Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health

University of Oviedo

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Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health

University of Oviedo

Master of Biotechnology Environment and Health

The Master in Biotechnology Environment and Health is a multidisciplinary proposal destined to broaden knowledge in the biotechnological applications related to the environment and health. In particular, the MBEH concentrates on the study of the effects of environmental changes on health, a powerful subdiscipline of the newly arisen subject called environmental health.

The study program has been designed to give to the students solid knowledge in the basic scientific and technical principles of biotechnology applied to the analysis of the chemical and biological risks that affect the environment and health. The early detection, the prevention and the evaluation of risks, together with the use of modern biotechnological techniques for the preservation of the environment and health, make up the core of the masters.

The course also includes instruction in management and marketing of biotechnology, on the intellectual and industrial property, environmental laws, as well as professional skills and ethical principles with regard to biotechnological activities.

The course will be mainly in English with some relevant parts of Spanish. The complete Master's program is organized in two years for those students who are interested in obtaining a doctorate degree and for those who wish to follow a professional career with a biotechnological profile.


Graduates in Biotechnology or in related disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Pharmacy and Medicine, amongst others, who wish to acquire training as professionals in the field of Biotechnology, or who are interested in continuing their education in a doctorate program (the first year is enough in the latter case for Spanish "licenciados").

Professionals from different fields interested in widening their knowledge about biotechnological applications related to the environment and health.


The Master in Biotechnology Environment and Health – (MBEH) has a mixed research and/or professional character. The main characteristic of the MBEH is the strengthening of synergies between traditionally separate fields:

  1. Between experimental, applied and social sciences, thanks to its pronounced interdisciplinary character.
  2. Between students of different backgrounds, from Asturias, the rest of Spain and abroad, also thanks to the double title and ample international collaborations.
  3. Between the University, private companies and society in general, thanks to modules carried out in private companies, the valuable participation of the The European Center for Business and Innovation (CEEI) of the Principado de Asturias, with wide and recognised experience in the formation of biotech companies and the numerous businesses in which the students can carry out work/project placements.

The MBEH is a multidisciplinary proposal destined to extend knowledge on biotechnological applications related to the environment and health. Special emphasis is put on the study of how changes in the environment can affect health, a powerful recently emerged subdiscipline known as environmental health. Without leaving aside the scientific foundations and the research and development possibilities that this field offers, the masters is oriented to the professionalization of the students given that practical aspects, such as the early detection, the evaluation of toxic risks, and the biotechnological applications useful for the conservation of the environment and health are preferentially addressed. More specifically, in the second year, special relevance is given to formation in the creation and management of biotech companies, legal aspects, and intellectual property, etc, in the biotechnological and environmental scope, in order to contribute to increasing the student’s entrepreneurship and self-employment possibilities.

The BEH Master is directed towards students who have completed a Biotechnology degree as well as to graduates and professionals in related fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, among others. The practical interest of either of the two subjects separately, i.e., health and the environment, together with a social sensitivity that they awaken, are well known but in this Master´s we attempt to study both aspects simultaneously in what they have in common and how one affects the other.


This Master seeks to confer the following characteristics to its successful candidates:

  • Profile: researcher, professional or entrepreneur depending on the enterprise according to the formative route chosen.
  • Capacity to develop in international professional surroundings
  • Specialization in scientific/ technical intervention in topics related to the environment and health
  • Multidisciplinary knowledge of the biotechnological applications in the environmental and sanitary fields
  • Capacity to debate in scientific, technical, institutional, commercial and industrial surroundings
  • Multiculturalism and languages
  • Capacity to take the initiative and make decisions

Consequently, the graduates will be apt to carry out the following types of tasks:

  • Environmental consultant and risk evaluation.
  • Development and optimization of biotechnological solutions.
  • The direction of multidisciplinary projects and teams.
  • Creation and management of biotech companies.
  • Teaching and research in biotechnology, environment, and biomedicine.

MBEH characteristics

Multidisciplinary tuition: A wide variety of specialist lecturers from both the university and private sectors.


Double Master's title from the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France) and the Universidad de Oviedo for students who study one academic year in each of the two institutions. Fellowships will be available.

Double Master's title will be awarded to students from Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) and the Universidad de Oviedo who study two semesters (first and fourth in the origin University and second and third in the partner University) in each of the two participating institutions.

Double Master's title will be awarded to students from Universita di Bologna (Italy) and Universidad de Oviedo who study one academic year in each of the two institutions.

Double Master's title will be awarded to students from Universidad de Oviedo who study the second academic year at University of Cranfield (UK).

  • Bilingual teaching in Spanish (30%) and in English (70%).
  • Lecturers from foreign universities and research centers (6 countries and two continents).
  • Agreements with various foreign universities with regard to placements.

Research and professional formation

  • Sound knowledge of the scientific/technical principles of Biotechnology.
  • Practical orientated training in risk evaluation, environmental conservation, and health.
  • Practicals and Master´s projects in public and private facilities.

Promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment

The formative module in intellectual property, legal aspects, and creation and management of bio-companies (In collaboration with the Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación –CEEI– of the Principado de Asturias).

Living in Oviedo

Oviedo is the capital city of Principality of Asturias (Northern Spain). The Old Town is full of pretty plazas and narrow streets, with a rich cultural and artistic legacy. The City is very clean (voted as one of the cleanest cities in Spain for many years), safe and everything is accessible on foot.

Located on the northern coast of Spain, Asturias is one of those amazing places that often gets overlooked for the sunnier, warmer destinations of the south, yet has so much to offer the visitor.

While in Oviedo you are only at 25-minute bus ride from Gijon on the coast, and lots of fishing villages for great seafood. You can go skiing in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon. It is a hikers paradise, tons of mountain walking routes to do and so on.

Some international travelers and students comments will help you to make up your opinion about us.

During your stay in Oviedo, you might be interested in learning or improving your Spanish knowledge. La Casa de la Lenguas will offer you the opportunity to do it.

We can also help you to find suitable accommodation and in general to plan your stage with us.

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