Master in Audiovisual Script Writing


Program Description

  • Modality: Face-to-face and Online
  • Language: Catalan and Spanish
  • Price: € 4,000
  • Price outside the EU: € 4,000
  • Start date: October 2020
  • Duration in years: 1 year (60 ECTS)
  • End date: June 2021
  • Pre-registration
    • First period: May. Second period (if there are places available): from June 15
  • Professional orientation
  • Schedule:
  • Monday to Friday, from 4 to 8 p.m.
  • Part-time enrollment: yes
  • Places: 25 face-to-face and 25 online
  • External practices: Compulsory
  • Observations: Master pending approval
  • Participating institutions: UB, UDL, Associated Scriptwriters of Catalonia (GAC)

The master can be taken part-time online.

Training to be a professional screenwriter

The Master in Audiovisual Script Writing helps students become screenwriters capable of writing beautiful and well-built stories, promoting and enhancing the creative capacities and the own voice that each creator has.

The master prepares students to work on audiovisual fiction, documentary and / or entertainment programs. It offers comprehensive training that gives students the skills necessary to successfully pursue a professional career.

In order to cover all the needs of our students, there is the possibility of taking the master's degree in the classroom mode and also in the online format.

Learn by writing

The Master is based on the "learning by doing" methodology. In our case, learn by writing.

This is a fundamental point. The art of the script needs some theoretical knowledge that is essential, but excellence is only achieved with the writing, analysis and rewriting of the scripts, just as it happens in the professional world.

In this sense, the students have at all times the master's degree, the supervision AND the accompaniment of a teaching staff made up of scriptwriters with recognized careers and university professors specialized in the audiovisual field.

A faculty consisting of professional screenwriters and university teachers

The Master in Audiovisual Script Writing is a joint project of the University of Barcelona, the University of Lleida and the GAC, the professional association of screenwriters in Catalonia.

The teachers are scriptwriters with extensive professional experience and university professors from two prestigious university centers.

Internships in audiovisual companies of reference

A central element of the master's degree are the mandatory practices in leading audiovisual production companies and companies: TV3, Absolute Minority, Arca TV (Filmax), Somos Bat a Bat, ETC.

It would be nice to be able to put the logos. Students better recognize logos, with an equal dropdown. Or the link to the companies' website.

A master's degree to start a professional career with force

The main professional opportunities for the master are as a fiction scriptwriter, for entertainment programs, documentary scriptwriter, script editor, script analyst, being part of the content department of a production company, advertising creative, content manager, etc.

All those who have a university degree can opt for the master. It may especially interest graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Fine Arts, Philology and other studies related to audiovisual and literary creation.

Teaching Program


The main philosophy of The Master in Audiovisual Script Writing is to learn by writing scripts. In this sense, all subjects are practical, without forgetting the theoretical contents, essential to successfully face audiovisual writing.

80% of the subjects are compulsory. The remaining 20% is optional, allowing each student to design a study plan according to their needs and interests.

It is worth highlighting the three short film script workshops, where students will work in groups of five students, always with the same teacher-tutor. The workshops will take place throughout the course. In this way, students will be able to self-evaluate the learning process.

The evaluation of the subjects is continuous from the exercises and works that each teacher will have designed.

With the TFM (Final Master's Project) each student will write an audiovisual project with the support of a tutor. The master will provide students with the necessary contacts so that they can present their projects to production companies or professional pitchings.

An essential element of the Master is internships in leading audiovisual companies. Each student must complete 112.5 hours of compulsory practice.

Practical information

In total, 60 credits must be taken to achieve the degree.

Price: 4,000 €

Completion dates: October 2020 - June 2021

48 credits are compulsory: 39 credits correspond to compulsory subjects, 4.5 credits to practices and 4.5 credits to the Master's Final Project.

The remaining 12 credits, up to 60 credits, correspond to electives.


First semester Second semester
  • The narrative applied to the audiovisual script (3 ob. Credits)
  • Universal story patterns applied in script writing (3 credits ob.)
  • The argumentation and the exhibition applied to the audiovisual script (3 credits ob.)
  • The creativity. Generation of ideas for writing scripts (3 credits or ob.)
  • From story line to treatment (3 credits ob.)
  • Short film script workshop I (1 ob. Credit)
  • Audiovisual fiction genres (3 ob. Credits)
  • Scene and Sequence Writing (3 Credits ob.)
  • Character Creation (3 Ob. Credits)
  • The writing of the dialogues (3 credits ob.)
  • Literary adaptation (3 credits ob.)
  • Short Film Script Workshop II (1 Ob. Credit)
  • The script in the audiovisual industry (2 ob. Credits)
  • Script sales strategies and audiovisual projects (2 ob. Credits)
  • The Script Analyst (2 Ob. Credits)
  • Elective 1 (3 opt. Credits)
  • Elective 2 (3 opt. Credits)
  • Short Film Script Workshop III (1 ob. Credit)
  • Elective 3 (3 opt. Credits)
  • Elective 4 (3 opt. Credits)
  • Final master's project (4.5 ob. Credits)
  • Internship (4.5 credits ob.)

Optative subjects

  • Current trends in fiction, documentary and entertainment (3 credits)
  • The script for interactive, multimedia and transmedia content (3 credits)
  • The writing of television series. From the miniseries in the soap opera (3 credits)
  • Film script writing (3 credits)
  • Comedy Fiction Script Writing (3 Credits)
  • Writing the docudrama script (3 credits)
  • The writing of the documentary script (3 credits)
  • Script writing in humorous formats (3 credits)
  • Script writing for entertainment programs and formats (3 credits)


  1. Develop adequate knowledge of audiovisual discourses and apply it to script writing.
  2. Identify the characteristics of the different audiovisual genres and formats and their implications in audiovisual writing.
  3. Write characters, scenes and sequences and dialogues for scripts in all kinds of audiovisual formats.
  4. Develop creative skills applied to script writing from a deep understanding of audiovisual culture.
  5. Analyze the role of the script in the audiovisual industry.
  6. Create audiovisual fiction, non-fiction or entertainment projects, considering their viability.


Carmen Abarca; Yago Alonso; Lluís Arcarazo Martínez ;; Laura Bergés; Ángel Cachada ;; Jordi Calafí; Marga Carnicé; Júlia Cot; Carmen Fernández Villalba; Ferran Folch; Anna Giralt; Enric Gomà; Beatriz Gómez Morales; Marta Grau; Hèctor Hernández Vicens, Laia Manresa Casals; Carmen Marfà; Maria José Masanet, Ignacio Monter; Jorge Nieto Ferrando; albert Plans Soriano; Sergi Pompermaye; Anaïs Schaaff; Elena Serra; Núria Villazá; Mariona Visa

Price, Scholarships and Tuition

Price and scholarships

The registration fee for the face-to-face and online master: 4000 euros

  • 10 scholarships 25% on the tuition price. 5 in the face-to-face version of the master and 5 in the online version.
  • 2 GAC scholarships (Associated Writers of Catalonia) of 25% on the registration fee. These scholarships can be added to the previous ones until the enrollment price is reduced by 50%.

Evaluation of scholarship applications:

  • The academic record of the degree (50%).
  • Final Degree Project in relation to audiovisual writing (30%).
  • Having studied at the University of Barcelona or the University of Lleida. Be associated with the GAC. Socioeconomic situation of the applicant. (twenty%).

Registration deadlines

Registration opening: May 1, 2020.

Second registration phase (If there are free places): June 15, 2020.

Last updated Mar 2020

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