Program description

The program "Digital Arts and Design" is one of the most innovative areas of studying in the master's degree. Every year digital technologies penetrate deeper into all spheres of human life. Arts is no exception. An important difference in this area of arts is that digital artists and designers are usually involved in activities related to high technologies and, as a result, are at the forefront of the development of science and technology.

The advantage of this educational program is a broader approach to the role and process of formation of not only interiors and exteriors environment, but also urban events, festivals, exhibitions, etc. The Graduate can be firmly confident that he can objectively assess the level of the subject-spatial and digital environment and give methodological recommendations that can significantly improve it, as well as directly implement the project.

Disciplines aimed at the study of information technologies, creative programming and modern digital equipment allow you to penetrate into the process of creating a digital artifact and to create works of digital art with a full understanding of the possibilities of the technology of their creation.

The educational process in the master's degree is built so that undergraduates will deepen their knowledge and skills in information and communication, organizational and management activities. This is facilitated by familiarity with the activities of design firms and studios where undergraduates are involved in innovative work.

Program goal

During the training master's undergraduates will expand their knowledge in the field of artistic, creative and project work in the field of design and digital arts. In addition, they continue to study academic drawing and painting and often create real creative works, so in the learning process, they actively participate in various art exhibitions and competitions.

Career opportunities

The combination of design and digital arts allows graduates to carry out successful practical design and creative art activities based on the understanding and competent use of digital technologies.

Designer and digital artist are a professional in the transformation of subject-spatial, artistic and digital environment:

  • he studies the regularities of the formation of the subject-spatial environment and predicts its development;
  • creates interior design projects with object content and digital equipment;
  • organizes actions and events of various levels – from city festival to the exhibition of digital arts;
  • creates artifacts of digital arts;
  • provides consultations in the organization of the subject-spatial and digital environment of different types;
  • teaches the principles of formation of a comfortable environment of different types and kinds;
  • makes an expert assessment of the completed projects and the transformations of the subject-spatial and digital environment.

Duration of study

2 years, Full-time

Curriculum (Program structure)

Key courses:

  1. Academic drawing and painting.
    • You will learn to depict the world around you and to create real creative works.
  2. Design and execution of the project in the material.
    • You will learn how to design and to create projects of modern actions and events. Learn to create artifacts in the field of digital arts.
  3. Creative programming.
    • You will learn to work with modern programming languages, as well as with the necessary innovative equipment aimed at creating artifacts in the field of digital arts.
  4. History and methodology of design projects.
    • You will learn to understand the laws of the formation of the subject and digital world and to see the ways of its further development.
  5. Research work.
    • You will learn to explore the world of things by which interior space is organized and learn how to make it more beautiful and comfortable.

Entrance requirements

  • The applicant should have a Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree in arts and humanities. The relevant diploma should be issued within the last 5 years.
  • To pass the entrance test successfully, the applicant will need some knowledge of history, design and design methods, as well as the basic knowledge of digital arts and related methodology.
  • The applicant is expected to be able to speak English and read and translate texts in Russian using a dictionary if necessary.

Program taught in


8 Training base

A master's student has practical training in institutions and organizations close to or similar to those that are stated in the subject of master's research, that’s why the bank of practices is very diverse. It can be: city administration, shopping or entertainment centers, educational and medical institutions, cafes and restaurants, as well as advertising agencies or design firms. In any case, the undergraduate is acquainted with the work of the institution, its location, subject-spatial environment and the possibilities of using the elements of digital arts, in addition, one provides guidelines for improving the methods of their implementation.


Lenin Street, 38, Magnitogorsk city, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 455000

Program taught in:

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Sep 1, 2019
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June 30, 2019
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