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Program Description

According to a study by ManPower, around 40% of employers show a shortage of talent. The magazine Forbes considers, in one of its articles on the situation of the labor market, that we are not in a crisis of employment but in a crisis of abilities. The professions with a high digital content have given rise to the so-called unemployed professions because there is a lack of professionals in the labor market and companies have entered into a frantic battle to capture and retain these professional profiles. The World Economic Forum conducted a study in which determined that by 2020 among the 10 skills most in demand are creativity, the ability to solve complex problems and critical thinking.

In this context, the methodologies to promote innovation and focus on the customer, such as Design Thinking and Customer Experience, have taken on an enormous importance. These methodologies are increasingly common practice in the forms of work of companies, even the most traditional, in their process of digital transformation in which they try to be more agile and respond better to market demands by adopting the forms of work of startups

The Master of Design Thinking and Customer Experience aims to create innovation professionals who have the conceptual and practical tools to successfully develop Innovation and Design Thinking processes in companies, focusing on the use of tools and methodological techniques, practicing "empathy" techniques to put themselves in the shoes of potential clients and detect unmet needs, developing their creativity, applying it to the solution of real business problems and reflecting on their own profile as potential innovation professionals, in particular their own attitude in the face of risk, error and uncertainty.

Master in Design Thinking & Customer Experience - Campus Madrid

The master's degree in design thinking & customer experience is taught at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Its objective is to train professionals in the world of innovation so that they acquire the tools and techniques necessary to enter the labor market. Dare and be part of EAE Business School .


Reasons for taking the Master in Customer Experience & Innovation at EAE Business School

  1. Entrepreneurship residential program at Babson College
    At the end of the school term, the student will have the opportunity to complete a one-week residential stay at Babson College (Boston, MA, USA), one of the world's leading educational institutions focused on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This residential program has an additional cost.

  2. Design Thinking
    Our master will have a series of updated monthly activities such as panels of experts, visits to centers and reference companies, keynote talks by special guests and exhibitions of real cases told by their protagonists, among others.

  3. Program in collaboration with Babson College (Boston)
    The program is taught in collaboration with Babson College through the "Babson Collaborative" program, of which EAE is a member. Babson College offers the best programs in the world in entrepreneurship, according to the general rankings of reference as Financial Times, and according to specialized rankings, such as Entrepreneur Magazine or The Princeton Review.

  4. Business Networking
    Meetings with professionals from large companies and other students, which will allow you to expand your network of contacts. In 2017 we organized meetings with executives of companies such as Microsoft, Red Bull, HP, CEPSA or Grupo Hero, among many others.

  5. EAE LAB
    Through this incubator, we help you develop your business and identify its competitive advantages to make it grow.

  6. EAE Emprende
    Through our business incubator, we train, finance and accompany your entrepreneurial projects. EAE Lab will provide you with the necessary resources and environment so that you can identify the competitive advantages and develop your business idea.

  7. International Talent Program
    If you aspire to an international professional development, you will have maximum visibility among the multinationals that collaborate with EAE through Employment Workshops and interviews with headhunters and international selection consultants.

  8. Advisory Board
    Our master's degree curriculum is developed jointly with an advisory body made up of professionals from companies such as Unilever, Sony, Mango, Nielsen, Nissan, OgilvyOne, Heineken, Endesa, BP, La Caixa or Dockers, among others.


Requirements and Admission

Double Degree

The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain a Master's degree in Design Thinking & Customer Experience from EAE Business School , a degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona Campus) and a degree from the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid Campus). In order to obtain the degree granted by each institution, it is necessary to fulfill those previously requested.

Recommended access profile

This program is aimed at new entrepreneurs in search of innovation in products or designs, managers of already established companies that want to innovate in new business lines, as well as area managers to be able to innovate in the operation of their area of expertise. work.

Admission process

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates, through professional sutrayectoria and academic curriculum. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form, so that the profile of the candidate can be evaluated by our Academic Committee. If the resolution of the Admission issued by the Academic Committee to the Master in Management Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching is positive, the candidate will be able to formalize their enrollment to this Master.


Professional outings

The Career Careers Service of EAE Business School is responsible for creating new job opportunities that guide and accompany the student, with an analysis of their profile, to achieve their professional goals and adjust their expectations and interests to the labor market.

The Careers Department also organizes events to promote employability such as the Online Employment Forum; the Bank of Opportunities with more than 6,000 job offers published per year; or the International Talent Program, aimed at students seeking international development and visibility in multinational companies, with workshops and interviews with headhunters from different parts of the world. EAE also participates in the employability programs of brands with great projection such as L'Oreal, Banco Sabadell, Leroy Merlin, Kyocera, Schneider Electric, IBM, among others, to which students have access.

Professional outings:

  • UX Specialist (User Experience): service designer, design researcher and visual designer.
  • Design Thinking Specialist
  • Chief Customer
  • Experience Officer
  • Innovation departments.
  • New product development departments
  • Departments of digital product development: design, prototyping and validation.
  • Management of digital transformation processes
  • Consultant of innovation, creativity and customer experience.

Some data from our Employment Report

  • 93% of students find work within six months after completing the program
  • 34% increased their salary up to 30% one year after completing the master's degree
  • 67% of students have achieved a job opportunity through some of the available routes through EAE Business School
  • 74% accept a new profession offer after graduation
Last updated Sep 2020

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