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Program Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid - Valencia

Schedule: SD 2 years duration

Qualification: Master in Clinical Neuropsychology issued by ISEP

The Master in Clinical Neuropsychology broadens the perspectives of evaluation, diagnosis and intervention within the different clinical pathologies that affect the Central Nervous System and alterations and / or deterioration of cognitive and behavioral processes. This Master covers the gap between the knowledge derived from the basic neurosciences (neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, ...), the psychology of cognitive processes (attention, memory, language, gnosis, ...), the psychology of behavior- emotion and the evaluation and intervention techniques that clinicians use in their daily practice.

The practice of Clinical Neuropsychology requires a specific set of knowledge from different areas of knowledge of Psychology and Medicine that allows evaluating, diagnosing and intervening in the cognitive and neurobehavioral alterations observed in a patient with focal or diffuse brain dysfunction or damage .

The ISEP training program meets the guidelines of the Houston Conference for the accreditation of an expert psychologist in Clinical Neuropsychology . These criteria are those taken as a reference at the international level for the training of the clinical neuropsychologist.

Master's Program in Clinical Neuropsychology

  • Functional neuroanatomy and psychopharmacology.
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Neuroimaging techniques.
  • Disorders of attention and executive functions.
  • Disorders of voluntary motor control and perception.
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation I.
  • Memory disorders.
  • Language disorders
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation II.
  • Neuropsychology for children.
  • Psychological intervention in dementias.
  • Neuropsychology of systemic, multisystemic and autoimmune diseases.
  • Neuropsychology of mental disorders.
  • Methodology of neuropsychological research.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation based on evidence.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation of attentional and executive functions.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation of the perception and voluntary motor control.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation of memory.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation of language disorders: aphasias.
  • Intervention in pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Neuropsychological intervention in minimal brain dysfunction: dyslexia, dysphasia and non-verbal learning.
  • Rehabilitation of the patient in coma, vegetative state and minimal responses.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation of mental disorders: bipolar and schizophrenia.
  • Neuropsychological intervention in acquired behavioral disorders.
  • Psychological intervention in dementias.
  • Practices.
  • Final work of master.

The master includes 500 hours of hospital clinical practices, supervised by professionals of proven experience. These practices will facilitate direct contact with the professional world.


  • Recognized as of professional interest by the Madrid Association of Neuropsychology.
  • Technical-professional recognition by the Official College of Psychologists of Valencia.

The training program of the Master's Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at ISEP meets the theoretical training criteria of the COP in Madrid and Catalonia and computes 500 hours of hospital practices.

Competences of the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology

  • You will know the neuroanatomical and neurofunctional bases of the neuropsychological exploration and you will have the capacity to obtain significant and objective data of a patient by reviewing the clinical documentation provided.
  • You can perform a neuropsychological and / or neuropsychiatric evaluation , having knowledge of different psychometric instruments and exploration procedures.
  • You will be trained to characterize the pathophysiological mechanisms of a patient's cognitive or behavioral dysfunction.
  • You will know how to carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation program or cognitive-behavioral stimulation and you will monitor the effectiveness of the neuropsychological intervention.
  • You can manage a neuropsychology unit at any of the health, public or private levels.
  • You will generate research studies and you will know how to write a scientific article.
  • You will have knowledge of the public assistance network of disorders that affect the Central Nervous System.
  • You will apply the resources recognized as neuropsychological in the fields of medicine.
  • You will respect the deontological principles in the handling of the patients and in the investigation.
  • You will manage new technologies and resources to update new knowledge.
  • You will know how to work cooperatively with interdisciplinary groups, making decisions and with the knowledge of the deontological obligations of Neuropsychology.

Recipients of the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology

The Master in Clinical Neuropsychology is intended for graduates in Psychology. The prior admission process will include the curriculum, the academic record and a personal interview.

Work - Master in Clinical Neuropsychology

He works as a specialist in neuropsychology in psychiatry, neurology, education, internal medicine, in healthcare centers or as a collaborator in forensic neuropsychology.

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