Master in Communication and Public Relations in Tourism Companies


Program Description

Program dictated in Spanish

General information

In order to convert potential travelers into real customers it is necessary to generate quality content and products in the different channels where the customers are. This content is based on many occasions in telling stories, using the main attributes and characteristics of a tourist product or destination.

This Master focuses on training professionals who are up to date with the latest trends and good international practices in the tourism sector, in order to improve the management of communication, promotion and public relations of destinations, products and tourism services.

  • Qualification: The degree awarded by the University of Girona is an own title issued by the University of Girona Foundation, fully recognized. (* Pending approval by the UdG)
  • Duration of the Program: 1 academic year (9 months)
  • Start: October 2019

Characteristics of the Program

  • Practical application: Learn the different tools and apply tactics and strategies that help improve the management of the promotion of tourist destinations, products and services.
  • Real business perspective: Thanks to our teaching staff, made up of expert professionals in the tourism sector, the student will obtain a real and current vision of the public relations and communication departments of the most important multinationals in the tourism sector.
  • Trends: Know all the new trends and technological innovations in the field of tourism communication, and develop all the necessary skills and competencies that an expert in communication and public relations should have.
  • Specific knowledge: Acquire specific knowledge to carry out a communication project for any company using the best marketing tools, and covering the needs of any client.
  • Final Master Project: Design and develop a final Master project where the student will reflect the knowledge acquired throughout the program, and its application and practical implementation.


  • Introduction to the Tourism Sector
  • Communication in business strategy
  • Introduction to Tourist Marketing
  • Management of Social Networks in tourist environments
  • Public relations
  • Public Relations Applications
  • Management and business initiative
  • Communication and Tourism Promotion Techniques
  • Strategic Marketing of tourist destinations
  • Destinations and tourist resources
  • Tourism Innovation
  • Human Resources and Leadership
  • Final Master Project

Access Requirements

  • Official University Degree
  • Copy Passport / DNI / NIE
  • Curriculum Vitae with photography
  • Motivation letter

Professional outings

  • Communication agencies specialized in the tourism sector
  • Department of communication of official institutions
  • Communication manager in tourism companies
  • Provincial Tourism Boards
  • Tourism offices
  • Public relations and protocol departments
  • Entrepreneurs in the field of communication and marketing
  • Consultant / Tourist Advisor
  • Head of International / Institutional Relations
  • Product Manager
  • Content Manager

Labor insertion and practices

The student of this Master can perform extracurricular practices in companies voluntarily and optionally, as long as these are carried out during the program period.

The collaboration of EUROAULA with HOSCO Hospitality Connection, portal of offers of internships and job offers in the international tourism sector, provides our students with more than 2,500 international internship offers per year and more than 850 tourism companies.

Last updated Apr 2019

About the School

The EUROAULA University School of Tourism is an institution founded in the year 1987 and specialized in tourism training. Since 1997, EUROAULA is affiliated with the University of Girona, offering th ... Read More

The EUROAULA University School of Tourism is an institution founded in the year 1987 and specialized in tourism training. Since 1997, EUROAULA is affiliated with the University of Girona, offering the Degree in Tourism, the Double Degree in Tourism and Internacional Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as Masters and Postgraduate degrees. Therefore, those university studies are entirely official and recognized. Read less