Master in Commercial Management


Program Description


Who is the course for?
The Master in Business Management is designed for professionals and university graduates, with experience in business management, who are interested in deepening the new tools and specific strategies of the commercial field.

What are your objectives?
The Master in Business Management proposes to give an efficient and effective response to the new challenges of the national and international business environment, guiding the optimization of the commercial management of any company.

Where is the training provided?
In our offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​blended or blended .

What are the requirements to access?
To access the Master in Business Management the student must have a university academic degree (bachelor, diploma or engineer).

2. Modality

The Master in Business Management is a blended and interactive program that combines online flexibility and comfort and the personal treatment of face-to-face classes. The modality is based on three fundamental axes:

Virtual campus
The virtual campus model encourages interactive contact between all program participants, whether students or teachers, which guarantees an environment in which communication circulates at all levels. Experience has shown us that the digital community created in our virtual campus encourages the debate of ideas and practical cases based on the experience of each participant. It is, in short, a meeting point open to debate about subjects of the program or current issues.


The professors and teaching advisors of the Master, with an extensive professional trajectory, are the best guarantee to complete the program successfully. In addition to being experts in their respective subjects, the pedagogical support they provide allows solving doubts and problems in a practical and inspiring way.


Another advantage of the virtual campus is its flexibility when it comes to updating and expanding information. In this sense, our campus is a living organism in which information and content are always available in an optimized and immediate way.


The student has a maximum period of three years to complete the master. Upon completion, you will obtain a double degree from EAE-Business School and the University of Barcelona-IL3. The Master has a teaching load of 60 ECTS credits (European Credits Transfer System).


1. Marketing: fundamentals and tools

01. What is marketing?

02. Marketing Strategies

03. Determinants of Marketing

04. Marketing Mix

05. Product and conditions of sale

06. Commercial distribution and distribution channel

07. Communication

2. Commercial Management and Supervision of the Sales Network

08. The new challenges of the Commercial Department

09. Introduction in commercial planning and variable analysis

10. Commercial strategic foundations

11. Commercial organization

12. Sales Forecast

13. Strategic client management

14. Introduction to Exportation

3. Management of commercial teams

15. Selection of the sales network

16. The training of sellers

17. Leadership, leadership and motivation

18. Supervision and evaluation of the sales network

19. Remuneration of the sales network

20. CRM in the direction of commercial teams

4. Organization and planning of the seller's work

28. Time management and meeting management

29. Zones and routes of sale

30. Public presentations

31. Analysis and decision making

32. Administrative processes

33. Information technology in the Commercial Department

5. Finance for Commercial Managers

34. The basic financial statements

45. Introduction to the analysis of financial statements

36. Analysis of the structure of the balance sheet and long-term solvency

37. Analysis of the income statement

38. Discounts, delinquencies and payment terms

39. Cost control and budget

Last updated Mar 2020

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EAE Business School, consciente de esta nueva realidad, apostó en el año 2007 por incluir en sus programas las metodologías formativas de Distancia Online y Semipresencial Blended. De este modo sus alumnos pueden beneficiarse de las muchas ventajas que ofrece el hecho de poder estudiar a distancia: Read less