Storytelling
  • Inbound marketing
  • Practical case

Module 6. Reputation

  • Marketing of securities. Transform your brand into an agent of social change and attract customers
  • Community management
  • Online Reputation
  • Practical case

Module 7. Creativity

  • Usability and Persuability
  • Creative Strategy I
  • Creative Strategy II
  • Practical case

Module 8. IoT / ecommerce

  • Fundamentals and typologies of e-Commerce
  • Mobile marketing
  • Internet of Things
  • Practical case
  • Master Final Project

To complete your training, you must complete a Work or Completion Project.

* The course program may undergo modifications for updating and improvement.

Why choose us?

Find out what sets us apart.

Online School # 1

IEBS is the first online school to appear in the CSIC ranking and the 9th best in Spain.

Ibero-American Ranking

2nd Online Business School in the Ibero-American ranking of Business Schools.

Double Titration

Agreements for the accreditation of our degrees with the most prestigious universities

Educational Excellence

Awarded with Educational Excellence through the Educaedu portal

Star of Gold 2017

From the Institute for Business Excellence for the contribution and commitment to the educational quality of IEBS .

Most Innovative Profile

We apply innovation in learning. Recognized by Fecyt as one of the most innovative profiles.

Quality Learning

The only online school accredited to meet the stringent requirements to convey quality e-learning

Industry Experts

IEBS teachers meet four requirements: Knowledge, Experience, Empathy, Passion for teaching.

Innovative learning model

At IEBS we apply the most modern methodologies and learning techniques. The programs are developed following systems of agile methodologies and structured into weekly classes where the student has a set of goals and targets to meet, plus a project to implement from the knowledge gained with the guidance and supervision of a mentor.

What does it consist of?

  • Inverted class: we start with the project you need to solve
  • Learning by projects: we learn by doing and listening
  • Team work: we work and learn in groups
  • Formal, informal and social learning: we use all the useful resources available

How it works?

  • The principle of each class and module is always a project to be developed
  • The student accesses the formal and informal didactic resources proposed by the teacher
  • Participation in debates to reinforce concepts and key ideas
  • Arrangement of a mentor, an industry expert who developed classes, to solve their problems and have real-world feedback.

Program Summary

How long does it last?

It lasts 450 hours.

How much is it?

Has a price of: U $ S 3,350

When does it start?

Starts 04/25/2019.


With IEBS in interest-free tuition.

Available Scholarships

  • Smart Bag: Save 25% off the price
  • Impulse Bag: Save 40% off the price

Application process

  1. Complete and submit the online application
  2. Conduct a personal interview and a fitness test
  3. Registration formalization
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