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Program Description

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The Master in Design for Artificial Intelligence trains professionals to lead the design of products and services that can integrate solutions related to artificial intelligence. Based on the aim of facilitating its use by people and companies, the course is aimed at optimizing the conceptualization, design, and development of new products and services and ensuring an ethical approach in all phases of the process.

Applying artificial intelligence has come to define an environment in which the continuous interaction of intelligent information management and analysis systems can help to predict the needs and desires of customers in real-time. This opens up enormous possibilities for the creation of a generation of products and services that are capable of offering increased personalization, as well as new and better user experiences.

The program aims to cover the growing need for new digital skills to adapt to new environments. It provides an overall view that helps to align the creative potential of developers with the needs and preferences of customers based on a knowledge of technological context.


  • To provide a framework for analysis and development that uses design to exploit AI in business areas in a simple and effective manner.
  • To manage the overall process of creating and developing products in the technological field related to AI from the perspective of design.
  • To conduct research into the conceptualization of new products and services adapted to customers through the advanced analysis of big data and the results of deep learning algorithms.
  • To integrate the user experience into the process of developing new products and services related to the fields of applying AI.
  • To implement applications that can take advantage of sensorization and data management processes in public and private smart environments.
  • To design innovative solutions in the field of IoT based on machine-to-machine connectivity within the framework of 5G.
  • To apply virtual or augmented reality concepts to the design and development of new experiences applicable to products and services.
  • To integrate social, technical and sustainable variables into work methodologies to develop systemic design solutions.


The course is organized in related and confluent blocks in which the necessary contents are developed to achieve the objectives set. All this with the guiding thread of different projects elaborated throughout the entire course in order to explore and strengthen what has been studied in the blocks.

Throughout the course, sessions are also held in visits, workshops, round tables or conferences.

Student profile

  • Graduates in disciplines related to design, preferably product design, industrial design, graphic design or engineering, who want to acquire the necessary tools to join design and development teams for new products and services that integrate solutions related to AI.
  • Professionals from the technical and technological sectors.
  • Professionals related to data analysis and processing.

Job opportunities

The Master course prepares students to add value to companies linked to the technology sector or integrate solutions related to the application of AI tools into the development of their products and services.


The curriculum of the course is designed by IED Barcelona’s teaching department together with Everis Spain.

Last updated Apr 2020

About the School

The IED Barcelona is a workshop for conducting analysis and research applied to material culture, a focus it is destined to develop increasingly in the future.

The IED Barcelona is a workshop for conducting analysis and research applied to material culture, a focus it is destined to develop increasingly in the future. Read less