The Department of Computer Science at St. Mary’s University offers master’s degree programs with a special focus on the software development process. The programs are intended for students, professionals, and managers who are interested in advancing their career by gaining knowledge and skills into the problems and solutions of developing practical software systems.

Students develop or deepen skills to analyze, design, implement and test stand-alone and embedded software systems. The department also offers a combined Bachelor of Arts/Science and Master of Science in Computer Science that can be completed in as little as five years. An intensive course of study, undergraduate students can begin graduate coursework during their senior year. Students can also pursue a joint Master of Science in Computer Science and Juris Doctorate degree.

The Master of Science in Computer Science and the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems programs at St. Mary’s prepare students to manage a software development project from analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance to management of quality, budgets, deliverables, and deadlines. Both programs are designed are designed to provide a deep understanding of the hardware and software components of computer systems and the following:

  • Hardware organization,
  • Data communication and databases,
  • Software requirements analysis,
  • Software design methodologies,
  • Software implementation and testing.

Study with professors who have expertise in:

  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Game development and simulation,
  • Programming languages and
  • Computer security/Cybersecurity.

Students are expected to be able to write computer programs in a high-level programming language and to understand the connection between computer hardware and software before starting the degree program. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and complete all assignments in the way they were intended. A typical program of study for a full-time student starting in a fall semester is shown in the following table including 6 core CS classes, 2 EG electives, and 3 CS electives. As of August 2016, the minimum admission requirements are GPA 3.0/4.0, GRE quantitative 148 and 2.5 analytical writing.

Program Highlights

The program is known for its practical applications and real-world problem-solving. Students are able to work effectively in groups and to present information individually to an audience. Prerequisites include computer programming skills and a mathematical maturity. The curriculum is continually updated to take advantage of new research findings and advances in technology and methodology. This program offers students many advantages:

  • Current and relevant technical knowledge.
  • Evening and daytime classes.
  • Flexible curriculum including internship and research options.
  • Small class sizes with a supportive atmosphere.
  • Faculty with theoretical and real-world experience and lessons.
  • Academically stimulating community.
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning environment.
  • Computer scientists are in high demand in organizations that develop or use the software.

Most companies have information technology (IT) departments or at least an IT expert on staff. Typical employers include computer companies, research and development laboratories, educational organizations, entertainment industries, aerospace contractors, financial institutions, telecommunication sector, and government agencies. Types of positions held by graduates of the Computer Information Systems program include consultant, director, analyst, operations officer, programmer, quality assurance representative, software engineer, and technical director, to name a few.

The Master of Science in Computer Science is sometimes offered off-campus at various locations, and some courses are offered in a hybrid or online format.

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