Master in Big Data Science (1st semester - online ready)


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Program Description

Scholarships for the best candidates

Candidates who have achieved at least 80% of the points from the entry test will have have the possibility to apply for the "Scholarship for the Best Candidates".

Following the application process, the student will need to take part in an online test, which will be taken under consideration for the scholarship.

The awarded candidates are chosen based on a ranking system.

The candidates, who were granted a scholarship will be informed about it at the latest on July 31st.

The Master in Big Data Science is a two-year program conducted in English, which is held in collaboration with industry experts from global companies. The studies simultaneously prepare students to work in big data in the finance field. Aside from extensive finance knowledge, practical technical skills will be taught, such as identifying, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and transforming data in order to face the big data challenges in the financial world. Furthermore, new trends in both areas will be presented, from venture capital to cloud computing.

  • The attained expertise will allow graduates to handle business processes from data capture over to processing and visualization, enabling them to participate in the decision-making process whether from a strategic or financing standing point by applying their problem-solving abilities and outside the box thinking. As a result, they will have the widest career opportunities in all areas.
  • Become a Data Scientist with a Microsoft Certificate. Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft on the Big Data Science program, our students will have the opportunity to participate in a special Microsoft workshop, which will make it possible to pass the Microsoft certificate exam. Microsoft will also provide scholarships for the best students, which will waive the examination fee!

Partners of the program:

131814_DoubleDegrees04.png Available Major on the program

During the first semester of studies, students have the possibility of choosing the Health Economics & Big Data Analytics major. In this case, the graduate will receive a master's degree in Big Data Science with a major in Health Economics & Big Data Analytics.

What you gain from your studies

  • This innovative international Master program offers you hands-on experience of Business Analytics in collaboration with global companies across various industries, in a European country known for its technological know-how.
  • This full-time international Master program enables you to build your career in applied data analytics, an area of high demand in top companies worldwide.
  • Enhance your profile with excellent analytical skills, in order to facilitate the decision-making process.
  • Extend your knowledge and skills within your area of interest through a number of elective courses.
  • Improve your command of professional terminology not only in finance but also in the age of digitalization.
  • Prepare yourself for further personal and professional development.

Career opportunities after your studies

  • Big Data Analytics Manager
  • Data Solutions Architect
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Financial Market Analyst
  • Analytics Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • A specialist in any department of a company where knowledge of finance and big data is a must
  • An employee of a financial department in an international corporation or a financial institution
  • Data Scientist
  • Researcher

Study Resources

Students have access to multiple study resources allowing them to collect all the necessary information for solving practical business problems as well as to dwell into academic science. The University provides access to a plethora of databases, including Reuters, BankScope, EMIS, Infinancials, etc. (a complete list can be found here), which represents an essential toolkit for business analysis. Academic databases such as ScienceDirect, ProQuest, JSTOR, etc. allow tracking the most recent research findings in the domains of economics and finance. Thanks to a special agreement, KU students have access to the published materials of "Financial Times" (including articles, webcasts, business data, and interactive graphics), which provides unparalleled international exposure and essential multidisciplinary knowledge of global politics and finance.

Being a highly positioned academic institution, Kozminski University puts a strong emphasis on rigorous research aimed at gaining new insights into business and economics through the application of refined methodology. KU staff publishes prolifically in prestigious peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Emerging Markets Review, etc.

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General Courses

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Building Research Models in R
  • Elements of Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference
  • Introduction into VBA in Quantitive Analysis
  • Statistical Hypothesis and Properties Using R
  • Analysis of Financial Data Relationships
  • Linear Regressions in Analysis
  • Construction and Exploration of Databases
  • Methods of Data Cleaning and Aggregation
  • Oracle for Creation of Databases
  • Development of Project Management Skills with Negotiation Elements
  • Financial Corporate Reporting

Major Courses

  • Analysis of Financial Markets
  • Advanced Analysis of Financial Markets
  • Bayesian Financial Analysis
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Financial Economics with Macroelements
  • Introduction into Reuters, Bloomberg, and Other Databases
  • Introduction into R, SAS, Matlab, and Mathematica
  • Introduction into Hadoop
  • Data Processing in the Cloud
  • Data Security
  • Financial Data Mining
  • Methods of Multidimensional Data Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Simulations Using R
  • Making Big Data Analytics Interactive, Using PowerPivot, SharePoint, Tableau and MicroStrategy
  • Methods of Data Visualization and Reporting, Using MO and Tableau

Elective Courses

  • Panel Data Analysis
  • Analysis of Time-Series Data
  • Simulations and Predictions
  • Financial Data Optimization
  • Elementary of Text Mining on Financial Markets
  • Web mining
  • Social Media
  • Venture Capital Funding
  • Hacker Culture
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Operations Research
  • Marketing Research
  • Economic Research
  • Using Python
  • Using SQL
  • Using SAS

Class Schedule

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission Requirements

Admission for full-time and part-time Master programs at Kozminski University is based on 2 criteria: GPA on your previous studies and results of an online entry test. The maximum score is 100 points - 50 points for the test and 50 for GPA. Candidates who scored at least 60 points from both criteria will be qualified for the program.

Required Documents

Application for full time and part-time Master's programs at Kozminski University must include:

  • Application form - complete the form online, print and sign
  • Original Bachelor/Master degree diploma or notarized copy and transcript of records
  • 1 signed passport photograph
  • Copy of the national ID or a passport
  • CV in English
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee (non-refundable)
  • A certificate confirming proficiency in English (you can be exempted from submitting an English proficiency certificate only if your High School Diploma confirms that English is your only language of instruction or English is your mother tongue) - e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, CEIBT issued by the University of Cambridge; IELTS (>=6.0 points); TOEFL IBT (>=87 points); TOEIC (at least 700 points from the test); LCCI (English for Business level 2, 3, 4); London Test of English certificates (PEARSON) - level 3, 4, 5 (certificates Edexcel). Polish citizens who did their previous studies in English or who scored at least 95% on the basic level or 80% in the extended level from the English Language at the Polish Matura can be excluded from submitting an English proficiency certificate.

All documents issued in foreign languages should be translated into Polish or English by a sworn translator. We process applications from the 4th of February until August (applications from non-EU citizens) and from the 4th of February until the end of September (applications from EU-citizens). Applications received afterward will be kept on file and processed within the next application period.

The admission fee for all Master programs delivered in English is 100 PLN.

Payment of the admission fee should be made to the following bank account:

Name of the bank: Pekao S.A. II o/Warszawa
Address: Grzybowska 53/57, Warszawa
Bank account number: 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637

Candidates from foreign countries

Foreigners who need a visa to study in Poland are additionally required to make payment of tuition for one full year of studies before we can issue documents necessary in the visa application process i.e. invitation to come to Poland and the admission decision. Admission commission issues a conditional acceptance letter including individual account number to which the payment should be transferred in Polish Złoty (PLN) calculated according to the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland ( In case the candidate is denied a visa tuition is returned. The admission fee is non-refundable.

In case of visa, accommodations, and other daily issues please contact our Students Support and Service Center.

Tuition and Fees

  Year I Year II
Tuition per semester paid in full (PLN) 11900 PLN 12500 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments (PLN) 5 x 2400 PLN 5 x 2520 PLN
Tuition per semester paid in full (EUR) 2770 EUR* 2910 EUR*
Tuition per semester in 5 installments (EUR*) 5 x 560 EUR* 5 x 590 EUR*
Non-refundable admission fee: 100 PLN/24 EUR*    

Exchange rates according to NBP table of 2020-02-03: 1 EUR = 4,301 PLN

Prices in PLN are applied. If you pay in EURO or USD please note that payments in EUR and USD are recalculated into PLN according to the exchange rate of Millennium Bank based on the day of receipt of payment to the Kozminski University bank account.

The first semester of the program is ONLINE ready if needed the classes can be conducted in a virtual environment.

Last updated Jun 2020

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