Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data


Program Description

ENAE Business School Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data enables students in the practical application of new technologies associated with the Big Data phenomenon and in modern predictive analysis and data visualization tools.

Developed based on five areas, it provides students with a global vision in this era oriented to data and information management:

  • Data management
  • Business Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Leadership and management skills


Who is it for?

In today's knowledge and information society, the profile of this type of professionals is demanded by more and more companies. Hence, the master is aimed at professionals who wish to reinforce and expand their knowledge and abilities in business intelligence to assume direction and leadership in areas of strategy, as well as professionals who want to reorient their career towards the modern and novel profession of the scientist of data.

What is the Blended Mode?

The Blended modality combines interactive online learning periods with face-to-face sessions at our headquarters in Murcia. It is the result of merging the best of both modalities to provide our students with a unique, flexible and interactive educational format, in which you can create contacts from different sectors and geographical areas.

Online training phase

The online periods are made up of live videoconferences, multimedia content, interactive forums and activities on our virtual campus.

Face-to-face phase

During this phase, personal contact is established with the teaching staff and the other classmates in the group. The professors who make up the faculty of the program will carry out theoretical / practical sessions, with participants having the opportunity to exchange experiences and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired, in addition to expanding their networking network with the rest of the ENAE students.

The face-to-face sessions will take place once a month on a full Friday and Saturday morning schedule.


  • Provide knowledge about processes and technologies designed to optimize and improve the performance of a company, with a special focus on Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Prepare before the challenges of the Big Data phenomenon, its foundations, associated technologies and the ideal way to tackle Big Data projects by companies.
  • Enable in the use of predictive analysis tools and Data Science
  • Understand all the possibilities and advantages of data management and analysis for companies.


Internship program

Our work internship program offers you the possibility to boost your career and acquire new skills in various companies in the sector. With ENAE you can complete your training with the unique experience of working in a European company.


In ENAE we have developed an active methodology with which we alternate concepts, techniques and methods of analysis in the development of practical cases applicable to the real company. We encourage teamwork to obtain greater professional experiences of teachers and students.

Business plan

During your Final Master Project, ENAE puts at your disposal qualified consultants in the field of Economics and Finance. Expert teachers and professionals will help you interpret and apply your training to make your final project a success.



  • Data Science and Big Data fundamentals
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Tools for Data Science I. Introduction to Python
  • Dashboards and Reporting. Data Visualization
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Tools for Data Science II. Introduction to R
  • Workshop Analysis of Sentiment applied to Social Networks
  • Workshop Azure Machine Learning
  • Spatial Analytical Workshop
  • Big Data Paradigm
  • 360 Marketing Workshop. Loyalty-Abandonment Models
  • Recommendation Systems Workshop
  • Workshop People Analytics
  • Challenges in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Fintech Workshop
  • Open Data Workshop
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse based on Relational Database Management Systems
  • Statistical Foundations for Data Science

Aid Geographic Mobility

ENAE facilitates the approach to its training programs to professionals residing in Spain in locations that, due to their remoteness or difficult connection, condition the possibility of carrying out a face-to-face program in our facilities.

For this, ENAE will finance the stay of Friday night in bed and breakfast, for those students who take a Master or course of more than 100 hours in their facilities and whose teaching takes place on Friday and Saturday. Students will have to prove to be residents in the established areas (*) accrediting it according to the means specified for the purpose.

(*) Established areas: All those towns that are at a distance greater than 80 km from Murcia capital.

Last updated Apr 2020

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