Most modern world achievements are based on effective use of informatics and mathematical modeling in various fields of science, technology, and production. Economic development requires the implementation and continuous improvement of information technology, mathematical and computer software engineering.

After finishing Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (CSIT) Course International students will be able to solve all IT problems by using the tools of computer science and software engineering, computer applications and information technologies.

Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (CSIT) Course is a perfect opportunity for International students to study in Ukraine in English. If you want to be flexible and acquire as many qualifications and skills as possible, start with Foundation Course. You will study Russian language or Ukrainian language for education and communication needs.

Today Bachelor of CSIT and Master of CSIT are one of the most demanded and best study abroad programs.


Both Ukrainian and International students study various courses:

  • Programming
    • c #
    • visual studio
    • c ++
    • java
  • Computer Architecture
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Databases and Information Systems
  • Organization and Processing of Electronic Information
    • HTML
    • XML
    • VBA
    • c#
    • etc
  • Programming and Web Application Support
  • Protection of Information
  • Software Systems Design
  • Image Processing and Multimedia
  • Corporate Information Systems Platform
    • java
    • .net
  • Distributed Information-Analytical Systems
  • Informatics
    • object pascal
    • delphi
  • Internet Technologies
  • Information Networks
  • Principles of Computer Design
  • Information and Coding Theory
  • Internet programming
  • Unix Operating Systems


Graduates of CSIT Course will get the job opportunities in the areas of software for computer systems analysis development, applied math, network administration, testing and diagnosis of software for the companies in the economic, technical, medical field. The will be able to use computer graphics and web-design professionally, create and modify websites, etc.

The main job opportunities:

  • Administrator
    • database
    • access
    • tasks
    • systems
  • Analyst
    • computer bank systems
    • computer communication
  • Engineer
    • business automated systems
    • computer systems
    • software
  • Programmer
    • application
    • system


There are no admission tests or entrance exams if you apply for Undergraduate Degree Program.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sep 2020
3 - 4 semesters
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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