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Program Description

The Master in Copywriting is one of those financed by the Call of the Puglia Region "Pass Graduates".

The style of advertising writing in the last few years has changed a lot and on this change have particularly affected those that have been defined as new media.

The word is in fact sensitive to every fashion and change: social, political, environmental, economic, technological, etc.

The advent of digital has brought with it a real revolution that has transversely involved the way we live and think, bringing with it the need for a transformation of the DNA of the whole society.

New forms of communication have emerged and are emerging, which increasingly need to be integrated with traditional ones, turning advertising campaigns into multimedia campaigns.

The writing of the web was born, the writing of social networks, the language of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the recipient of the advertising message is no longer mute and passive but has become an involved and increasingly interactive user, as in user-generated advertising.

This revolution in communication today calls for new copywriters who know how to make the word the vehicle that integrates the needs of all means: from classic ones such as TV, radio, printing and posting to innovative and unconventional ones like the ambient , guerrilla, viral, the web and social media.

The Master in Copywriting

The Master is born from the analysis of the suggestive territory of the values ​​of the word.

The aim of the Master is to give the future Copywriters complex expressive skills, the ability to create words that can be at the same time sign, sound, color, image, in an architecture of unpublished metaphors that integrate the expressive potential of all classical and digital media.


The Master is addressed to young graduates and undergraduates or to people who have a curriculum of study and / or equivalent work and who, regardless of the discipline of origin,

  • have a marked interest in words and languages;
  • they want to develop a mindset for overcoming those that today appear to be the limits of traditional semantic fields;
  • intend to acquire specific creative skills.


The Teachers are Creative Directors, Copywriters and Communication Experts of the most important Italian and international Advertising Agencies, Experts in audio and video editing techniques, Experts in music production applied to Communication.

Outgoing profile

The Master trains professionals with integrated knowledge of communication and high levels of creativity in the interaction of languages.

The skills acquired at the end of the Master will allow them to be not only copywriters in advertising agencies but also to carry out strategic-design professions in the fields of information, television and radio production, advertising, press offices, web TV, and in all areas of the anticonventional and digital.

They are therefore able to express innovative contents characterized by meaningful and aesthetic reinterpretations with respect to conventional communication models.

For its history and the quality of the training methodology the Master has obtained the patronage of the Italian Art Directors Club.

The competences acquired in this Master are valid at EU level within the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENT LEARNING (EQF) .

Study plan

6 courses in copywriting with 6 different Creative Directors Blogging and online journalism Creative production | Digital creativity | Editing | Foundations of computer science Photography | Mind design | Audio video editing Music for visual communication Photoshop | Advanced Photoshop | Creative writing and short story | Sem


The students participate, together with the art directors, in the most important national and international competitions under the guidance of Italian and English Creative Directors:

ADCI Awards - Competition of the Italian Art Directors Club; The One Show College Competition: Competition of the Art Directors Club New York -The D

In addition, every year students participate in the most prestigious competitions organized by companies and organizations.

Real works

The students realize, together with the art directors, under the guidance of Creative Directors, real advertising campaigns on briefings commissioned by companies and non-profit organizations.

After the master you will be able to work as:

  • Copywriter in Advertising Agency
  • Producer in Production Houses
  • Strategic Planner
  • Web Content Writer
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Community Manager
  • Digital PR
  • Brand Reputation Specialist
Last updated Sep 2018

About the School

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea.

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea. Read less