Master in Business Management (MBM) Entrepreneurship & Innovation


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Program Description

The Master of Business Management (MBM) is a 3-semester program designed to build upon your existing undergraduate studies enabling you to pursue a broader range of careers in business. Consisting of courses in finance, international marketing, management accounting, operations, ethics, organizational behavior and human resources, the program prepares you to excel in an ever-evolving and international workplace.

All courses are taught in English, with a range of teaching methodologies which are reminiscent of undergraduate teachings such as presentations and group projects coupled with real-world examples and case studies. The program provides a scope for greater specialization, with a precise academic and theoretical framework designed to help you become an expert in international management. This allows you to apply to more specialized roles and offers better preparation for a Ph.D. program in the future.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are successful because they can quickly understand complex situations that require them to plan and make strategic decisions, and work on a multitude of business ideas and projects at the same time. They have a solid understanding of marketing design and implementation. Being able to develop business ideas simultaneously requires an ability to determine and understand important details, pinpoint alternatives and continuously evaluate and review business processes. A characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they have the ability to fully devote and commit themselves to achieving their long term business objectives and goals, and that this energy is also directly translated into the short term objectives.

An entrepreneur requires the ability to manage through leading and motivating people. This can occur in business startups and project launches, but also in times of change and innovation. The entrepreneur will understand the need for good communication skills and have a good understanding of society, economics and sustainability. The entrepreneur will have the skills of selling ideas and products, winning commitment and presenting and executing business plans. Understanding the need for stable and solid management within a company – large or small – is important. An entrepreneurial business person in modern day Europe needs to be able to communicate with people across the continent and across the world, and requires the ability to understand the effects of national and international governments on the business ventures they are involved in. Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs require the ability to look at problems and risks from a holistic view point and find solutions and manage risk through innovation.

Examples of courses:

  • Marketing Management
  • International Corporate Sustainability
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship
  • Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

Last updated Feb 2020

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Together with Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, New European College offers one of the most modern and forward-thinking approaches to business education in Germany, with Bachelor, Master and ... Read More

Together with Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, New European College offers one of the most modern and forward-thinking approaches to business education in Germany, with Bachelor, Master and MBA programs fully taught in English. The academic combination of a research-based approach to education, real world mandatory project weeks and continuous evaluation ensures that students achieve highest level of sustainable employability in the 21st century world of business. We combine the virtues of the Dutch’s contemporary and practical approach to business education with the modern American model of small classes and real-world academics. In the sea of formulaic business schools, we stand out. By unleashing our students’ individual strengths, we prepare them to outperform in the business world. Our students’ sustained success is our passion and purpose. Read less
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