Master in Chemical Engineering


Program Description

Master in Chemical Engineering


Master in Chemical Engineering

Objectives: Preparing professionals, researchers, managers and entrepreneurs required by the chemical and affiliate industries
– alimentary and consumption products industry, coatings and paintings, textile, lubricants, paper, active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceuticals, polymers, environmental treatment or fuels and energetic, between other – in the field of the Chemical Engineering profession, for the development, research, preparation of products, processes and services with especial emphasis in the industrial management and costs optimization with excellence in the application of the techniques and tools of the Chemical Engineering, even in fields in its frontiers, as biotechnology or nanotechnology, always with criteria of safety, feasibility and responsibility.

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering foresees three profiles that will develop in the alumni special competences focused on the activity:

  • Professional: to be prepared for working industry as Chemical Engineer.
  • Research: oriented to prepare a PhD.
  • Business: oriented to the creation and direction of technologically based companies.


A newest Master structure has been designed, so the students will develop with the maximum performance their
best qualities for the Chemical Engineering profession. For this:

  • The Master is structured around the project of an industrial facility, which will be carried by teams of students, improving the capacities of team working and leadership.
  • The key matters of the Master are developed in an intensive form to give support to the distinct phases of the project execution.
  • The Master’s academia work in narrow collaboration with the students.
  • There is a strong implication of the industry, so the content of the program of the Master connects with the current needs of the industry.
  • More than 50% of the Master contents are given in English, favoring the internationalization of its graduates.
  • The Master includes optional subjects that allow reinforcing the professional, business and research profiles.
  • The research profile is designed to be able to continue with the PhD studies.

Aimed at

The Master is focused on engineers and graduates in areas near to Chemical Engineering, that wish to develop advanced competences at the highest level of the profession of Chemical Engineer.


The Master in Chemical Engineering consists of 90 ECTS, structured in two semesters of 30 ECTS, plus a third semester of 30 ECTS for the realization of the Master Thesis, which will be exposed in a public session.


€180 ECTS (year 2012/13).

Special terms of access and matriculation are reserved for IQS graduates.

Student Profile

Candidates must apply for admission to the Enrolling Commission of the Master, crediting his qualification with his professional resume, if considered appropriate.

In general, according to the degree of access, the recognition of credits and the requirements of training complements for Spanish degrees are:

  • Degree in Chemical Engineering: requires no training complements.
  • Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, specializing in Chemistry: require no training complements. Credits completed during official studies providing competences equivalent to those of the Master are recognised.
  • Degree in Chemistry, Engineering Degree in Industrial Technology: up to 30 ECTS of the matters of the degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Degree in Chemistry and Industrial Engineering: up to 30 ECTS of the matters of the Degree in Chemical Engineering. Credits completed during official studies providing competences equivalent to those of the Master are recognised.
  • Technical Industrial Engineering in Industrial Chemistry: 30 ECTS of the matters of the Degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Other degrees, including international candidates: the Enrolling Committee of the Master study each case and prepare the content of training supplements to be made by the candidate, if necessary.

Training Supplements established in the admission process are not a part of the Master in Chemical Engineering of the Universitat Ramon Llull. They may be made at any university which can guarantee the contents of the matters and the achievement of the required competencies.

IQS can provide specific courses for the most common training supplements.

Overcoming personalized training supplements for each student must be accredited before the start of the Master.

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2019
3 semesters
Full time
180 EUR
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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