About the Master

The cinematographic montage has evolved enormously in parallel to the cinematographic language itself. Thanks to technical advances, this has ceased to be the invisible element of classical cinema to be considered one of the most expressive tools.

The technique of montage transformed primitive cinema allowing the elaboration of more complex narratives, which alternated voices and times, giving rise to the so-called classical cinema. It also opened the door to the resignification of images, as the vanguards discovered. And with that he helped legitimize cinema as an art.

This course has been providing years of training to the new editors and editors, technicians and creators of the audiovisual media and the cinema of the present and the future.

Who is it for?

University graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts or other university-level degrees related to the audiovisual field. Professionals from the cinematographic or audiovisual sector who want to deepen their knowledge of cinematographic montage.


The student can be responsible for the editing of any type of audiovisual work, acquiring the knowledge and the necessary technique of all those editing and post-production processes, carried out by both editors and the rest of the assembly team members.

The own Master in Assembly has a structure composed of:


Teaching team

The teaching team is made up of professionals active in the film and advertising sector, together with ESCAC's own teachers who accompany the students daily in the execution of their practices.

The faculty consists of professionals active in the film industry: Alberto de Toro, Joan Marimón, Iván Aledo, Diana Toucedo, Pepe Nieto, Joan Vilaseca

Data of interest

  • Dates: From September 12, 2018 to February 8, 2019
  • schedule: Daily from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. *
    • * The school reserves the right to place a maximum of 10% of the classes outside of the established schedule if an unexpected or incompatibility arises in the schedule of any of the teachers.
  • language: All classes are taught in Spanish, although the school reserves the right to impart 10% of them in English in case the teaching staff so requests.
  • registration: (consult web)
  • Face-to-face modality
  • seats: 24
  • price: € 5,900
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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11 semesters
5,900 EUR
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