Master in Accounting and Control

The Master's in Accounting and Control is a one-year program consisting of a minimum of seven courses and a thesis. The program sets a quick pace, with short, focused teaching periods of six weeks, followed by exams. The core of the program consists of required courses in financial reporting, management accounting, corporate law, corporate governance and empirical research in accounting. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take a range of electives on subjects such as auditing, accounting information systems, management control, corporate finance, and accounting theory. Courses typically consist of a mixture of lectures and active teaching methods, involving both individual and group work.

Finally, you will write a Master's thesis worth 18 credits. Your thesis will demonstrate that you possess both the knowledge of the discipline expected of an aspiring professional and the research, analytical and reporting skills required of a competent researcher.

Widen your perspectives with an internship

A unique feature of the Master's program in Accounting and Control is its openness to the worlds of both practice and research. This creates many opportunities for ambitious students to explore one or both worlds in greater depth during their studies.

The fact that the program is embedded in the Amsterdam Research Center in Accounting (ARCA) means that you will be involved in ongoing research. Your thesis will address a research topic, and some students go on internships during which they participate in research activities from an even more hands-on perspective.

The Master's program has close links to the postgraduate accountancy program, which maintains strong contacts with the major international audit networks. As a student, you will benefit from these professionals' expertise, and these contacts will help open doors to valuable internship experiences.

Parttime study (in Dutch)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a part-time Master Accounting & Control. The part-time program is taught in Dutch. You will be able to obtain both the Master of Science (MSc) title and qualify as a Registered Accountant in the Netherlands in as little as 3.5 years (depending on your exact educational background).

Career prospects

Once you have successfully completed the Master’s program in Accounting and Control, you will possess solid knowledge of the production chain within the financial and administrative operations of major organizations. You will have mastered the various aspects of these processes, from the initial recording of transactions through internal reporting and its implications for decision-making, to external presentation and the auditing of reported figures.

The direction you decide to take will depend partly on your specialization. Management Control and Accounting trains you to become a financial manager and controller. The specialization in Financial Accounting and Auditing will allow you to embark on a career as an internal or public auditor. The Information Management specialization will prepare you for a career in the field of management accountancy and consultancy, with an emphasis on aspects related to designing, running and securing information systems.

Program graduates will be equipped for entry-level positions as assistant controllers or assistant auditors, for example. The program is an excellent springboard for the kind of further professional training that is normally expected for such positions.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam itself offers a range of postgraduate programs leading to qualifications such as Certified Controller, Registered Auditor (Netherlands), EDP Auditor, Financial Analyst (CFA), Management Consultant, Change Manager or Public Sector Controller. In addition, the university offers Ph.D. programs for those students who wish to pursue an academic career, or who wish to deepen their knowledge even further prior to embarking on a professional career.

Specific admission requirements

You can gain direct access to the Master's program in Accounting & Control with a university Bachelor's degree in Economics, Business Administration or Econometrics. However, you must have successfully completed the following subjects from the VU-curriculum, or their equivalents at other universities:

  • The compulsory core subject Accounting (kernvak Accounting)
  • The Accounting tutorial (werkcollege bij kernvak Accounting)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Methods and Techniques for Business Economics Research.
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Last updated October 26, 2018
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