Master in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability


Program Description

The ContaminAction Master in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability is not a university Master but a Higher Education program.

It meets the needs of companies to include professionals capable of managing projects with a social and environmental impact.



Life Skills

Personal skills considered key by the world's largest economic observatory, the World Economic Forum (including Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity, Critical Thinking, etc.).

Business Skills

Managerial skills to be effective in a business context, from start-up to multinational (including Project Management, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Economics, etc.).

Specialist Skills

Our managers, with workshops and company visits, guide the participants to discover the trend topics related to the profession in the Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability area.

Project Experience

This phase takes place at the headquarters of the partner companies and consists in supporting large companies in the implementation of important innovation projects.

International Experience

Travel to California, in the global district that contains the most relevant companies in the world (Google, Apple, Salesforce, etc.) and the most prestigious universities (Stanford, Palo Alto, etc.). Participants will enjoy this experience in a team formed by entrepreneurs, managers and teachers.

Paid internship

In this last phase, you will have the opportunity to be placed in the company with an internship or fixed-term or permanent contract and to start your professional experience by putting into practice the skills acquired during the ContaminAction Master.

Life Skills

The 10 skills that the World Economic Forum (the largest world observatory on economic issues) indicates as the most sought after by companies:

Problem Solving

Solve complex problems


Unleashing creativity for innovative solutions

Emotional Intelligence

Recognize and manage your own and others' emotions

Decision Making

Making decisions in complex contexts

Critical Thinking

Thinking knowing how to analyze, evaluate, discern

Team Working

Knowing how to work as a team to achieve shared goals

People Management

Knowing how to manage and motivate the people on your team

Cognitive Flexibility

Being able to find the right path in a changing context

Service Orientation

Be in the right way towards your customer


Exercise the art of diplomacy in view of your goals

Business Skills

The 10 essential skills to be able to make a successful path within organizations:

Business Fundamentals

Know the basics of a business organization

Business Writing

Write mails and reports appropriately

Business Planning

Set up a business plan for companies and projects

Business Culture

Recognize the organizational culture in different contexts

Business Mega Trends

Understanding the direction in which the business will move

Business Processes

Know the main processes behind a company


Knowing how to use the main corporate economic tools

Project Management

Better plan a project for a client

Public Speaking

Knowing how to speak effectively in public

Presentation Skills

Knowing how to use tools and languages for presentations


Specialist Skills

The 10 skills that the job market requires for a successful career path in CSR:

Sustainability and regulations

2030 Agenda (SDGs), international and national regulations and standards

Corporate strategy and CSR

Stakeholder mapping, new business models, circular economy, CSR and sustainability in the company

Economic sustainability - finance and organizational models

Ethical finance, public tenders and institutional funds, Green Bonds, third sector companies

Economic sustainability - reporting and evaluation

GRI standards, social balance sheets, ESG factors and reporting

Social sustainability - better workplace for a better world

Organizational well-being, a new "exchange pact" between employees and the company

Social sustainability - inclusion, ethics and equity in the company

Diversity & inclusion, fairness, ethics and interaction with suppliers and partners

Environmental sustainability - companies and climate change

Companies and fight against climate change, environmental impact assessment

Environmental sustainability - various industrial sectors and business processes

Environmental sustainability: energy, plastic, agriculture, mobility, construction, purchases

Green Jobs

Transformation of work from a green perspective in Italy and abroad

Sustainability Leadership & Competencies

Leadership in the era of sustainability, standards of skills and professional certifications

Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

Sviluppiamo un nuovo modello di Education tra l’Italia e la Silicon Valley che permette ai giovani di acquisire le competenze più richieste dalle imprese ed entrare nel mondo del lavoro.

Sviluppiamo un nuovo modello di Education tra l’Italia e la Silicon Valley che permette ai giovani di acquisire le competenze più richieste dalle imprese ed entrare nel mondo del lavoro. Read less