Companies transmit many messages voluntarily and involuntarily. And it is this communication - linked to the human factor - where lies the difference between success and failure in the relationship of companies with the other agents involved in their activity.

The MPC provides the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully address the challenges posed by this new information society where power is, in large part, in the hands of the consumer .

The Master in Communication and Advertising Management, is formed by two higher postgraduate courses , which can be studied independently, in which case the degrees would be obtained: Higher Program in Communication Management (PSDC) and Higher Program in Advertising and Digital Environments ( PSDP) .


  • Specialized program in the field of communication and marketing that facilitates the development of professionals in Communication Management .
  • Strengthens the proactive attitude in the decision making of the Communication Department , according to the business evolution.
  • It develops the functions related to the Advertising Management of any institution, either in conventional media, or in digital media.
  • It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the field of new technologies , taking into account their implications in culture, management and business organization.

Differential Factors

Dynamic master's program and constantly updated, with a trajectory of more than 17 years in which 65 editions have been developed with the participation of more than 1,500 students, who also:

  • Provides advanced management skills
  • It is the leading business communication program in Spain.
  • It is in the process of continuous evaluation that includes simulations in real scenarios and in hostile environments.

Candidate Profile

Proactive people willing to develop a professional career in commercial business areas and generate business networking, candidates must have higher education and a satisfactory academic record, knowledge of English Business, as well as any other professional and personal merit valued by the Commission of Admissions of ESIC.

Student Profile

For the Master in Communication and Advertising Management we look for proactive people willing to develop a professional career in business areas and generate business networking.

Candidates with higher education and a satisfactory academic record, knowledge of English Business, as well as any other merit both professional and personal valued by the Admissions Commission of ESIC.

Students who want to specialize in the following areas:

  • Commercial address.
  • Business Communication Office.
  • Advertising Advertisers Departments.
  • Advertising agencies and RR.PP.
  • Direct Marketing and Promotional Agencies.
  • Media Centers. Studies, Institutes and Research Cabinets.
  • Media.
  • Consulting and Auditing Companies.
  • Institutions

Percentage of students working in different areas.


The key to the Master in Communication Management and Advertising is based on developing, in a coherent manner, a program that covers the world of business communication and advertising throughout a one-year academic course.

The groups, organized in classrooms with a small number of students, allow to contrast, discuss and analyze real cases proposed by professionals who provide the necessary knowledge to successfully complete the cases and exercises proposed.

The main characteristics that define the Master in Communication Management and Advertising are:

  • Practical works: referred to concrete seminars.
  • Module cases: more complex exercises that are resolved by presentation before the Court
  • Final presentation: an individual work that summarizes all the activity of the Master through an image and communication audit of a company, organization or institution.
  • Tutorials and personalized follow-up.
  • Special presentations and concerted visits to the media, advertising agencies and institutions.
  • Possibility of studying English or business French in parallel.
  • Use of programs in computer rooms: Microsoft Project MS for PR events, conventions, fairs, congresses and new product launches. Tom Micro for the professional treatment of media audience planning and data in Media Centers, Advertising Agencies and the main media.


The evaluation of the Master in Communication Management and Advertising is carried out continuously throughout the program to ensure the assimilation of its contents. Throughout the course you will have to pass ten evaluations individually and pass the Master's final project (the actual business project), which will represent 30% of the final grade.


Higher Program in Communication Management (PSDC)

  • Module 1: Business Management
    • Culture, values ​​and corporate strategy
    • Legal environment of communication
    • Process and function of communication in business
    • Functions and responsibilities of DirCom
    • Strategic positioning and corporate image
    • Off-line reputation management
    • The company under the new global values ​​Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Communication Ethics
  • Module 2: Expert Knowledge
  • Identification of audiences
  • Public relations
  • Internal communication
  • Communication towards special collectives
  • Protocol and applications of the institutional protocol
  • Relations with media and news agencies
  • Press cabinets
  • Lobbies and lobbyists
  • Crisis management
  • Communication auditInterpretation of economic information
  • Social networks and the new information society
  • Communication of public institutions and policies
  • Comprehensive communication plan
  • Module 3: Personnel
  • Integration session (outdoor)
  • Coaching: professional guidance and directiveLeadership management
  • Leadership skills seminars
  • Business reality (management conferences)

Superior Program of Advertising Management (PSGP)

  • Module 1: Business Management
    • Company, marketing and advertising
    • Competitive environment of advertising
    • Legal environment of advertising
  • Module 2: Expert Knowledge
  • Branding
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Services and choice of agencies / work areas
  • Recruitment and advertising contracts
  • Budgets and control
  • Audiovisual / radio production
  • Advertising creativity and applied creativity
  • Media panoramaPreview of audiences and data sources
  • Massive conventional media plan (off-line and on-line)
  • Investment, negotiation and purchasing centers
  • Sponsorship and patronage
  • Packaging and communication
  • Bartering and product placement
  • Promotional marketing
  • Direct and relational marketing
  • Digital marketing and interactive advertising
  • Module 3: Personnel
  • Integration Session (outdoor)
  • Coaching: professional orientation and directive
  • Leadership leadership
  • Leadership skills seminars
  • Tools
  • Multimedia Classroom
  • Business reality (management conferences)

Associated Rankings/>

1st Place of the Ranking of National Masters specialized in Communication of the newspaper "El Mundo".

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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