Master in Computational and Applied Mathematics


Program Description

Key facts

  • Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Type of study: Follow-up Master
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Code of the program: N0541A170008
  • Title of the program: Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Regular period of the study: 2 years
  • Cost: 4000 € per year
  • Coordinating department: Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Study branches: Applied Mathematics, Computational Methods and HPC
  • Keywords: Mathematical Modelling and HPC, Mathematical and Functional Analysis, Variation Methods and FEM, Optimization Methods, Statistics

Graduate's employment

The graduate can find his/her application in practically all areas of IT and applied mathematics, regardless of their focus.

Graduates apply not only in IT, science and research, but thanks to a certain universality of mathematics (and computer science) and learned skills to quickly adapt can apply to any field.

Many of the graduates are employed as scientific staff at the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, others work as university teachers, programmers, analysts, consultants, etc.

Graduates can continue their Ph.D. studies in Computational and Applied Mathematics or in parallel computing and HPC.


The aim of the study is to educate graduates with practical skills and basic theoretical background in applied mathematics and informatics.

Graduate of the study program "Computational and Applied Mathematics" should be able to understand and solve problems from various other fields (electrical engineering, mechanics, medicine, etc.).

Graduate's knowledge

The graduate has a broad knowledge of applied mathematics and informatics. He specializes in the use of modern methods of applied mathematics in various fields. The offer of special subjects, which are not part of state final examinations, enables students to acquire deeper knowledge in selected areas. Due to solid knowledge of applied mathematics and computer science, the graduate has all the prerequisites for flexible adaptation according to practice requirements, including research and development.

The graduate of specialization of Applied Mathematics is able to find mathematical structure in the practical problems and to create and subsequently solve relevant mathematical models, thanks to the knowledge of relations and relationships between the various branches of mathematics (especially numerical analyzes, statistics, and discrete mathematics).

The graduate of the Computing and HPC specialization is more oriented towards the efficient (parallel) implementation of mathematical methods and the use of modern computer architectures, including supercomputers.

Graduate's skills

Graduates of the study program at graduation can independently define and creatively solve a theoretical or practical problem in the field of computational and applied mathematics. Using selected theories, concepts and methods, they can solve a complex problem in a self-contained and creative manner and gain new original information.

Graduate's general competence

Graduates are able to decide independently and responsibly in new or changing contexts, taking into account wider social implications, defining assignments for professional activities, coordinating them, and bearing ultimate responsibility for their results. They have communication skills that enable them to capture the essence of the problem, summarize their opinions and describe the nature of professional problems, present their opinions to experts and the general public in at least one foreign language, usually in English.

General admission requirements: Master degree candidates

Criteria for admission

  • Bachelor degree (at least)
  • English-language ability – students, who are not native speakers may be asked to demonstrate their ability to study in English, e.g. by presenting the results of any language tests they have taken. English language ability document - minimum requirements: IELTS score 5,0; TOEFL internet-based score 62 (possibly other certificates at the same level)
  • Entrance examination (according to the Faculty Admission Procedure Rules and Conditions for Admission)

Application documents

  • e-Application form
  • Copies of graduation certificates (Diploma and Diploma Supplement or Transcript of Records)
  • Recognition document of graduation certificate - official document to say that the degree is recognized in the Czech Republic
  • Payment of Registration Fee 500 CZK per 1 study program, it is non-refundable
  • Valid visa and passport

Tuition fee

  • Tuition Fee is 4000 EUR per academic year, payable at the beginning of each academic year. It is non-refundable.
Last updated Mar 2020

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