Communication Management studies offer a comprehensive approach to external and internal communication of brands, organizations and their image, by means of existing communication systems. Graduates of the program will have acquired theoretical knowledge and practical competencies in the areas of specific aspects of communication of organizations and their external and internal image (advertising, public relations, branding). They will also have acquired detailed knowledge about the range of work and competences of different units of organizations and companies from the creative industry. The educational goal of the program is to build competences connected with designing (also graphics), perceived as an important element of organizational and brand image.

The core characteristic of Communication Management studies is the focus on building a wide range of competencies in the area of communication, economy, marketing, and market processes, as well as knowledge about the media in the graduates. In the near future, the highly changeable market and media environment will result in a strong need to be oriented on innovativeness and creativity of communication, as well as goal-based management. Therefore, these competencies will allow the graduates to build a strong position in the labor market and constantly adapt to its needs.

The educational goal of the Communication Management studies is to teach the students techniques and methods of appropriate, effective and efficient communication and managing companies, organizations, and institutions. The graduates will also have acquired the skill of diagnosing disturbances in communication, as well as anticipating crises and managing them.

Communication Management graduates can work in the following professional areas:

  1. Cooperation with external customers: counseling, communication management, training (freelancer), opening their own business (advertising, public relations and/or branding agency).
  2. Working in a marketing, PR or communication management department in a company or institution
  3. Working in enterprises, companies or organizations, managing the customer relations process.
  4. Managing communication in a multicultural organization.
  5. Designing internal and external communication; designing and implementing visual communication systems.
  6. Branding and brand management.
  7. Creative industries in a broad sense (advertising and interactive agencies, social media, PR agencies, media houses, production studios, etc.)

The graduate will be prepared to hold the following functions:

  • Communication advisor for enterprises and commercial organizations;
  • Image building advisor for public people (politicians, show-business people);
  • Image building advisor for organizations and institutions;
  • Public Relations or image building department employee in various organizations;
  • Image building and efficient communication coach;
  • Designer;
  • Employee in a film or advertising producing group;
  • Interactive agency employee;
  • Developer in a company dealing with computer games and/or software;
  • Self-presentation and negotiations advisor;
  • The graduate of this specialization will also be prepared to start their own company in industries like public relations, advertising, branding, media relations, and image building.

The graduates of this program will have extensive knowledge on social communication, fundamentals of the economy and consumer behaviors, as well as vast project competences comprising the general area of image building and management in reference groups.

There will be a special emphasis on building communication competencies, teamwork, and negotiating skills, as well as techniques of effective and efficient communication. Practical skills connected with graphic designing in traditional and new media will also be a very important element of the teaching program.

Criteria for Graduation with a Master Degree of a Given Program/Major

Positive assessment of the master exam and defense of a project appropriate to the core content of studies and completed beforehand

Admission Requirements

  • Certified copies of your Bachelor Diploma,
  • Certified copies of your academic records,
  • Certified copies of your English proficiency (B2 level),
  • A digital passport photo,
  • A copy of the passport,
  • A medical certificate,
  • Confirmation of payment registration fee on University account.
  • CV,
  • Motivation letter.

Program taught in:
  • English
University of Wroclaw

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Last updated February 11, 2019
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Oct 2019
2 years
- EU candidates: 2,000 Euro for each year. Non-EU candidates: 3,350 Euro for the 1st year and 3,200 Euro for the 2nd year.
Aug 31, 2019
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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Aug 31, 2019
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