Master in Biomaterials


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Program Description

  • Type of education: Face-to-face.
  • Number of new entry places offered: 40
  • Total credits: 60
  • Languages taught: Spanish.
  • Guide price: € 45.02 per credit.
  • Master's Scholarship: see relevant information here .


The University Master's Study Plan seeks to delve into the design of biomaterials in order to be at the forefront of innovation in this discipline of maximum popularity today. The main objective is to provide students with the latest training in Biomaterial Science that will prepare them for their future career opportunities, both in research and in industry.

This multidisciplinary Master will provide the basic principles and the most advanced knowledge of biomaterials, their properties and their applications. The program aims to emphasize the design of biomaterials, their synthesis, characterization, their surface properties and biocompatibility, ethical issues, nanomaterials, etc., with the aim of deepening the scope of this sector.

The Master includes compulsory Internships in Companies that will provide the student with an excellent opportunity to get to know first-hand companies or research centers in the sector. Likewise, the completion of the Master's Thesis, also compulsory, will allow students to participate in cutting-edge research work, as well as their incorporation into renowned research groups.



The Master is organized following a mixed structure in modules and subjects:

  • Basic Training Module: 30 compulsory ECTS.
  • Specialized Training Module: 6 optional ECTS.
  • External Practices: 12 compulsory ECTS.
  • Master's Final Project: 12 compulsory ECTS The student must take a total of 60 ECTS: 5 compulsory subjects, 1 optional, Internships in Companies and Master's Final Project.

There is no definition for itineraries, so students will be able to take their elective credits by choosing among the optional subjects offered, depending on their training needs and future professional orientation.


The University Master's Degree in Biomaterials is intended for graduates and graduates in Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and related degrees to this Master's degree that guarantee the basic knowledge necessary for the completion of the degree. In particular, to be able to access the Master's Degree, it is necessary to have previously completed Chemistry subjects. In any case, the Master's Coordination Commission will determine if the students have the appropriate academic profile to access it.

Why study this master?

Currently, there is a great demand and need to train specialist professionals in this field, with a great capacity to develop new and advanced biomaterials that meet the expectations of the sector. This Master's Degree in Biomaterials offers a multidisciplinary training that aims to provide a solid training that allows graduates to carry out their research activity both in the academic sector and in companies in the area.

Admission requirements for masters

Non-enabling university masters

  • Be in possession of any of the following titles:
    • Spanish official university degree.
    • Title issued by an institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and empowering in the country of issue for access to Master's education.
    • Title of educational systems outside the EHEA that empowers in the country of issuance for access to Master's education, homologated or declared equivalent to the degree and academic level of Degree or Degree by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training . In case of lacking the mentioned homologation or equivalency, it will be necessary to have authorization or access permission granted by this University.
  • Or be carrying out during the course in which you pre-enroll studies leading to the obtaining of any of the previous degrees and be in a position to prove the obtaining of the same before September 30, 2020 .
  • In addition, students from foreign educational systems, whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, must prove level B2 of the Spanish language (or higher) .
  • Specific requirements that any of the requested masters may have. You can consult it by accessing the website of the Master itself.
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