Master in Characterization and FX: Film and TV


Program Description

In the Master in Characterization and FX: Film and TV you will be trained in depth in the specific work processes of this discipline, as well as you will know the dynamics of the audiovisual sector.

The Master in Characterization and FX: Film and TV is the training you need to enter the professional world of FX makeup that is currently demanded by the audiovisual, film and TV sector.

This master's degree, developed jointly with the Centro Sperimentale de Cinematografia, is an academic program whose purpose is to create highly qualified professionals for costume design. This master's degree aims to provide the student with a global knowledge of the areas of characterization, learning the work processes and understanding of the audiovisual sector. At the end of the master's degree, the student will be prepared to distinguish the artistic means and develop his work as a professional make-up artist.


The course is taught through face-to-face classes .

80% of the total classes must be attended to obtain the degree.


January 2021 - April 2021


The master's degree includes attendance at IMATS in London that will take place during the month of May (dates subject to change due to the Covid-19 situation). IMATS is the most prestigious FX makeup and characterization fair in the world. During two days you will attend masterclasses, demonstrations or workshops of the most recognized professionals in the industry.

On set

Professional outings

With the Master in Characterization and FX: Film and Television you will be able to dedicate yourself professionally to:

  • All kinds of audiovisual productions for film and television.
  • Makeup of actors and actresses in audiovisual productions, plays and shows
  • Creation of fantastic characters for audiovisual productions and plays
  • Special effects make-up artist in film productions
  • Posting Specialist
  • Prosthesis specialist for characterization
  • Specialist in maintenance and conservation of specific characterization and special effects materials
  • Hairdressing specialist for audiovisual productions, plays and shows


  • Module I: Introduction to characterization
  • Module II: Creation of stage and film characters
  • Module III: Posticería
  • Module IV: Film Makeup
  • Final work of master
  • Financial aid

International training experience

In today's world of work, having international training and experience is key to guaranteeing a successful future. This master offers an international training experience that will allow you to obtain a much broader vision of the sector.

International training in London

The international master's program takes place in London, where we will attend IMATS, the most prestigious makeup and FX characterization fair, attending workshops, masterclasses and demonstrations by the most recognized professionals in the industry. Payment for the master's degree includes international training experience in London.

Access and financing of the master

What do I have to do to be admitted to the Master of Characterization and FX?

Step 1: Prepare CV, motivation letter and portfolio

CV maximum 2 pages, motivation letter maximum 1 sheet, portfolio maximum 4 pages and 2MB.

* If you do not have experience, do not worry, there are many other factors to make the decision to be admitted.

Step 2: Interview with the director of the master

It is mandatory to be admitted (can be done by phone or Skype).

Step 3: Reserve your place

In case you want to secure a place in the master, we recommend making the reservation payment of € 300. In case of not being admitted, the full amount of the reservation will be refunded. You can make the reservation by transfer or by online payment.

Step 4: Admission

Within a maximum period of 5 days, we will inform you if you have been admitted to the master's degree.

Step 5: Follow up

Our admission team will contact you regularly to carry out the following steps regarding the final enrollment in the master's degree.

Economic options

  • For active professionals, the course can be subsidized by the State Foundation for Employment Training (formerly Tripartite ).
  • By making the cash payment of the master's degree you benefit from a 3% discount (cumulative discount).
  • If you are or have been a student of Barreira A + D in any official degree you will have a 15% discount.
  • If you are self-employed you can benefit from a 5% discount (not cumulative).
  • Possibility of making the payment of the master in three installments .
  • Scholarship "tutor" (30%) and scholarship to merit (15%) (subject to the criteria of the director and the center).

Financing for you

We have a BBVA Study Loan agreement * through which you can finance your studies in the Barreira A + D master's degree in characterization and fx. With this system, students decide when to return the amount borrowed. As in the Anglo-Saxon model, you will only pay at the end of your studies, when you find a job, or when you choose. We take care of managing a customized financing for you.

* Financing conditions subject to the approval of the bank. We recommend requesting more information in this regard from Barreira A + D.

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Elegir estudiar en Barreira A+D es elegir entrar un ambiente diferente, diverso, creativo; un ambiente donde puedes ser quien tú quieras, porque alumnos y profesores no solo respetan la diferencia, sino que se estimula la construcción de la personalidad, el talento y la voz propia. Read less