Master in Advanced Mechatronics Systems


Program Description

  • Faculty name: Faculty of Managerial and Technological Engineering
  • Study domain: Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Name of the university program: Advanced Mechatronics Systems

Short description of the university program:

Specific objectives of specialization: preparing mechatronics engineers for multidisciplinary research; initiating technical cooperation in the area of advanced mechatronics by deepening specialization and applied mechatronics; deepening mechatronic systems using nuanced and relevant evaluation criteria and methods - simulation modeling - to formulate value judgments and base constructive decisions; acquisition of information technology with applicability in mechatronics through the development of practical skills for design and technological construction of components and methods of using acquisition systems and image processing; preparing students for a thorough knowledge of components of mechatronic systems; developing creative behavior with specific mechatronic products through the development of professional projects and/or research; underlining the need for diagnosis and maintenance of mechatronic systems; skills needed for students to design, optimize and deploy applications in industrial mechatronics, services, medicine, the military, virtual and augmented reality applications, etc; addressing problems in the spirit of constantly dynamic economy requirements.

  • Type of studies: Full-time
  • The standard length of studies (in years): 2
  • Number of ECTS credits: 120

Academic calendar:

  • 1st of October - end of February - courses, exam session, the holiday for students and session for retakes - first semester.
  • End of February - mid of June – courses, exam session, the holiday for students, summer practice - second semester.
  • Mid of June – mid of September – session for retakes, Dissertation exams.

Admission requirements:

At the admission competition at the master level can participate: bachelor’s degree graduates; graduates of abroad studies, which are recognized by the specialized department of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research as at least undergraduate studies,regardless of the number of years of education, the institution and the year when the candidate received the diploma.

Please check our website for further information.

Admission process:

There will be an interview for the admission of the candidates at the master studies. The admission grade will be computed as: MA = 0,4 ML + 0,6 NI; where: MA = admission grade; ML = grade of the license/diploma exam; NI = grade obtained at the interview.

Call for applications:

July session:

  • Registration and admission exam: mid of July – end of July.
  • Final results: the beginning of August.

September session:

  • Registration and admission exam: first week of September - mid of September.
  • Final results: end of September.

Application fee:

  • Registration fee: 150 RON (approximately 30 Euro)
  • Appeals fee: 150 RON (approximately 30 Euro)
  • Matriculation fee: 100 RON (approximately 25 Euro)
  • 150 Euro: processing file fee for recognition of studies for foreign candidates.

Tuition fees:

  • 3300 RON (our national currency)/year: for Romanian and EU candidates;
  • 297 EUR/month x 9 months = 2673 EUR/year: for non-EU candidates.

Fee for the preparatory language course (if necessary):

  • 250 EUR / month x 9 months = 2250 EUR / preparatory year: for non-EU candidates;
  • 2700 RON (our national currency)/preparatory year: for EU candidates.

No of available state subsidized places, Grants scholarships, and program administrative costs:

  • The number of estimated state-funded places: 15 places/study program;
  • The number of estimated self-funded places: 50 places/study program.
  • Scholarships of 700 lei/month are awarded in accordance with legal provisions. Students can be accommodated in the dormitories of the university. Access to the university library and sports facilities is free.
Last updated Jan 2020

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