Master in Clinical Psychology


Program Description


0737701 Psychopathology – Advanced {3} [3-3]

Provides a general study of the field of psychopathology. It includes an examination of the classification, description, etiology and treatment implications of the various psychological disorders according to (DSM-V-TR). Prerequisite: none

0737201 Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis {3} [3-3]

This course is designed to train students in the application and interpretation of psychological tests. The primary focus is on the assessment of intelligence, behavior, and personality as well as on other data collection procedures and techniques in the assessment of psychopathology. Prerequisite: none

0737203 Clinical Interviewing {3} [3-3]

This course provides information on basic interviewing skills and techniques and addresses topics such as psychodiagnostic planning, assessment, and psychological report writing. It is designed to assist the student to accomplish information gathering in a concise, thorough and systematic fashion. Prerequisite: 0737201 Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis

0737204 Biological Basis of Psychopathology {3} [3-3]

This course aims at studying the physiological, neurological, and biochemical basis of psychological disorders and its therapeutic implications. Prerequisite: none

0737801 Theories of Psychotherapy {3} [3-3]

This course introduces students to major psychotherapeutic approaches and practices (psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic…. etc) along with case presentation, within the context of integrative team approach. Prerequisite: none

0737802 Strategies of Psychotherapy {3} [3-3]

This course provides an overview of psychotherapeutic perspectives, diagnosis, and intervention strategies and approaches associated with each perspective. Prerequisite: none

0737803 Group Therapy {3} [3-3]

This course focuses on general principles of traditional methods of group psychotherapy. Theoretical issues such as group dynamics, communication skills, as well as applied clinical strategies are also addressed. Prerequisite: 0737801 Theories of Psychotherapy

0737804 Family Therapy {3} [3-3]

Introduction to various theoretical models and its application to family and marital problems with a focus on how each school conceptualizes child symptomatology and develops intervention. Prerequisite: 0737801 Theories of Psychotherapy

0737702 Counseling across Life Span {3} [3-3]

Overview of major theoretical contexts and models of human development and adaptation over the lifespan. Emphasis will be on physical, biological, cognitive, and socioemotional processes by which human development problems and treatment can be understood. Prerequisite: none

0737703 Community Mental Health {3} [3-3]

Emphasis is on community approach to mental health by focusing on the emerging clinical view that emphasizes competences, intervention at the community level, and early intervention. New methods to meet community mental health needs are introduced such as crisis intervention, group treatment, consultation, and development of community resources, advocacy of social action programs, enabling the system to function better and so on. Prerequisite: none

0737101 Research Design and Statistical Methods {3} [3-3]

An examination of basic principles and issues in clinical research design and fundamental concepts in statistical models and their use in clinical research. Prerequisite: none

0737005 Contemporary Issues in Clinical Psychology {3} [3-3]

This course explores basic contemporary issues in Clinical Psychology which aims at increasing students' awareness and understanding of major controversial concepts and misconceptions regarding the nature of mental illness, its diagnosis and treatment. Topics include both scientific and professional practices and activities. Prerequisite: none

0737805 Supervision and Management of Therapeutic Centers {3} [3-3]

This course addresses concepts of administrative and technical supervision and promotes best practices in the field. It also aims at providing knowledge regarding rules, regulations, keeping records and ethics at work. Prerequisite: none

0737202 Advance psychological diagnosis and assessment {3} [3-3]

The objective of the course is to provide the student with psychological assessment skills, through a projective test studying. Such as Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Child Apperception Test, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI), Stanford Binet test, Rorschach test, Draw – AMan Test, and Draw a House-Tree-Person (H-T-P). Also training the student how to use Nero perceptual test, such as Bender-Gestalt Test. Moreover, the aim of this course is to the recognition students with neuropsychological assessment by using Luria-Nebraska Battery, as well as to recognise, the student by subjective children disorders assessment inventories such as Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC). Prerequisite: 0737201 Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis

0737809-: Psychodynamic Therapy {3} [3-3]

The objective of this course is to introduce the student to theories and methods of psychodynamic approaches to treatment, which enable the student to develop therapeutic skills, in dealing with psychological disorders and problems. In addition, this course highlights the importance of Neo-Freudian approaches with a focus on brief psychodynamic methods. Prerequisite: 0737801 Theories of Psychotherapy

0737205 Psychopharmacology {3} [3-3]

This course deals with neuropharmacological bases of psychological disorders. as well as, discusses psychopharmacological classification and effects of major psychological drugs on the patient. Furthermore, it will focus on the effectiveness of psychopharmacology in the treatment of various psychological disorders. Controversy and the between medical vs. psychological approaches to the treatment of mental disorders. Prerequisite: 0737701 Psychopathology -Advanced

0737704 Psychopathology for Children & Adolescent {3} [3-3]

The aim of this course is to recognize the student with psychological disorders and problems, which children and adolescents suffering from. And studying the different aspects of maladjustment, as well as psychotic disorders among children and adolescences. Prerequisite: 0737701 Psychopathology -Advanced

0737810 Growth Experiences {3} [3-3]

This course aims at increasing student’s self-awareness and insight into personal issues and problems. It will prepare students for sound therapeutic practices and help them avoid subjective factors into the therapeutic relationship. Prerequisite: 0737801 Theories of Psychotherapy

0737806 Practicum (1) {3} [3-3]

Prerequisite: 0737201 Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis

0737807 Practicum (2) {3} [3-3]

Supervised field experience in practice settings totaling 650 hours over a two-term period (325 hours each term). This experience is designed to help students integrate their academic, theoretical, and professional understanding while strengthening their application of assessment and intervention techniques. Prerequisite: 0737806 Practicum (1)

0737110 Thesis {9} [3-9]

Prerequisite: 0737101 Research Design & Statistical Methods. Special Requirements: Requirements passing 15 credit hours

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