Master in Corporate Communication: Public Relations, Protocol and Events Management in Barcelona

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Master in Corporate Communication: Public Relations, Protocol and Events Management in Barcelona

ESERP Business School

Studying the Master in Corporate Communication: Public Relations, Protocol and Events Management in Barcelona will allow you to develop your communication skills in order to work in the business world. If you are an active person with people skills and you are interested in communication, pay attention!

You will be able to fill a position in the communication department of any company since you will have been educated on how to handle the media and you will have a mastery of public relations overall, enabling you to overcome both internal and external crisis situations.

In addition, you will learn about different protocols including the official, business and social protocols, in order to organise events as well as assist in the organisation of others while representing your company name. Not only that but you will also acquire valuable knowledge in regards to budget preparation, which will help you to carry out these events successfully. You will even learn to master non-verbal communication, an essential factor for networking when it comes to interpreting messages.

So if you want to work in any field related to corporate communication and public relations, the Master in Corporate Communication: Public Relations, Protocol and Events Management in Barcelona is the best choice for making the leap into the workforce with the best possible training. The degree is recognised by the UVIC-UCC, and they will issue you their own University Degree, sponsored by the Abertis Foundation. What else are you waiting for to find out more?



  • Good organisational, leadership and management skills.
  • Adaptability to change and innovations in technology.
  • Ability to provide a company’s senior management with strategic and operational plans.
  • Critical analysis and abstract thinking.
  • Quick identification, analysis and solving of problems.
  • Open-mindedness towards the socioeconomic and cultural environment.

As well as a high level of personal and professional cultural enrichment guiding day-to-day activities, ultimately transforming the cost of education into productivity for the business and organisations.


Case-Study: Case studies are used to study the functional areas of a business, most of which deal with real problems that can occur in any company.

PMO: Management and support tools to transform a project into reality, with a global and dynamic vision of the environment that includes its strengths and weaknesses.

Inspireo Workshop/LEGO methodology: Improved entrepreneurship training by unleashing the potential of individuals in a creative and participatory work environment. Implemented through INSPIREO WORKSHOP.

Balanced Scorecard (design of business management strategies): Management model based on goals whose achievement is measured using business indicators.

Team Building: Students are divided into small working groups. Group work is a fundamental part of training future professionals to take on positions of responsibility.

Study Plan

Communications and PR Area

Communication department challenges and strategies.

  • Communication as part of the business strategy.
  • Communication in building a company’s image and reputation.
  • Communication in the field of marketing.

Relations with the media.

  • Persuasion of public opinion.
  • Media agencies.
  • Verifying and controlling quality and informational and advertising impact.

Digital communication.

  • New technologies in communication. Interactive media.
  • The emergence of social/professional networks and social media.
  • Applying new technologies to communication.

Comprehensive communication plan.

  • Communication strategy. Briefing and contra-briefing.
  • Structure and development of the plan. Phrases and categories. Budget.
  • Monitoring and analysis of results.

Crisis management and reputational risk.

  • Types of business conflicts and their sources.
  • Manual for a crisis situation. Applied communication techniques.
  • Risks during a crisis. Disrepute.

Communications and Events Area

Event organisation: key factors.

  • Planning an event. Dissemination and invitations.
  • Structures and phases. Implementation and evaluation. Budget.
  • The operating manual for an event.

Economic and legal management.

  • Basic economic and legal concepts.
  • Honour and privacy protection.
  • Image rights. Information and images online.

CSR in communication and events.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.
  • Responsible communication strategies.
  • Contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement.

Multicultural and Communications Area

Communication and corporate identity.

  • Culture, identity and corporate image.
  • Corporate image vs. advertising o brand.
  • The Corporate Visual Identity Manual.

Protocol and comprehensiveness.

  • Rules for good official, business and social work.
  • Negotiation and communication when affronting culture shocks.

Stakeholders and legal framework.

  • Lobbying: directly or indirectly influencing public institutions.
  • Influences and relationships between political, economic and social agents.
  • Overview of the tax, legal and business world.

Executive skills in communication.

  • Leadership styles. Coaching and emotional and social intelligence.
  • Efficient communication and persuasion. Abilities of a spokesperson.
  • Breath and voice. Control techniques for nerves and stress.

(*)Curriculum content, programming and materials may undergo some variation due to changes in academic planning.

(*)The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Master’s Degree.

Career Opportunities

These studies will provide you with the opportunity to develop your professional career in different fields, where you can work in areas such as:

  • Public Relations and Communication Manager.

Protocol and Ceremonial Manager. Official and Business Protocol. Political Advisory and Electoral Campaign Agencies. Relationship Marketing and Advertising Agencies. Communication, Public Relations and Lobbying Agencies. Interpersonal Skills and Coaching. Internal and External Public Relations. International Relations. Strategic Consulting. Institutional Relations. Lobbying Agencies. Organisation of Fairs, Congresses and Conventions. Personal Branding. Press Officer in Companies and Institutions.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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