Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy


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Program Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid - Online - Valencia

Schedule: Madrid: VS / MXJ Barcelona: VS / MXJ Valencia: VS

Qualification: Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy issued by ISEP

The Master of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to enable students to learn the appropriate technical and personal skills that every psychologist needs to develop an effective and responsible professional psychotherapeutic practice , under a cognitive behavioral approach .

The ultimate purpose of the program is, therefore, to provide students with sufficient psychotherapeutic experience and the theoretical-practical knowledge essential to safely and effectively address cases with different degrees of complexity.

Master's Program in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

  • Evaluation of psychological problems and therapeutic design.
  • The clinical interview
  • Behavioral technology
  • Cognitive psychotherapy.
  • Social skills of the psychotherapist.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in anxiety disorders.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in depressive disorders.
  • Training in social skills.
  • Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in addictions.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in couples problems.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in sexual problems.
  • Clinical Sessions / Case Studies.
  • Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy practices.
  • Final work of master.

Double Degree

With the Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, you get a double degree in 16 months with the training itinerary that best suits your area of ​​intervention. Consult with your pedagogical advisor.


Raimon Gaja. Director of the Master. Specialist in Clinical Psychology. Founder and CEO of ISEP. Author of 13 books among which stand out 'Well-being, self-esteem and happiness', with 14 editions and more than 80,000 copies sold; 'Therapy of couples' (4 editions) and 'The family well, thank you'. Teacher with more than 8,000 hours of therapy. Visiting professor at national and foreign universities.


Òscar Asorey. Psychologist. Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from ISEP. Diploma in Advanced Studies in Psychology from the Rovira i Virgili University. Coordinator of the Master in Clinical Psychology and Health of ISEP. It has numerous scientific publications.

Competences of the Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

  • You will be trained to select and correctly apply the different psychological assessment instruments and you will know how to analyze and interpret the results obtained.
  • You will obtain significant and objective data of a patient by reviewing the psychotherapeutic documentation provided.
  • You will establish explanatory and diagnostic hypotheses in relation to specific psychotherapeutic cases.
  • You will design and apply a psychotherapeutic intervention program and monitor the effectiveness of this intervention.
  • You will perform a rigorous application of psychopathological concepts in the detection, diagnosis and intervention of patients.
  • You can structure a psychotherapeutic interview.
  • You will use advanced oral and written resources, especially aimed at communicating and writing reports.
  • You will develop the skills of the psychotherapist: empathy, active listening, positive acceptance, etc.
  • You will transmit the information of the evaluation and intervention to the patient and family in an empathic, precise and well-argued manner.
  • You will master the techniques to involve the recipients of the intervention and will face and overcome the difficulties that may arise during psychotherapy.

Recipients of the Master's Degree in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

The Master is aimed at Graduates or Graduates in Psychology or Medicine and students in the last year.

Work - Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

He works as a psychologist and psychotherapist in private consultations or associations.

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