Master in Applied Research and Innovation in Computer Science


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Program Description

The English-language master degree program trains experts for professional activity at the interface between industry and research. Equipped with profound knowledge in applied computer science research, graduates of this program will help shape the digital transformation. The education with a close practical reference prepares students for a career in research, development, and innovation departments of companies, research institutions, universities of applied sciences, and other universities.

Top Career Opportunities

Since the entire study program is in English, graduates have a wide range of job opportunities abroad. The extensive possibilities of specialization within the research field of computer science make sure that the graduates are in high demand as experts in their respective specialty areas. The following areas of activity are particularly well suited:

  • As managers in SMEs, the graduates identify research and innovation opportunities in their companies and establish adequate cooperation projects with research institutions.
  • Companies with their own research departments rely on the expert knowledge of the graduates when it comes to the conception, implementation, and execution of research projects.
  • As researchers at universities of applied sciences, other universities, or research centers, the graduates process research projects and establish contacts with the business community, thus creating a product, process, and service innovations.


Study Content

Future-oriented research in the field of computer science and innovation requires specialists with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge. An ideal supervisory relationship and intensive mentoring make sure that the students’ strengths are promoted and that they can make use of their talents. The dual study system of the master program is unique in Austria. It takes the demands of the working world into account and gives students the opportunity to participate in the design of research projects at national and international research centers (e.g. AIT, Salzburg Research, SBA Research) during their studies.

The curriculum has five focus areas which it treats equally over all four semesters:

Scientific Work: students will work in peer-reviewed international research projects and learn how to communicate their research results effectively.

Computer Science: in addition to the theoretical foundations of computer science, this area conveys knowledge in the field of data science in particular.

Science and Society: allow students to understand how methods to gain scientific knowledge shape the development of society.

Innovation Management: the objective of this focus point is to show how research results can support and produce innovations.

Computer Science Research Projects: close cooperation with the project partners allows students to participate in research projects. At the same time, close collaboration constitutes an ideal supervisory relationship. An essential focus covering all these points is the transfer of linguistic competence.

Admission requirements

English Language Requirements:

  • TOEFL 100
  • IELTS 7.0

General Requirements:

  • Completion of a subject-relevant bachelor program.
  • Completion of an equivalent post-secondary national or international qualification.

Admission to this master's degree program requires a completed bachelor degree including IT elements of the least 60 ECTS an adequately covering the following areas: operating systems and network engineering, programming, web technologies, and database systems.

If the qualifications are basically equivalent and only certain supplementary qualifications are required for full equivalence, the Academic Directors have the right to make the determination of equivalence dependent on the completion certain of examinations that need to be taken in the course of the respective master program.

In individual cases, decisions regarding the admission on the basis of a study program of a different professional field are taken by the respective Academic Director(s).

Required Documents

  • A CV with your photo
  • Valid passport
  • Graduation certificate or
  • Certificate of the study entrance examination or proof of a subject-relevant additional examination
  • Bachelor certificate or diploma program certificate
  • Proof of English language skills
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With more than 3,400 students, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences is a key player in the Austrian higher education sector and one of the most important employers in the region. Our university distinguishes itself through its a future-oriented and steadily growing number of study programs, strong interdisciplinary collaboration and its research focus. Read less
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