Master in Chemical Engineering


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Program Description

Master in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering -- a comprehensive discipline for the 21st Century

The chemical engineering integrates the knowledge of math, physics, chemistry and biology into a versatile engineering framework, a truly interdisciplinary study that will provide students with a foundation for careers in diverse professions in the 21st Century. Of all the engineering departments at POSTECH, this is the only one in which chemistry and biology are integrated into the core curriculum, and as such, a unique training which prepares the students for a career in both process engineering as well as product engineering.

The chemical engineering department provides an integrative discipline. The program has combined chemical process engineering, polymer S&E, biotech, electronics materials, environmental engineering from the very beginning while these form separate departments in many existing universities.

The tradition of excellence

Within several years of its founding, the department emerged as one of the foremost chemical engineering departments in the nation in terms of faculty competence, laboratory research facilities, and student quality.

When, in the early 1990s, the government initiated an ambitious program of establishing centers of excellence in universities, POSTECH garnered five, two in the chemical engineering department, an unprecedented achievement.

The Automation Center and the Catalysis Center acted as the anchor for much of the departmental research activities for many years. In 1995, the government awarded POSTECH a multi-year grant to found the Environmental Engineering School for which the chemical engineering faculty played the key role. These Centers and the School have served to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate education as well as quality research in wide-ranging research frontiers.

Career opportunities of the graduates

In addition to the traditional chemical process industries that are the nation's industrial backbone, diverse career choice awaits the graduates. The chemical engineering training prepares one for careers in: Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Health Care, Food Processing, Specialty Chemicals, Polymers, Biotechnology, Environmental Industries, Information Technology.

Last updated Jan 2018